Simple And Practical Style Three Daily Wear Watches Recommended Around 20,000 Yuan

Many people pay great attention to whether they are suitable for formal wear when buying a watch, or can easily cope with changing roles in life, at the same time can show their temperament, and at the same time can reflect Taste. Therefore, most of the accessories watches are not complicated. The three-pin plus calendar window is the most common. Keeping the elegance to the greatest extent under the condition of accurate travel time is the most suitable for matching with formal suits. I recommend three watches around 20,000 yuan that are easy to get started in both formal and daily wear.

NOMOS Orion 380 watch

Watch Series: Orion
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: 23600
Watch details: (black dial / belt) watch

Watch Series: Engineer Upgrade
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 18300
Watch details: 20300
Watch details: tudor / 8918 /
Brief review of the watch: Tudor is also known as the little prince in the watch. This 20500N watch is also a basic watch in the Grantour series. It does not have too many fancy and gorgeous functions. The interchangeable strap can also be styled according to the dress, and the 42mm watch strap is also loved by men in the workplace.

Summary: NOMOS uses a classic and concise face to show people, exuding their unique temperament. The combination of manual winding, small elegant three-pin, and calendar window is priced at 23,600 yuan, which is considered fair. Ball has a deeper and more stable temperament in the workplace. The dark color combination makes the wearer look more stable. Tudor added a little sporty style to give the watch some vitality. Regardless of the formal wear or daily wear of the first entry into the workplace, these three watches can be easily controlled at a price of 20,000 yuan.

Peak’ In The Mid-summer, Yibo Road, Guiyang Jinyang International Trade Tanabata Romantic Tour

On August 15, 2015, ‘Xingyao Forest City’ Peak ‘Mansion Summer’ Swiss ERNEST BOREL Tanabata romantic tour was held in the beautiful forest city-Guiyang Grand. Brand With a long history of 159 years, Swiss traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and noble and elegant way of life jointly started the romantic journey of Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng, Asia’s spokesperson for the brand attended This event was unveiled for the couple of watches on the Elysées watch series in Switzerland.

Mr. Su Da (Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific) of Yibolu Watch (second from left) and the leaders of Yibolu Asia, Mr. Lin Feng, and leaders of China World Trade Group and Xinyu Group, unveiled the Yibolu Yali series of couple watch

  Founded in 1856, the Swiss Ebolo watch has a long history, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of watches and clocks with its profound cultural heritage and excellence. Since 159 years, the Swiss watch brand has always been based on the concept of ‘romantic moments, lifelong companion’, adhering to the romantic and elegant mechanical aesthetics, product excellence, technology advances with the times, services throughout the world, dedicated to the pursuit of sophisticated fashion lifestyle Of people provide watches with the same taste. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the Swiss Ebo Road Watch is romantic in Guiyang, and the lovers who are full of veins will not miss the opportunity to show their love. The Swiss Ebo Road Watch Alice series couples are undoubtedly more for this romance. Holiday icing on the cake. As Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Ebolus, Switzerland said, ‘Since Ebolus has entered China for the first time in 1903, it has been associated with China for more than 100 years. During this period Ebolus has witnessed countless couples I hope that with this Guiyang event, I will convey the romantic and elegant attitude of life to Swiss consumers.
  On the day of the event, the appearance of Swiss spokesperson Lin Feng of the Asian watch brand Lin Feng ignited the enthusiasm of the audience and also pushed the event to a climax. As a well-known artist in the Asia-Pacific region, the popular Lin Feng is a popular idol in the hearts of millions of fans, and also a spokesman for elegant and romantic gentlemen. Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Switzerland, and Lin Feng jointly unveiled the pair of watches for the Alice series, and presented this unique ‘Taylor gentleman, pretty lady’ pairing watch with ingenious watchmaking skills. Mr. Feng. It is worth mentioning that the newly announced three sets of couples of the Yali series continue to write the unique and gentle style of the series, and the rich dials of rose gold are appropriately painted on the pure dial. The lines are round and beautiful, and the bright magnificence lingers on the wrist, igniting the spark of love. The stainless steel metal and the rose metal shine brightly together-as extraordinary as a gentleman; elegant and beautiful like a pretty woman, together praising the romantic feelings of marriage. Lin Feng said: ‘Ebolu is a Swiss brand with a long history of 159 years, which is synonymous with romance and elegance. I hope that Ebolu will witness more romantic love of couples.’

Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Ebolus, Switzerland, presented Mr. Lin Feng, an Asian spokesperson for the Alice series of couples.

Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng, Asia’s Spokesperson, demonstrate the style of Ebolus watches

Swiss Emporio Asia spokesperson Lin Feng and models showcase new Eporio watches

  At the end of the event, the lucky fans who were drawn interacted with Lin Feng, and the atmosphere was warm and enthusiastic. Lin Feng wished all friends present a wonderful relationship, and also hoped that the Swiss Ebola watch can lay an irreplaceable exquisite life taste for more people who pursue perfection, advocating fashion and romance, so that romantic memories will be eternal in the flow of time and sincere Love never stops in the passing of seconds. This event enabled people to experience the brand charm of the Swiss Ebolo watch ‘Romantic Moments, Accompanying One’s Life’ for a short distance, and successfully conveyed the excellent quality and unremitting pursuit of Ebolo’s century-old heritage.

Lin Feng, Swiss spokesperson for Asia, interviewed by media

  Swiss Ebola watch Yali series couple pair watch
  Technical Parameters:
  Swiss made (men’s watch) 2824 / SW200 automatic movement
  Swiss-made (women’s watch) 2671 automatic movement
  Exquisitely polished, rhodium-plated, blue steel screws
  3H calendar display
  Stainless steel case and bracelet
  Ion plating rose gold
  Sapphire crystal
  Perspective table bottom
  50 meters waterproof
  Case size: (men’s watch) diameter Ф40.00 mm, thickness 10.00 mm
(Women’s watch) diameter Ф29.00 mm, thickness 9.50 mm

  Daya gentleman, pretty lady
  The simpler the dress, the more it reflects the deep temperament. The elegant collection of Swiss Ebolo watches is well versed in this fashion principle, so it insists on presenting elegant designs with a clean style. The newly announced three pairs of couple pairs continue to write a series of unique and gentle styles, and the rose gold dials are appropriately painted on the pure dial. The outer circle of the dial is neatly and orderly arranged with Roman numerals, which is not only a team of loyal guards keeping their vows, but also refining and eternal like a historical inscription. The same-color gold hour and minute hands have evolved into more delicate needle-shaped tips based on the traditional shape of the diamond-shaped hands. With the luminous coating, the focus can be locked in one fell swoop. In addition, the watch is equipped with a calendar window at 3 o’clock, which reminds the user of every extraordinary day. The new works of the Yali series include three types of white plate steel belt, white plate belt and brown plate belt. Thanks to exquisite details, all three can show extraordinary temperament in refined design.