Rolex Announces 2012 New Talent Awards Winners

Rolex has announced five winners of the Youth Talent Program to encourage a new generation of youth to develop leadership and pursue excellence. The number of young candidates for this year’s Talent Awards has soared, and the addition of new awards is an affirmation of this warm response.
     The winners of the Youth Talent Program have launched inspiring projects in Mexico, India, Afghanistan, and Paraguay. They were enthusiastic and committed to bringing positive change to their communities as well as other regions. Each winner receives a prize of 50,000 Swiss francs, a Rolex Precision Observatory, and can promote their projects around the world.
Winners of the Young Talent Program include: Karina Atkinson
     Karina Atkinson, 27, Scotland-She is building a scientific research centre in a bio-rich Paraguayan nature reserve to help the surrounding poor communities understand the value of conservation through community outreach.
Selene Biffi
     Selene Biffi, 30, Italy-She is running a storytelling school in Afghanistan to preserve Afghanistan’s oral tradition. In addition, she is training young people to acquire skills to help NGOs disseminate important health and development messages.
Sumit Dagar
     Sumit Dagar, 29, India-He hopes that millions of blind people in India will be more fully integrated in society and provide them with access to digital change through Braille smartphones developed specifically for local conditions .
Arun Krishnamurthy
     Arun Krishnamurthy, 25, India-Encourage students and community volunteers to restore the severely polluted lakes in Chennai’s Chennai city to work to improve other cities in the area .
Maritza Morales Casanova
     Maritza Morales Casanova, 28, Mexico-is building an environmental theme park in Yucatán, Yucatan, where children can learn to care and play while playing with other children Disseminate the concept of sustainable development.
     ‘These young pioneers have outstanding social consciousness, they are wholeheartedly helping others, and they are determined to achieve bold ideas. We believe that the Rolex Young Talent Awards will help these inspiring young leaders realize their full potential and promote them Inspiring projects move forward, ‘said Rebecca Irvin, Rolex’s charity director.
     Rolex established the Young Talent Program in 2009 to encourage a new generation of young leaders to innovate. According to the selection mechanism, the next selection event should have been held in 2014. However, as the number of applications for young people under the age of 30 has increased fivefold, this year’s jury selected five winners of the Young Talent Program. In 2012, the Rolex Talent Awards received a total of 3,512 applications from 154 countries, setting a historical record.
     The five young talent planner winners will make their debut in India along with the five talented winners announced earlier this year. Sergei Bereznuk (Russia), Barbara Block (USA), Erika Cuéllar (Bolivia), Mark Ken Mark Kendall (Australia) and Aggrey Otieno (Kenya) have won this year’s Rolex Awards for their talents. Their projects include marine research, vaccine innovation and endangered tigers. Childcare.
     Rolex held its 2012 awards ceremony in India for the first time to pay tribute to the nation’s spirit of creation. Winners of the Talent Talent Awards will receive the prize in New Delhi, and the winners of the Youth Talent Talent Programme introduced to the international media today will receive the prize in Switzerland next year.
     In addition to the 2012 winners, 125 people from 42 countries have received the support and recognition of the Rolex Awards for their creativity and concern for the environment and humanity in the past 36 years. Project areas cover science and health, applied technology, exploration and discovery, natural environment, and cultural heritage protection. A jury of international experts selects the winners of the Talent Awards, and these judges themselves reflect the founding spirit of the award. This year’s jury includes scientists, explorers, environmentalists, doctors, educators and entrepreneurs from around the world.
Rolex Philanthropy
     To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world’s first waterproof watch, Rolex Oyster, Rolex founded the Rolex Awards in 1976. It strongly supports the acceptance of major challenges aimed at benefiting mankind and creating a better world. People to fund their projects. The Rolex Talent Awards and Rolex Creative Funding are two key charity projects for Rolex. The Creative Arts Recommendation Funding Scheme was established in 2002. It brings together world-renowned art masters and rising stars from seven art fields, and conducts one-year one-to-one communication and cooperation.