Talking About The Output Of The Gold Watch Doubt

Although the gold watch is good, but the output is not high, especially the special models or special styles, consumers will inevitably experience the process of suffering and so on. Lange, famous for producing only precious metal watches, produces less than 5,000 watches each year. The most representative LANGE 1 takes about 7 months to 1 year to manufacture parts, and the entire manufacturing process requires 365 processes. Patek Philippe Watch
When asked if the principle of ‘only precious metals’ is restricting the production of watches, Mr. Franck Giacobini, Managing Director of Lange Asia Pacific, said: ‘The reason why Lange limits production is because of the lengthy production time of watches, because each watch All are polished and assembled by watchmakers by hand. We are also the only watchmaker to reassemble the movement twice. Although this process is time-consuming, it is to ensure that the movement is perfectly assembled in terms of performance and aesthetics. In addition, our production is also limited by a shortage of qualified watchmakers (200 of the 500 employees in the watch factory) and production space. ‘
Also in line with Mr. Franck Giacobini’s point of view is Nicholas Hofmann, H-Moser & Cie Regional Sales Director, who said, ‘Although the cost of precious metals continues to increase, we can still have the liquidity to produce more watches. The real impact The biggest challenge of its own production is the production of movements. Moser does not buy from other sources like other brands, but manufactures, assembles and embeds the entire movement in-house, because this job requires highly qualified and experienced watchmakers. Meet the standard of traditional watch technology. H-Moser & Cie produces about 1200 watches per year. In the long run, we will inject more production equipment to increase output. As the sales of high-end watches continue to expand in the Asian market , Especially in China, Moser still has a lot of room for development. ‘
积 Compared with those brands that only make precious metal watches, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s product range is more abundant and diverse, and only precious metals are used in most limited and highly complex models. For example, the biplane series made of gold, the enamel painted minute repeater made of platinum, the Master Grande Tradition made of platinum, and other complication watches. And this has to make people think ‘Does this market strategy also have to do with guaranteeing output?’ In this regard, Zhang Ye, CEO of Jaeger-LeCoultre China, said: ‘I think only precious metal watches, sometimes Helpless move. Because the quantity and quality of the movement development also determine the output and whether to only make expensive watches. Large manufacturers like Jaeger-LeCoultre can produce their own movements, which determines that they can have more choices for product production. On the contrary, if the production capacity of the movement is limited, considering the related factors of cost and profit, it is a wise choice to choose to make precious metal watches. And we only choose limited editions to launch precious metal materials because we have our own considerations. The limited style must be a product with scarce technology and quality. There is also a high demand for the choice of material, and the use of precious metals has naturally become a common match. Although it has a certain relationship with the output, it is more for high quality. A sort of complication. ‘
It is true that the precious metal for making gold watches is expensive because it is not universally available. For example, some people only buy platinum models of well-known brands in order not to ‘follow the flow’, in their words, ‘platinum is generally limited.’ In addition, it is often seen that some people choose their own precious metal material because their skin is allergic to stainless steel. In general, people’s pursuit of precious metals largely depends on the subconscious desire for ‘self-predominance.’