[Burst] The First Swiss Watch Brand With Wechat Emoji

Dear friends, just now, I found a new set of ‘Fulai Turtles’ in WeChat Emoji Mall. (Yes, yes, I’m also an emoticon player.)-Isn’t this the cute mascot of Certina? !! I had seen his ‘real person’ at a Shanghai event before … well, this is the guy below. A green cartoon turtle that looks a bit cute and a bit bad, wearing glasses, has the charm of a ninja turtle. Mr. Adrian Bosshard, President of Certina Global, took a photo with ‘Fulai Turtle’. Of course, I can’t miss something fun. I must download it immediately to experience it, and then start to look awkwardly in the group with my friends. Somewhat interesting, isn’t it? After downloading, you will find it more fun to see the dynamic Fulai Turtle. You can download the full set by swiping the QR code below. Just a few words, as a watch media person, suddenly can have a brand that he is so familiar with, and sent a set of WeChat funny expressions, very kind. In the past two years, Certina has been very hot. Even if some people still occasionally call it Citroen or Schnauzer in my circle of friends, they can remember ‘White Devil’, ‘Little Turtle’, ‘PH200’ These nicknames such as ‘Green Belle’ ~ I also found a few friends in weekly group and various watch forums, and found that more and more young people play Certina, they did not put Certina Watches do what top Swiss big names do to worship, I just think that I buy one for five or six thousand yuan, which is pretty cool, waterproof, and practical when I go out, I do n’t pick where to go. Today, this set of emoticons was launched again. It is indeed a younger pace and rhythm. I have a lot of ideas. Finally, I put a slap doll of ‘Fuilui tortoise’, but this is my daughter’s recent pet, and it is not sold or sold.