Raymond Weil Launches Moon Phase Watch

The moon’s revolution period around the earth is 28 days, and this new Moon Phase watch will be around your wrist 365 days a year. This series was created in 2010 and is Raymond Weil’s first moon phase mechanical movement watch.

  The word ‘Maestro’ stands for the pinnacle of art in Italian. The most famous representative in history is Leonardo da Vinci, who created the famous painting Vitruvian Man, which perfectly illustrates the famous Golden ratio. Therefore, Raymond Weil uses this new series to show that it will grasp both tradition and creativity, go hand in hand, and find the essence of art.

  The diameter of this watch is 39.5mm, and in the dial, there is a small dial showing the date at 6 o’clock, and at the same time, there is a moon phase display between 10 and 11 o’clock. The disc is like the eyes of its future owner. We believe that this Moon Phase moon phase watch will be a powerful blow to Raymond Weil in this year’s market.

  This moon phase watch uses RW4500 mechanical self-winding movement, with 38 hours of energy reserve, this time is longer than the earth’s full revolution.