Master Of Complication In Contemporary Watchmaking

Mr. Franck Muller is known as a contemporary master watchmaker. However, for this master, creating an outstanding timepiece not only needs to have unique characteristics, but also must be a complicated function watch. At the same time, its dial and movement must create visual depth to attract people’s attention. As the industry’s pioneer of complex functions, the FRANCK MULLER brand has successfully created countless masterpieces of complex watches over the past 20 years since its establishment, especially in the most delicate tourbillons in watchmaking. Imagination not only set off the trend of flying tourbillons, but also took the lead in adding multiple complex functional devices to tourbillon watches, becoming one of the important pioneers in the field of complex watches.
Franck Muller, the founder of the brand, is an exceptionally active watchmaker. Whether it is Crazy Hours full of childish whim, or the world’s most complicated watch such as Aeternitas Mega 4, it has caused huge topics in the industry. Uniqueness and complexity are the most important concepts for FRANCK MULLER to create accurate timepieces, and the launch of the Giga Tourbillon watch continues the brand’s strong demand for extreme functions, and became the focus of watch lovers around the world when it came out in 2011. In the altar, it is also famous for its precise technology and excellent precision. As the name of the watch implies, the Giga Tourbillon watch has a tourbillon with a diameter of 20 mm, which occupies half of the entire dial area, becoming the largest tourbillon device in the world today. The atmospheric design with the FM tourbillon frame makes the watch clearly see the huge flying tourbillon hovering in the watch when it is in operation, bringing an amazing visual impact.
Another special feature of the movement is that it breaks the usual law and reverses the entire movement: the bottom side of the original movement plywood is turned up and used as a face plate, and the wheel train is re-arranged. Therefore, if you look closely, you can see that the position of the hour and minute hands of a general watch is that the hour hand is on the top and the minute hand is down, but the position of the hour and minute hands of the Giga Tourbillon watch is that the minute hand is on the top and the hour hand is on the bottom. In order to accurately provide a long-lasting power reserve of nine days and display it at twelve o’clock (breaking away from the traditional crown winding mode), the Giga Tourbillon watch subverts the traditional tourbillon using only one or two barrels. Equipped with four barrels, each with a diameter of 16 mm, which is 4 mm longer than traditional barrels, it can provide more stable power and continuously operate the Giga Tourbillon watch.
At the 2012 WPHH conference, FRANCK MULLER added two new members to this unique collection. The Giga round skeleton tourbillon watch with round contour lines and cutout details makes this watch exude a refined and classic temperament, while the dazzling Giga full diamond tourbillon watch is a connoisseur who loves top jewelry , Which is the 693 diamonds set in the watch, the required degree of fineness is unparalleled. Breathtaking high-tech technology combined with extreme beauty, FRANCK MULLER watch factory once again confirmed its lofty status of traditional Swiss watchmaking technology, in the level of gorgeous complex functions and detailed top jewelry craftsmanship, it is amazing, beyond expectations.

Movado Cooperates With Fullpower/Mmt And Hewlett-packard Co. To Integrate The Brand’s Iconic Modern Design And Launch Two New Smart Watch Series

New York, November 16, 2015-Movado has taken an innovative step in the design of wearable devices. In cooperation with two leading companies in the technology industry, Movado has launched two smart watch series that are compatible with iOS and Android systems. Among them, Fullpower from Silicon Valley customized MotionX-365 end-to-end solution for Movado watches, and HP provided technical support for Movado Porter series.

Movado Motion-Museum Sports Series Watch

   ‘The Movado Group has been committed to providing consumers with innovative watch designs. Today, the brand will show the world the combination of iconic modern design and technology. We are very excited about this.’ Movado Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Efraim Grinberg, CEO, said, ‘Our partners fully understand the different needs of consumers today for wearable devices and use them in user-friendly design.’

Movado Motion-Museum Sports Series Watch

   Simple Wisdom-Movado Motion combines Swiss-born elegance with wearable technology. Movado Motion watches with MotionX’s innovative technology platform cover the following series: men’s museum sports and women’s Bellina. These watches inheriting the Movado logo design will be able to monitor the wearer’s activities 24/7, and have functions such as step monitoring, sleep monitoring, sleep cycle reminder and exercise reminder. The device’s battery life is two years, and the clock and date of the watch can be automatically calibrated by synchronizing with the paired device. This time, six different watch designs will be launched.

Movado Potter Watch

   Combining Movado’s modern design aesthetics with HP’s technology use, Movado Potter Motion will make the Potter series smarter. Movado Potter Motion can alert users to incoming calls and text messages, manage schedules, and monitor the number of steps and synchronize data with the app. This time Movado Porter Motion will launch 2 watches of neutral design, the smart module battery of the watch can last a week.
   Movado’s brand experience includes modernist design and close and lasting cooperation with art. The brand has a proud 134-year history of watchmaking and incorporates innovative design concepts. Movado is also a major patron of art groups such as the New York City Ballet, the Lincoln Performing Arts Center, the Lincoln Center Jazz Band, and the Kennedy Performing Arts Center. In addition, Movado has sponsored the Miami International Film Festival, Miami City Ballet, Joffrey Ballet, Pacifica Ballet, Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, National Design Museum, and more.