Once ‘the Most Accurate Railway Timer’

Hamilton was the first to produce railway timers. After being widely used by American railways, railway accidents were greatly alleviated. Therefore, the railway chronograph pocket watches produced by Hamilton were called ‘the most accurate railway Timer. ‘
     And the ‘railway series’ watch naturally became the glorious mark of Hamilton’s 118-year history. Hamilton even engraved this title on this series of three-pin women’s belt buckles. Whether it is an automatic chronograph model, a small second model or a three-hand model, you can see some shadows of pocket watches at that time from any sub-series in this series.
     The design of this automatic chronograph is changed from the classic one-button chronograph pocket show. The rounded case retains the classic shape of the pocket watch. The enlarged crown design and the retro rail pattern on the dial are all about 1982 Railway impression. The most important thing is that the large size of 46 mm is really pulling on the wrist.