There Is A Mature Cousin Who Will …

Mom said that when it was cold, I remember wearing autumn trousers. Recently, the whole country has cooled down sharply. On the meteorological map, some areas in the north have been ‘cold to black’. Someone ridiculed online that the sign of a person’s maturity is ‘you don’t need to be urged by your mother to put on autumn trousers.’ For watch friends, the sign of maturity is ‘change the appropriate strap as the season changes.’ For those cold steel bands, guys who can freeze people in winter can still change. The embrace of leather belts and rubber belts is very warm, but these two have their own charms and their own particulars, and how to match them is also learned. Common types of leather straps for belts are mainly crocodile leather, cowhide, and lizard leather, but no matter what kind of leather, it is unavoidable that problems such as difficulty in ventilation and sweat absorption will occur, so summer is not the home of the belt. Only in winter, whether it is the snow flowing in the north or the cold rain in the south, the belt can show elegance and release charm. Of course, belts are not as versatile as steel belts. Some sports models, such as ‘muscle big guys’, suggest that you do not choose belts. The rubber band is the perfect match for sports watches! If you still think the rubber strap is cheap, you may really want to wonder if you came through. The current rubber strap is the fashion icon of the bezel. Walking on the cutting edge of the trend, it has become a must for fashion. Popular brands such as VC, AP, Rolex, and Omega have also launched tape configurations to cater to the current trend of leisure sports. In addition to the changing colors and sense of fashion, the practical characteristics of rubber bands cannot be ignored-moisture and sweat resistance, easy care, comfortable wearing, fully consistent with the characteristics of sports watches on the mountain, whether you are wearing casual formal clothes, or shorts and slippers The big flower arm is the most beautiful baby on the whole gai! However, based on the principle of fairness and objectivity, I still want to talk about the shortcomings of rubber straps. 1. Easy to age: depending on the temperature, it will harden and soften to varying degrees; 2. Easy to change color: If you wear a light-colored rubber strap, pay attention to the problem of discoloration. Imagine the deep and light yellow marks on a white rubber strap. That’s really … Some people say that the rubber strap breaks easily when cold. In fact, as long as you do n’t go to the North and South Pole, or put the watch strap in the freezer and then take it out hard, according to the current strength of the rubber strap, it is stable to deal with the weather in the northeast As far as current trends are concerned, apart from wild steel belts, the applicable space of belts is getting narrower and narrower, and more with formal watches and some antique watches. With the increasingly excellent performance, changing colors and design elements, rubber belts have made a breakthrough in the fashion industry. END

What Watch Can We Buy For 7 Thousand Yuan?

It is not too late to get to the topic. If we have more than 7,000 yuan, what watches can we buy?
   How do we go to a specialty store to buy a watch at a regular price. Generally, for more than 7,000 yuan, we can buy a Tissot or Mido using the new powermatic 80 movement. In addition, depending on personal interests, it may also be a Hamilton.

For more than 7,000 yuan, we can buy a good Tissot in a specialty store.
   If you know a watch manufacturer who makes Longines, you can buy a Longines at a public price of more than 7,000 yuan. It can also be a radar based on your own interests.

If you know some watchmakers, you can buy a brand-new full-length Longines for more than 7,000 yuan.

   If we know some second watch manufacturers, you can buy an Omega for more than 7,000 yuan, but you can only buy an older European model. Not the model that is on sale now. In addition to Ou can also buy an Tudor (I will not give an example of other niche brands).

If you are familiar with the second-hand market, you can buy an older Omega for more than 7,000 yuan. Problems of appearance).

   More than 7,000 yuan is really a tangled price. It’s not easy to go up and down, and it’s not easy to go down. Many friends can only choose the first method in front of this price. Of course, for most people, the first and most secure choice is the one with a solid heart. Since the first option is a method that is suitable for most people, then do not want to buy Tissot and Mido brothers with the flow, can you have other options if you do not understand the brothers in the secondary market? I think we have a fourth plan … a watch from Montblanc.

More than 7000 can also buy a new Montblanc Summit smart watch.
Yes, you can also buy a new Montblanc Summit smart watch for more than 7,000
   Montblanc Summit is a smart watch. There are a lot of smart watches on the market today, many of them are Apple Watches, Samsung and Sony, especially Apple. Apple Watch has many functions and strong sense of technology, but it still has two small problems. First, Apple Watch is not so much a watch as it is an electronic product. Due to the limitation of the public price, Apple Watch cannot be very luxurious, it needs to be affordable for most people. This brings us to the second problem. Many people buy Apple Watches. Many students and white-collar workers wear Apple Watches. This is a popular smart watch. I was very impressed by the words of an auction expert. He said that men usually only wear two things, one is a wedding ring, which reflects a man’s marriage and family situation; one is a watch, which reflects a man’s Interest in aesthetics and strength. If you look at it from this perspective, unfortunately, Apple Watch does not bring us much. Just like a lot of people are joking about ‘King Watch’ nowadays, it is better not to wear this watch. The world of watches and clocks also really needs more upscale luxury smart watches to match your briefcases, handbags, wallets, and signature pens. We ca n’t always bring “king watches” to sign. If your signature pen is Montblanc, then the watch can also be Montblanc.

The Montblanc bag and the Montblanc watch are a very good and decent combination.

Montblanc Summit smart watch can switch a variety of dials, the above picture is different dials.
   Montblanc Summit smart watch looks more like a traditional luxury watch, because this watch is no different from the usual luxury mechanical watch in the case and mirror processing. Instead of Apple Watch, like a mini iPhone. Generally, the mirror of a smart watch is a tablet computer. The watch mirror used by Montblanc Summit is like a mechanical watch, with some sapphire glass. Smart watches like the Apple Watch, the watch screen is done cooler, which further shows its ‘electronic products’ nature. Montblanc Summit’s panel can also be switched on its own, but Montblanc Summit is different from other smart watches. The Summit’s panel uses the style of Montblanc 1858, which is the style of Minerva. Montblanc makes this watch look more like a luxury watch than a ‘tablet’.

Montblanc Summit smart watch with different dials.
   Montblanc Summit has a diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of 12.5 mm. The steel case or PVD is black-plated. At the same time Summit includes a word ring bezel version and an aperture version (digital bezel cannot be turned). The size of this watch is relatively large. The size of 46 is the same as that of IWC. This watch is relatively large mainly because of the battery, which increases battery life. Montblanc Summit is charged with a charging base, which can be fully recharged in 2 hours, and can be used for one day when fully charged. Summit’s case and crown are basically the same as the usual luxury watches, but the operation depends on the touch screen, I will briefly answer. Swipe the screen left or right to change the dial; swipe the screen up and down to see various messages, reminders, etc .; press the crown to enter the APP’s menu and return. Montblanc Summit’s sensor is on the back of the case and there is a heartbeat sensor on the back of the case. It is attached to your wrist and can sense physical information such as heartbeat, providing functions for healthy exercise. The function of Montblanc Summit is very “grounded”. We usually use the APPs we usually use. Ctrip, Didi, Alipay, weather, and public comments. With these, the problems of eating, drinking, and fun are basically solved. Of course, except for what I said above , You can continue to install other APP. I also have a smart watch by Fossil. Although it is a fashion brand watch, many functions of the smart watch are indeed more convenient.

Montblanc Summit smart watch back sensor and charging port.

Due to the quick-change straps on the raw ears, this watch can be changed quickly and easily.
   This watch also has a more convenient strap replacement. Montblanc Summit has a quick-change strap device. There are small dials on the raw ears, which can be flipped directly.

   I am interested in two smart watches. One is LV and the other is this Montblanc. The two watches have different styles. LV’s smart watch was a mess before the fire, smart watch with presbyopia, essential for hipsters. Montblanc Summit I also like the reason is that following the traditional luxury watch route, directly moved the 1858 dial to the smart watch. LV smart watch is more expensive, the money to buy LV smart watch is enough for a tank solo. Montblanc’s price is much better, more than 7,000, not expensive. Montblanc’s brand is competitive enough at this price. After all, a Summit of Montblanc is always better than a Seven Friday. In addition, Montblanc watches can be attached to your briefcases and handbags. With a Montblanc bag, the watch on your hand must not be inferior.