Kunlun Watch Innovative Golden Bridge Showing Transparent Watchmaking Art

Kunlun Watch has an innovative design this year, so that the Golden Bridge automatic watch, which has written a legendary page of watchmaking history, shows unprecedented transparency. Its transparent case is like a four-sided transparent showcase displaying a unique automatic uniaxial winding long movement. However, when worn on the wrist, the transparency of the bottom and sides of the case will change to cover the external elements and make the complex mechanical structure of the watch more prominent.

Kunlun Watch’s original Golden Bridge long mechanical movement was first introduced in 1980 and immediately caused a strong response. This classic and timeless long mechanical movement has introduced many different models over the years, including models with tourbillon function and models with automatic single-axis winding function introduced in 2011.

The brand is brave enough to innovate, giving the classic Jinqiao long mechanical movement a new element of watchmaking art. The watch breaks the existing optical law in design, and uses a new transparent design to allow the movement of the movement to be seen through 360 degrees. However, when worn on the wrist, the transparency of the transparent case back will change to cover the picture outside the case, and the mechanical structure inside the case becomes tangible to highlight its unique linear mechanical structure. The secret of this enchanting magic lies in a two-part sapphire crystal glass decorated with a metal stripe pattern. This special sapphire crystal glass is placed in the center position of the 18K red gold or white gold wine barrel-shaped case set with sapphire crystal glass on the four sides and behind the movement. The external elements of the lens bring a charming visual effect like never before. The hour scale on the surface of the sapphire crystal captures the current light and completely reflects it into countless light, showing a deep and three-dimensional sense; and the hollow hands add to the lightness of the watch.

醉 The intoxicating soul of the watch is the CO 313 long automatic uniaxial winding movement developed exclusively by Kunlun Watch. The movement is equipped with a platinum linear automatic disc and a sliding spring system. The vibration frequency is 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and it can provide a power reserve of 40 hours. A variable inertia balance and a micro-shaped barrel are included in the 194 components of the movement to ensure the long-term accuracy of the watch and the smooth movement of the long movement. Motherboards and bridges made of 18K red or white gold are decorated with vertical carved patterns, which complement the swing of the linear automatic disk.

 The new Golden Bridge automatic watch is water-resistant to 30 meters. It can be paired with a black or brown alligator leather strap and a red or white gold pin buckle with the Kunlun key logo.