Longines Becomes The 2012 Dubai Racing Carnival

Dubai immediately launched the Dubai International Equestrian Carnival, followed by a series of equestrian events, and Longines, which has long been active in equestrian related events, was selected as the 2012 Dubai International Equestrian event carnival official timer. This time, in cooperation with Meydan, the 2011 Dubai World Cup event partner, sponsored all relevant events in the Meydan arena and actively supported equestrian related competitions. The outstanding player Joerg Naev (German nationality) sponsored by Longines also wore a new Saint-Michel series wrist watch The watch won the championship in the 2012 Dubai International Horse Racing Carnival Obstacle, adding Longines’ legendary style in the equestrian field. As another story of this event, Taiwanese Jamie Chen also competed for this splendid event. As the only contestant in Asia, she elegantly attended the exciting event to win international attention and strived for Taiwan’s excellent performance in the equestrian field. This time, Longines has further partnered with the Qatar Racing and Equestrian club, which plays an important role in the Middle East and is loved by the masses. It will become the official timer for all future equestrian-related competitions in the Qatar Equestrian Club. , Once again perfectly convey the value of Longines watches with both tradition, elegance and sport to the world.

Longines becomes official timing partner of Kada Equestrian Club

Kada Equestrian Club Chairman Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faleh Al Thani presented Longines Global President Mr. Walter Von K & auml; nel Steed Sculpture announced long-term cooperation

Taiwanese player Jamie Chen attracts high attention

Chairman of Kada Equestrian Club: Mr. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Faleh Al Thani presented Longines Global President: Mr. Walter Von K & auml; nel Kada Club Competition Winning Memorial