Limited Edition Lange Watch Successfully Auctioned A New High Price

‘Pour le Mérite’ HandWerskunst watch

 A Richard Lange Tourbillon ‘Pour le Mérite’ HandWerskunst watch changed hands at a Sotheby’s auction in Hong Kong on April 7, 2013 for € 289,350. The transaction price was 62% higher than the original retail price of 178,500 euros.

 This watch was launched only two years ago. The auctioned watch is the eighth of only 15 limited editions.

 The case of the watch is made of an innovative honey-colored gold alloy with a Vickers hardness of more than 300 HV, which is about twice as high as gold. Dials made from the same material use a rare traditional carving process called tremblage. The ornate decoration of the movement in the watch brings this watch to a new level of watchmaking art and highlights the characteristics of ‘HandWerskunst craftsmanship’.

 The fourth ‘Pour le Mérite’ watch presented by Lange is the pinnacle of superb craftsmanship. It combines two complex functions: the sesame chain drive system and the tourbillon, both of which are designed to achieve the most accurate timing. The tourbillon’s patented stop-second device allows the watch to adjust the time display of the watch with accuracy to the second. The round-cut password of the timepiece dial is displayed in front of the tourbillon system that swings and rotates at the same time. In order to allow the viewer to enjoy the exquisite mechanical dance steps, the hour plate on the other side is provided with a separate part, which will instantly turn in at 6 o’clock, making the hour plate into a perfect circle, until 12:00, it will Disappear immediately.

Inverted Mechanical Aesthetics Glashütte Original Panomaticinverse

German watchmaking pays great attention to the production of the technical details of the movement, so it is often close to the back cover of the wrist, which has a more brilliant performance than the face plate. In order to make these parts that can only be viewed through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the watch, can be seen at any time, many brands began to play the game of upside-down movement, flip the aesthetics of the mechanical structure to the front, and can perfectly interpret the ‘upside down’ It feels better than Glashütte Original’s original PanoMatic Inverse.

Feature one: based on old crops
In fact, as early as 2008, Glashütte Original presented the elegant double gooseneck trimming device like a butterfly wing on the PanoInverse XL watch. In order to display the parts usually located on the bottom of the watch on the surface, many movement parts need to be Making improvements and re-developing supporting devices to provide new modules, the production process is quite extensive. The PanoMaticInverse released in 2014 is an improvement of this classic inverted movement in line with market demand. The 91-02 self-winding movement equipped with the watch not only has the beauty of an inverted movement, but also has 42 hours. Power reserve makes the watch more accurate and reliable. In addition, the original power reserve window at 2 o’clock has been changed to the brand’s representative large date display in the new version. The easy-to-read feature makes the watch even more convenient.

The asymmetrical panel layout gives the dual gooseneck fine-tuning device ample performance stage, allowing watch fans to appreciate its practicality and beauty on the panel surface. In addition, the exquisite blue steel screws and ruby ​​bearings are particularly elegant on a typical German rhodium plated disc.

Feature two: luxurious double gooseneck trim
Another important component of the movement, the double gooseneck-type fine-tuning device, can also clearly show its beauty and practicality through the hollow at the bottom right of the faceplate because the movement is inverted. In terms of practicality, this unique device exists to finely adjust the fast and slow hands. The fine-tuning spring on the right can lengthen or shorten the hairspring to speed up or slow down the movement of the movement. The fine-tuning spring on the left is used to adjust the pendulum. Wheel rotation amplitude, with double mechanism to improve travel time accuracy and stability. The double gooseneck-type fine-tuning device is also highly ornamental, like the beautiful curve of the goose-neck shape, and hand-carved various delicate and variable lines of balance wheel plywood. Each structure and form reflects the charm of German watchmaking. Place.

The discerning double gooseneck trimmer at the bottom right of the faceplate is like a beautiful butterfly resting on the surface, and the beautifully carved carving of the balance wheel plywood underneath makes the unique device the most striking focus on the wrist.

Feature 3: Like the face plate on the back of the movement
Since the biggest feature of PanoMaticInverse is the ‘inverted movement’, the entire face is of course the most noticeable focus. The concise eccentric small three-pin layout is indicated by blue hands coated with luminous coating, and three-quarters of rhodium-plated splint With Glashütte’s classic stripes, coupled with blue steel screws and ruby ​​bearings, despite the exquisite workmanship of the faceplate, it still reveals a simple and elegant atmosphere, revealing Glashütte’s original respect and rigor for the presentation of time.

The 91-02 movement reveals the beautiful German watchmaking performance, including the exquisite movement decoration pattern, the artificially locked blue steel reel, or the skeletonized 21K gold double G automatic disk. Watches are famous


Rose gold material / 91-02 automatic winding movement / eccentric, eccentric minutes, small seconds, large date display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 50 meters / table diameter 42mm / reference price: 230,000 RMB — –