Elegant Moon Phases Three People-friendly Moon Phase Watch Recommendations

There are not many aspects of the moon phase function that can really play a role in life. As a complex function, its technology also requires certain technology to be realized. In the minds of people, it is the way of showing art. And many watches with moon phase function are very valuable, today Watch House recommends you three low-priced moon phase function watches.

Baume & Mercier Creston MOA10055 watch

Watch Series: Crichton
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 43 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 32900
Details of the watch: Dépraz’s Dubois Dépraz 9000 calibre converted from the ETA 2892 movement, with reliable and stable performance.

Zenith Moon Phase Watch Series 03.2140.691 / 02.C498

Watch Series: Commander
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 54200
Watch details: 22000
Watch details: rmw / 19858 /
Brief comment on the watch: Raymond Weil gradually made the brand become a famous watch brand with its extraordinary creativity and sense of time. As a people-friendly watch, this Maestro series 2839-STC-00659 sells for 22,000 yuan, and its appearance is set off by its simple and elegant atmosphere to set off its artistic atmosphere. The characteristic moon phase window and date display also present a unique charm with the dial.

Summary: Of the three watches, the price of 22,000 yuan, the main brand of Raymond Weil, is very attractive. The moon phase plate with Roman numerals makes the watch unique. Baume and Mercier used color to express a watch that better reflected the freely changing role mix. Zenith uses a silver-wrapped combination to interpret its elegance. Although the moon phase function is not widely used in life, the moon phase disk can enhance the whole watch. The watch lovers who must love the moon phase function do not care about its function, but the elegance of the moon phase disk.

Centrix Series Automatic Watch

Centrix series automatic watch
High-tech ceramic case and bracelet with silver decoration and black polished dial with 8 diamonds to mark the moment
Price: 15800 yuan
    When buying a watch, set a price range for yourself, and only buy watches within the price range. This is a good habit regardless of men and women. However, for men, it is not difficult to persuade them to increase the price by several grades. Because men are easily convinced by ‘high cost-effectiveness’, ‘good word-of-mouth’, ‘not easy to be outdated’, ‘one step in place’-‘rather than spend 30,000 to buy this watch, you might as well spend 50,000 Buy that one. ‘
    But women are different. When they buy this Tissot or this Swarovski, they may already be thinking about a watch or other designer bags. Money for soy sauce cannot be used for jealousy-at least I have never successfully persuaded any woman who plans to spend 50,000 yuan on a watch to take out more silver, unless she is not spending her own money.

Blancpain Sponsors The Annual Conference Of The World’s Top Hotel Groups

The famous Swiss watchmaking brand Blancpain and the world’s top hotel groups respect the same values, provide impeccable high-quality services, and make customers feel at home. Since 2005, Blancpain has established a close partnership with Leading Hotels of the World, the world’s top hotel group (LHW for short), and has awarded the best members and staff at the annual conference.
Andrea Kracht, Chairman of LHW, Roberto Wirth, Chairman and General Manager of Hasera Roman Hotel, Ted Teng, President and CEO of LHW (from left to right)

   On November 22, 2014, the annual conference of the world’s top hotel groups was held in Vienna, where members such as the Member of the Year Award, Happy Guest Award, Remarkably Uncommon Award, and Leading Legend were selected Awards and many other awards.
LHW Chairman Andrea Kracht, LHW Chief Marketing Officer Shannon Knapp, Borgo Agnazia Hotel Owner Aldo Melpignano, LHW President and CEO Ted Teng (from left to right)

   Blancpain presented the Villeret ultra-thin watch with the inscription ‘Best Hotelier of the Year 2014’ to the grand prize winners for recognition and recognition. The classic Villeret collection inherits the watchmaking tradition and reflects the essence of the brand. This series is equipped with a round double bezel case, and the Roman numeral hour markers are on the clear and easily recognizable dial, which interprets the subtle beauty with timeless elegance.
LHW Chairman Andrea Kracht, Blanas Park Hotel & Spa CEO Frank Marrenbach, LHW President and CEO Ted Teng (from left to right)

   The Member of the Year Award is used to reward the most determined and active members of the world’s top hotel groups. This year’s award was awarded to Ruth Jones, the head of EAM marketing at the Ritz Hotel in London. The Happy Guest Award is a commendation for the hotel and its staff to fulfill their commitments and ensure the well-being of their customers. The Baden-Baden Blaines Park Hotel & Spa has won this year’s crown, and CEO Frank Marrenbach (Germany) Receive your award as a representative.
LHW Chairman Andrea Kracht, LHW Europe, Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific Senior Vice President Philip Ho, Ruth Jones, Head of EAM Marketing at The Ritz London, Ted Teng, LHW President and CEO (from left to right)

   At present, the hotel industry is facing the daunting challenge of expanding new ideas, providing new possibilities, and continuously moving forward. The Hotel Borgo Aignazia in Savelletri is actively responding to challenges with innovative thinking. The owner, Aldo Melpignano (Italy), was awarded the Remarkably Uncommon Award. The winner of the Leading Legend Award was selected from the nomination list of the world’s top hotel groups, and was eventually awarded to Roberto Wirth, Chairman and General Manager of Rome Hotel Hasella, in recognition of its protection of luxury hotels and promotion of luxury hotel development Outstanding contributions in.