The World’s Largest Gc Store Opens In Jeddah

Al-Dawliya for Watches recently unveiled the Gc flagship store in Stars Ave Mall, Jeddah, and is by far the world’s largest store. Sayed cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. Also present at the opening ceremony were Taha Ali Al-Haddad (Managing Director of Al-Dawliya), John Marcheschi (President of Sequel International) and His Excellency Mr. Hans Stalder (Consul General of Switzerland), whose hometown is the Swiss town of Zug, where Gc headquarters.

After the opening ceremony, an impressive convoy escorted VIP guests and journalists to Al Sohba at Park Hyatt Resort, where they hosted a dinner and invited them to the Middle East exhibition of the international photography concept Moments of Smart Luxury held by GC Unveiled, celebrating the ‘Smart Luxury’ slogan proposed by the Gc brand, when you know when you feel in your creation, in your professional field, in your life, in your watch With the right choice you get a ‘feel good’ feel.

The concept photography event was held for the first time at Baselworld earlier this year. This is the first time that the photo exhibition has been shown in the Middle East. Every classic moment that highlights personality and smart luxury moments was captured by Brazilian-born photographer Pino Gomes. The exhibition is also a reflection of the globalization and diversity of the Gc brand.

Each artist embodies the personality and identity of the Gc brand in his or her own way: ambitious, active, confident and proud of their achievements. Three artists chose Saudi Arabia: gourmet chef Loulou El Ezzah, magician Mumdo Marzouki, and writer and poet May Kutbi. Each artist attended a dinner hosted by MC Ameer and Haya El Ezzah.
Source: Gc Watches