Heya Star Family Welcomes The Victory In Double War

According to Watch House, Maria Sharapova, a well-known Russian tennis player, joined the TAG Heuer family in 2012. Recently, she has just concluded the Stuttgart Open Win the championship.

 In the final, Russia’s best female tennis player defeated this year’s Australian Open champion Li Na in two sets. It is worth noting that in the clay court season last year, Sharapova also won the championship in Stuttgart and finally won the championship of Roland Garros. Trophy.

 Maria Sharapova is a famous Russian tennis player. She is tall and explosive, and belongs to the bottom line. Both forehand and backhand shots are powerful. He won the 2004 Wimbledon Women’s Singles Championship, the 2006 US Open Women’s Singles Championship, the 2008 Australian Open Women’s Singles Championship, and the 2012 French Open Women’s Singles Championship. It is the third female tennis player and the sixth female player who has achieved a slam dominance since the Open Age; she has become one of the most talented women in the world sports world and an outstanding representative of female athletes. He was selected as the most beautiful athlete in 2006 by Sports Illustrated. Become the highest paid female athlete in the world for 9 consecutive years. Her current boyfriend is Dimitrov.

 At the same time as another member of the TAG Heuer family, the famous tennis player Zhigui from Japan
In the men’s singles final of the Barcelona Open that just ended with Japan, Colombian Giraldo won the championship with two 6-2 wins.

 The whole game took 1 hour and 13 minutes. The 24-year-old Kei Nishikori set straight into two sets, winning his first clay trophy in his career. This is also the second men’s singles championship that Kei Nishikori has won after Memphis this year, and the fifth men’s singles championship in his career.

With this victory, Kei Nishikori won a prize of 422,100 Euros and 500 ATP points. Next week, Kei Nishikori’s ATP ranking will rise to 12th place.

   Kei Nishikori, a tennis star, Japan’s number one tennis men’s single, became a professional tennis player in 2007, and won five games in a row at the Indianapolis station to qualify for the quarterfinals. At the ATP Delray Beach in 2008, Kei Nishikori scored 7 consecutive victories to reach the final, eventually winning the championship trophy. On January 25, 2012, he became the first Japanese player to be listed as a seed player in the men’s singles event. At the Australian Open, Kei Nishikori lost to Andy Murray and missed the semifinals of the men’s singles, but this still created Asian men’s singles best record in Grand Slam.

Balber L-evolution 8 Day Long Power Weekly Calendar Watch

Since the brand was founded in 1735, Blancpain has gone through 275 years and is a well-deserved brother in the history of watchmaking. As the only watchmaker that only produces mechanical watches, Blancpain insists on its own values ​​and has won the respect of watch friends. What’s more worth mentioning is that a Carrussel watch of Blancpain was officially collected by the Palace Museum, and it has become the only watch in the official collection of the Palace Museum so far.
    This year, Blancpain has launched a new L-evolution 8-day long-powered weekly calendar complex watch. The L-evolution series is a revolutionary new series launched by Blancpain in 2009. When I saw the first watch in this series, I was immediately struck by its unique style of fashion and art. This year’s new watch, on the basis of four eight-day long-powered watches first introduced last year, has added a weekly calendar display function suitable for business people in Western countries.
    Blancpain has launched eight-day long-powered watch models for 20 years, and has long been a leader in technology. Most long-power watches on the market use dual barrel technology, and the L-evolution 8-day long-power weekly calendar watch uses three barrels and a balance spring made of titanium for power output. Provided a strong guarantee. This is critical to the accuracy and stability of the watch. Long power, weekly calendar, combined with a large calendar window and day of the week indicator for power reserve, this watch series launched in 2009 has truly completed the ‘Great Leap Forward’ this year.

Montblanc Villeret And Reno: From The Top Sophisticated Watches To Super Practical And Exquisite Timepieces, With Unique Architecture Settings, The Passion For High-end Watchmaking

Relying on more than 150 years of Swiss watchmaking tradition, Montblanc Watchmaking is based on the unique architecture of the perfect collaboration between the two watch factories to jointly create timepieces and the most watchful Swiss watches Innovative homemade movement. The advantages of the two watch factories have perfectly complemented each other: Relying on the long history and outstanding achievements of Menela, Villeret Watch Factory has successfully applied its skills and knowledge accumulated in the field of research and development of advanced complication watches to small complication watches In the production of watches, it pioneered the fusion of extreme craftsmanship and practical timepieces, infiltrating the spirit of fine watchmaking into each Montblanc work series, and truly realizing the brand concept of “sharing passion for fine watchmaking”.
   As the core of Montblanc’s movement and innovative research and development, Villeret Watch Factory is located in the original site of the legendary Minerva Watch Factory established in 1858. From functional watches to small, super practical and delicate timepieces, Villeret Watch Factory provides unparalleled passion for creative support. The Reno Manufacture is Montblanc’s watch and center of quality excellence, combining traditional watchmaking norms and advanced technology. From the overall design aesthetics to the design of the case, dial, hands, key components, and movement prototype, etc., Reno Watch Factory has achieved the original intention of the watch factory to complete all processes except for the movement development.

Montblanc Viller Collection
   The history of Montblanc Villeret dates back to 1858, when Charles-Yvan Robert established a watchmaking workshop in the Saint-Jemi Valley under the name ‘Merva’. The watch factory has risen rapidly and gained global recognition in the field of precision timekeeping. It is one of the most acclaimed professional watch factories in Switzerland. The company’s technical achievements are remarkable. In the 1920s, Minerva developed the first chronograph movement for watches. In 1936, it introduced a mechanical chronograph that can accurately measure 1 / 100th of a second. A milestone in fine watchmaking design-the legendary Minerva Pythagore. The countless achievements in high-end watches still inspire the watchmakers of Montblanc Villeret, relying on the professional timing technology accumulated by generations of Minerva, to continue to innovate and develop brand-new watches from generation to generation.

Movement development
   Montblanc Villeret is committed to promoting Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and constantly injecting vitality into the Swiss watchmaking industry with breakthrough innovations. A perfect fusion of innovation and traditional movements and movement prototype designs, each watch piece can continue to make breakthroughs and surpasses while retaining the unique essence of fine watchmaking. Montblanc watchmaking masters and skilled engineers have accumulated the experience and technology in the production of high-level complex watches, which have been skillfully used in the development of small, super practical and delicate timepieces. For example, the multi-layer dial technology used in Montblanc Viller series and Nicholas Kaiser series of day and night chronographs was later applied to the Montblanc heritage precision chronograph two-time watch, and in the original There is another innovation on the basis, using a sapphire crystal dial to display the northern hemisphere and day and night display.

Movement prototype design
   Before the precise production plan is determined and the master watchmaker begins to build the first prototype of the movement, the movement maker first draws detailed technical drawings and functional modules. After that, a large number of movement prototypes will be created and tested by engineers and watchmakers. The whole process will take several months, and finally the prototype of the movement that meets the standards will be selected before entering the production stage. Although all Montblanc home-made complication watches are carefully crafted by Montblanc watchmakers, from high-end complication watches to small super practical and delicate timepieces, there are two independent production workshops in the Villeret watch factory-one Adhering to the spirit and advanced technology of traditional watchmaking, the workshop specializes in producing traditional series movements, and then delivers them to Montblanc Reno factory for assembly. The other workshop is based on a century-old craftsmanship tradition, strictly following the essence of fine watchmaking inherited by Minerva for more than 150 years, and researching and developing the most outstanding advanced complex movements.

Montblanc movement assembly
   From Nicholas Kay Chronograph movement, external tourbillon, LL100 movement, to MB 29.20 (inheritance of the collection Universal World Time Watch) and MB 29.19 (inheritance of the precision chronograph two-time watch), all homemade movements and The complicated devices were carefully assembled by the watchmaker at Montblanc Viller, and after testing the vibration frequency, amplitude, power reserve and other functions according to Montblanc quality standards, they were sent to the Reno watch factory for final assembly. In the process, each timepiece will be dedicated to the passion, hard work and excellence of Montblanc watchmakers.

Manual movement manufacturing
   The Montblanc Villeret Manufacture adhering to the traditional high-end watchmaking process, will reflect the unremitting pursuit of perfection throughout the entire production process-adhere to the use of traditional equipment forged from large steel, effectively guarantee the stability of the production process and consistency. Subsequently, each movement component is manually polished with precision tools, and to ensure the highest accuracy and performance, the components are manually adjusted after each production process. Since it may take 10 production processes to create a component, taking the Montblanc Viller series changer watch as an example, its MB M67.40 movement and 746 components can be built after nearly 4,000 operations.

Traditional handmade decoration
   In order to further enhance the beauty of the movement, the watchmaker will carefully complete the decoration of each component: hand-chamfered edges, Geneva stripes on the splints, and the gears are highly polished. Each step requires great patience, focus and full passion. The design of the component itself requires perfect retouching by hand-no machine can accomplish such a high-level masterpiece of craftsmanship. For example, the Montblanc Tourbillon Geosphères Da Gamma watch is completely chamfered by hand, which took two weeks to complete the retouching process.

Homemade hairspring manufacturing and traditional balance adjustment
   With its own hairspring manufacturing process, watchmakers and engineers can fully develop innovative and complex functional watches, such as the double-cylinder hairspring tourbillon or the cylindrical hairspring tourbillon Geosphères Dagama watch. Lyle watch factory develops and manufactures by itself. It is worth mentioning that only a handful of watchmaking workshops in the world have the skills and knowledge of hand-made balance springs. Montblanc Villeret is one of them. Until today, Villeret’s watchmakers are still With traditional manual techniques rather than electronic equipment, the length of the self-made balance spring can be accurately measured. The standard vibration frequency of the Villeret balance spring is 18,000 times per hour, which also makes Montblanc the largest screw trim balance in the industry, allowing watch fans to see the wonderful heart of the watch.

Traditional assembly of Montblanc handmade timepieces
   Each watch produced by the Villeret workshop is assembled and packaged by the same watchmaker. The entire process is hand-made and takes months. Only a few watchmakers have the superb skills required to perform this delicate task. After the movement is preliminarily assembled and fully adjusted, it will be disassembled and final decorated, followed by the second and final assembly, after which a perfect timepiece can be born.

Montblanc Reno Watch Factory
   The Montblanc Reno watch factory is located in an ancient manor house founded in 1906. Coincidentally, the Montblanc brand was also established in Hamburg, Germany in the same year. Nowadays, the modern and open atrium structure integrates the surrounding landscape with the ancient manor house, showing the brand’s concept of blending traditional values ​​and innovative spirit. When traditional classics and modern design culture are harmoniously blended, the high-level technology made by them makes Montblanc watches unique and eternal timepieces. They not only demonstrate Montblanc Reno’s position as a branded watch and centre of quality excellence, but also its complete functions from design and manufacture to final assembly and quality control.

Concept and certification
   At the Montblanc Reno watch factory, the creation of each timepiece begins with an internally completed design process: the designer draws the general shape and aesthetics of the watch through hand-drawn drawings, and finally determines the final watch design on the computer . Then, each component drawn by the designer (case, dial, hands and strap) is handed over to Montblanc engineers to develop the three-dimensional structure of each component.
   This process requires trying countless prototype designs to verify structure and aesthetics, and then inspecting external parts and movements for certification. Drop, UV protection, impact on the watch head, twisting of the strap and tensile test-a rigorous process to ensure that any minor flaws or imperfections can be detected and corrected.

Final assembly
   All Montblanc watches are carefully assembled by the Reno Manufacture, except for the sophisticated complication watches created by the Villeret watchmaking workshop: the dial is placed on the movement, the hands are assembled, and the final case is completed. Control and manual control to ensure the water resistance, aesthetics and function of the final watch. Montblanc watches must be assembled in a completely clean environment to prevent any dust from entering the watch.

Montblanc laboratory 500 hours quality test
   Before leaving the Reno factory, Montblanc timepieces undergo a rigorous and comprehensive test procedure developed by Montblanc. In the last three weeks or (more accurately) 500 hours, the watch has to go through various conditions that must be experienced when worn on the wrist: daily wear and tear, multiple settings and resetting of the crown, different climates Conditions for daily use of all features. The watch will only be issued for delivery if it has successfully passed the test-after 500 hours of quality testing in Montblanc’s laboratory. Watches that have passed Montblanc’s highest quality standards are destined to become a true companion in life.
   Hundreds of years of knowledge and hundreds of hours of dedicated work can give birth to Montblanc timepieces. In order to create the most precise and perfect masterpieces, the watchmakers at Montblanc Villeret and Reno have put pride and spirit into each timepiece, sharing the high-end system with the future owners of Montblanc Timepiece The surging passion of the watch.

Replica Patek Philippe Chronograph

Patek Philippe Men’s Highly Complicated Function Chronograph Series 5102PR-001
 Patek Philippe ‘Celestial’ series 5102, launched in 2002, this year launched a double precious metal style of rose gold and platinum to replace the current gold watch. This unique watch is decorated with a rose gold case, a platinum bezel, a sapphire crystal case back and a platinum crown. . The unique watch with astronomical display has always been the most precious and poetic of the complication series.

Patek Philippe High Complication Chronograph 5102PR
Mechanical movement self-winding
Hours and minutes of mean solar time
Sky map, moon phases and moon track
The transit time of Sirius and the Moon
On the dial are three discs of metallic luster made of sapphire crystal glass, of which the part surrounded by an oval circle shows the night sky of Geneva.
Watch-themed community sapphire crystal case back
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Platinum and rose gold
Case diameter 43.1 mm