Love Your Diving Watch Dior And The Incomprehensible Relationship With Water

As a perfect interpretation of Dior Homme’s Dior Chiffre Rouge series, the asymmetrical lines designed by Dior are added to make the case look full of water. The smooth metal lines are like swaying waves, always telling people’s yearning for water, the most rare thing is to have the perfect design while still retaining the powerful functionality of professional watchmaking. Dior Dior watch series Reference price: RMB 28,100
In the soft water, any powerful movement will show the pleasant but enjoyable nature under the refraction of light and shadow. Maybe this is the reason why so many diving enthusiasts are associated with water. In addition to the asymmetric design, the designer of the Dior diving watch series also simplified the digital display on the surface. Only the enlarged 06 and 09, like two drops of water on the clean and simple dial, let the original Dior diving watch reveal A witty sense of creativity.
A diving watch with a waterproof depth of 200 meters or more and a rotating outer ring for measuring diving time. Especially in the dark and deep water, noctilucent and anti-stress is essential. The 300-meter water-resistant depth of the Dior Chiffre Rouge series is engraved on the lugs connected to the crown protection arm. The crown protection arm, which is the most waterproof, uses a special screw-in design. To adjust the time by turning out the crown. This design perfectly protects the Swiss-made automatic movement hidden in the watch and the 42-hour power reserve. Let divers open their minds and play games on the water.
Dior Dior watch series
Dior Chiffre Rouge series also has a clear view like water. In order to allow diving watch enthusiasts to better appreciate the movement of the movement, and also to enjoy the diving function with a water resistance of 300 meters, the sapphire crystal and mineral glass were selected to make the back cover, which was dyed with special red Membrane and gray, so as to create a clear and transparent window, lovers can get close contact with professional machinery while being close to water.
Dior Dior watch series Reference price: RMB 32,300
Dior Chiffre Rouge D01, D02 created with the asymmetrical design of Dior Homme Cut. You can use it as a sports watch that marries creative design, or you can use it as a combination of design art and lean mechanical engineering Artwork. Always, because of your inextricable relationship with the water, you will fall in love with such a Dior diving watch with personality and performance.