The Military Feelings Of The Three Great Powers

When it comes to history, it is easy to mention war, and it is easier to think of the famous World War I and World War II when talking about history. Regarding unequal treatment, and the distribution of resources and strength among countries, Equality can easily lead to war. Heroes are awesome and famous battles are awesome. However, with the cruelty, plunder and killing of war, any war is a disaster for humanity. We Refuse war and long for peace. For soldiers and the army, people always have a kind of awe, because they are brave and strong, well-trained, and the same is based on military watches. Military watches also inherit the tradition of soldiers, incorporating the iron bones into them, and become the best for soldiers to fight. partner. Although people are still far away from the war years, the plot for military watches is still deep. The watch house below will take you into the world of military watches and feel the tough tough guy style.

  Italian military watch pride and personality:

  Panerai Radiomir Series

  Swiss watches are naturally well-known in the watch circle and are in the highest position, but they still cannot hide the pride and personality of the Italian brand Panerai. Italy is one of the largest markets for classically complex functional watches, and the Italians’affection for clocks is also revealed on military watches. During the Second World War, the Italian Navy ordered the special diving watch with a valve-type rubber washer waterproof crown from Rolex through the famous diving equipment franchise Rumino Panelle. This is already seen in Rolex. Superb, rarely seen at auction. Panerai was founded in 1860. It is famous for precision machinery and excellent quality. It was first made precision instruments and watches for the Italian Royal Navy. Now Panerai has become a world-renowned premium sports watch brand.

  Radiomir 1940 was born to meet the needs of the Italian Navy’s commando force. It is rugged, accurate and reliable, and it is a model of military timing tools. The design and dial of the case still adhere to the quality and functional requirements of former military standards. The case uses the exterior design of the historical model created by Panerai in the 1940s. The polished large bezel surrounds the classic dial with excellent readability. Its design is extremely simple. The luminous material is coated between the sandwich-shaped dials. This structure allows the numbers and rod-shaped hour markers on the upper hollow disc to be transmitted clearly and legibly. Dazzling light. Panerai continues the traditional design from the 1940s, setting the small second hand on the small dial at 9 o’clock.

  The watch model is PAM00573, which also uses the P.4000 self-winding movement. Unlike PAM00572, the case, buckle and crown of this watch are made of 18K rose gold and are water-resistant to 50 meters. The new P.4000 movement is Panerai’s first self-winding movement with an eccentric rotor. This means that the diameter of the rotor is smaller than the movement itself: this sophisticated technology makes the movement and the watch as a whole thinner. The P.4000 movement is equipped with two barrels in series, and its power reserve can reach at least three days. In addition, the movement is equipped with a special device that can stop the vibration of the balance wheel when the crown is pulled out to adjust the time, helping the wearer to accurately synchronize the time.
  Panerai Luminor1950 series

  In the historical series and the modern series, because there are too many people who like different models, we only take 372 as an example, because different from the numbers 3, 9, and small seconds that you often see. And the overlapping relationship, this watch has only two simple hour and minute hands. The black dial is equipped with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers, which can accurately read the time even in the dark. The bridge protection device on the crown is a patent of Panerai, and there are REG., T.M letters on the bridge protection. The polished stainless steel case with brown belt is particularly stable and low-key. The mirror surface is made of Plexiglas® Plexiglas (thickness 3mm), which is the most commonly used material by major watch manufacturers before the 1970s.

  The masculine and thick shape highlights the masculinity, and the internal movement also contains powerful energy. The watch is equipped with a Panerai P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai, 16½ centimeters and 5.3 mm thick. With a dual barrel design, the power reserve can reach 72 hours, which is longer than the 56 hours of ETA6497-2.
  The uniqueness and ruggedness of American military watches:
  Hamilton Field, Flight and Navy
  The relationship between Hamilton and military watches can also be traced back to the era of war. In the 1920s, Hamilton became a prestigious military watch supplier to the U.S. Army. Hamilton has developed to this day with its precise and durable practical functions and its consistent rough , Upright, innovative, bold and firm American design style is very popular.

  The tough Khaki field titanium watch is the best companion for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Each watch has a rugged dial and eye-catching hands, and comes with a canvas or titanium strap to choose from. This field watch H70575733 is tailored for the energetic explorer. The case is made of innovative special material, titanium, lightweight and hypoallergenic. The black dial is engraved with 12-hour scale, 24-hour scale, and the minute scale on the outermost circle. The simple hands are all coated with luminous coating and equipped with Simple design, reading time is extremely clear no matter day or night. The watch has a quality webbing strap. The all-black tone design adds a modern and stylish atmosphere.

  The design of the Khaki Flight Pioneer Automatic Chronograph was inspired by a watch customized for the Royal Air Force in the 1970s. It makes people’s vision of soaring blue sky infinite, and its solid reliability and comfortable wearing can also stand up to the scrutiny. Hamilton H76456435 watch, 41 mm black dial, with chronograph hands to record the time used in the process of movement, 30 minutes and small seconds are located at three o’clock and nine o’clock respectively, its accurate timekeeping function is an essential tool for sports lovers . Bold Superluminova fluorescent coated hands, hard arched sapphire crystal surface and sandblasted stainless steel case, all details inherit the original classic design. The new H-31 self-loading core inside has a power reserve of up to 60 hours, and the black velvet strap has a nostalgic feel for military operations.

  The Navy series H78615985 watches lead the era with bright colors. The design of this modern watch is inspired by Hamilton’s iconic PipingRock in 1928. The rotatable bezel serves professional sports timing. Water-resistant to 300 meters, with screw-in crown design, comfortable and soft rubber straps, chic rubber numbers and scales on the metal bezel, all of which make it an excellent partner for underwater sports enthusiasts.
  Tough and classic Swiss military watches:

  Girard Perregaux SeaHawk
  The origin of the SeaHawk watch can be traced back to the 1940s. Girard Perregaux began mass production of military watches as early as 1880, and the first generation of Seahawk watches was born during the Second World War. SeaHawk diving watches and ChronoHawk chronographs have a strong sports style. The black ceramic models use this technology to enhance the perfect machinery that the brand focuses on. Girard Perregaux SEAHAWK series 49960-32-632-FK6A models highlight the outstanding performance of the watch with a contemporary design. The large 44 mm case highlights the man’s style, and the dial’s functional layout is clear: the date window is at 1:30, the 6 o’clock position is for the watch’s power reserve design, and the 10 o’clock position is the small seconds dial. Three white geometric figures are staggered, and the 12 o’clock hour mark is marked with an inverted triangle.

  The watch is water-resistant to 1,000 meters, and is not afraid of the abyss of the ocean. The crown at 4 o’clock also has an integrated shoulder guard design, which is integrated with the case structure and is more comfortable to wear. At the same time, equipped with a decompression helium exhaust valve and rotating the bezel counterclockwise to calculate the cumulative dive time, it is definitely a model for professional diving watches. The watch is equipped with GP Girard-Perregaux GP3300 self-winding movement, which is self-evident. The frequency of the movement is 4 Hz, which means that it vibrates 28,800 times per hour, with 27 gems built in. The watch can provide a power reserve of 46 hours when fully wound.

  Longines Classic 1938 Military Watch

  Longines was founded in Sommia, Switzerland in 1832. It has a long history of 175 years and superb craftsmanship. It also has a distinguished tradition and outstanding experience in the field of sports timing. Speaking of the inextricable relationship with military watches, let us understand the characteristics of Longines military watches from a military watch.

  The design of the Longines classic replica series 1938 military watch is derived from the military watches produced by Longines in the 1930s. The classic design has not faded after more than 70 years. As a military watch galloping in extreme environments, clear and completely reliable readings are an important feature of Longines classic replica series 1938 military watch. The watch is made of stainless steel with a round case of 40 mm. The striking white Arabic numerals and orbital minute ring of the watch are in sharp contrast with the matte black surface. The hands and hour numerals are coated with Super- LumiNova® luminous material, simple design makes it stand out from many models. The orbital scale and simple Arabic numerals make it easy to read at a glance. The onion crown is also one of the characteristics of military watches, which is simple and convenient to operate.

  Longines Classic replica 1938 military watch with black alligator leather strap stitched with white silk, adding a touch of color to this new timepiece. Equipped with automatic winding mechanical movement L619, it displays hours, minutes and seconds, the date is displayed at 3 o’clock, and the date display window is located at three o’clock.
  Bell & Ross BR01-92 Collection BR01-92CARBON Watch

  Bell & Ross watches are very recognizable in the brand. Its angular appearance, precise timekeeping, large digital scale, and exquisite pointer design all make people deeply remember the brand. When it comes to military watches, how can we lack the participation of Plax.
  The four lock screws on the dial of this Belles watch are decorated at 1:30, 4:30, 7:30, and 10:30, corresponding to the four lock screws on the case. The design of the four locking screws is rare in watches of other brands. Its design inspiration is also derived from the aerospace instrument panel, which makes the watch have a few mechanical characteristics and increases its rigidity. This unique The shape also makes the Bell & Ross watch very recognizable. Bell & Ross BR01-92 series BR01-92CARBON watch, the dial design is very simple, black and white colors make this watch stylish and cool.

  Since its establishment, Bell & Ross has been devoted to the design of aerospace technology. He has integrated the streamlined shape and the dashboard of the aircraft into the watch, becoming a unique watch. Especially the AVIATION series watches, his design inspiration is also from the aerospace dashboard, which is characterized by clear, easy to read and extremely accurate. At the same time, it also shows the rigorous pursuit of the Bell & Ross brand for watches, especially suitable for men who pursue simple and practical, sports-loving. This watch uses a screw-in crown, which enhances the watch’s water resistance. Its water-resistant depth is 100 meters, which can meet most daily waterproofing needs in life such as car washing and shower.

In summary: Although the war seems to have faded out of our sight, the rigorous combat, rigorous style, and strict training of the army have made countless bloody men yearn for and awe. Soldier, a loud and lofty title, not everyone can be a soldier, but no one can stop a man’s military feelings. Military watches are also the hallmark of toughness and toughness in watches. The military watches of the above brands are just a few of the many models. They have the characteristics of clearness and toughness when reading, and there are differences. If you like military watches, you can always find one that suits you. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day Calendar Ii Watch

41mm 18K gold case, bezel set with diamonds, black wavy dial, movement adopts PARACHROM hairspring and new PARAFLEX shock absorption device, gold headband with crown buckle week calendar The model is the world’s first watch with a weekly calendar and calendar display. In the middle of the last century, quartz watches had not yet appeared, and the weekly calendar type provided officers with their most urgently needed functions, and enjoyed the reputation of ‘the king of daily watches’ and ‘the king of double calendars’ in the watch altar.

     The renewed weekly calendar type II, the product positioning is second only to yachts, and it is a daily watch tailored for business professionals at the professional manager level. It does not have a full-steel style, and the price of the gold model is more than 200,000 yuan.