Js Watch Co. Reykjavik

Icelandic watchmaker JS Watch co. Reykjavik works with two well-known Icelandic artists Tolli and Lína Rut to support the KRAFTUR Foundation. KRAFTUR is a support for young people who have been diagnosed with cancer and their Relative social organization. In 2010, the owner of JS Watch Co. Reykjavik had an idea. He hoped to work with the most prominent artists in Iceland and assist KRAFTUR with the results of creative work.

Works by JS Watch co., Tolli and Lína Rut in support of KRAFTUR

The idea is for the artist to design the dial decoration for two very gorgeous watches from JS Watch Co. Reykjavik, and also to design the accessories for the two attached watch cases, and then conduct public auctions. The auction results of the two watches will be all Donated to the KRAFTUR Foundation. In 2012, this cooperation project has yielded great results. Two beautiful watches decorated with the artistic creation of Erró and Eggert Pétursson and two matching watch cases have achieved very good auction results. Now, two great artists, Tolli and Lína Rut, are working with the brand once again, so these artworks are very unique accessories, which will undoubtedly attract more attention and appreciation in the future.

Dial created by Tolli for hand-painted fire and volcanic eruption

The dial created by Tolli is hand-painted fire and volcanic eruption. When asked about his creation, Tolli explained: ‘I found it very exciting to incorporate something as powerful as a volcanic eruption into something as small as a watch. When I saw the dial and I realized that the abstract conceptual white dial would look beautiful. ‘

On the dial by Lína Rut is her unique Happy Face.

The dial created by Lína Rut has a picture of her famous Happy Face, ‘I want to create a pleasing, eye-catching image. The image of a smile reminds us of the happy face of a child. The creation of Happy Face is to prepare Fundraising supports Iceland’s disabled, chronically ill children and their parents, as well as Kraftur. ‘When asked about his creation, Lína Rut explained.
Movement technical specifications:
‘Execution Top’
Mechanical self-winding movement.
25 stones, custom decoration, blue screws and rhodium plating.
Winding power reserve is 38 hours.
Fine-tune the ‘Assortment Chronometer’.
Shock protection.
The auction starts on May 25 and ends on July 31.
Source: JS Watch