Time Goes By, Butterfly Wings Love Jacques De Loire Butterfly Watch

Time is like an arrow. Through the blue sky in winter, the sun comes in like a butterfly. The butterfly that emerges from the cocoon and the cupid of love are the only things that love will remain the same for you.

Spring is coming in February, and Valentine’s Day, which is beloved and sweet, is coming. On this occasion, Jaquet Droz brought the sincere blessing to the couple with ‘Love Butterfly Watch’, the choice of Eros. Letting time freeze each other’s most beautiful moments, it not only brings a deep sense of love to each other, but also the hope for a better life in the future and the beginning of happiness. A lovely picture is painted on the dial of the Love Butterfly watch. Cupid, the god of love, is portrayed as a cute little angel, creating a love miracle for men and women who are not afraid of the test of time. More than 200 years ago, Pierre Jacques D’Oro, the founder and genius mechanic of the Jacques D’Oro brand, drew Cupid’s butterfly car in a book. A detailed look at this playful and interesting little illustration can’t help but be imaginative. Who is Eros rushing to catch up with? Which lucky pair will send love blessings? The illustrations found in the vintage book of Jacques Dro are the only and only treasure in the world. As a watch technician and art lover in the 18th century, it is no coincidence to make such a design. That stunning blue butterfly may represent the obsession with biology and naturalism in that era, and it also symbolized the persistent pursuit of freedom and beautiful love.

The LovingButterfly is not only a journey through time and space, but also expresses the visionary values ​​of the founder of the brand: scientific precision, a spirit of exploration, and passion for nature, all of which are rich and clear. The fire enamel came into play. The Love Butterfly watch is the brand’s first gold case watch which implies the preciousness of love. The back of the case is marked with a limited number of 28 unique numbers. You can also appreciate the beautiful operation of the white gold oscillating weight and the hand-crafted lettering on the back of the case. These two iconic details were created by Ateliersd’Art, a Jacques de Rouge art workshop. It not only continues the Jacques de Lore legend, but also turns every second of time into a dream.

Love Butterfly
Ivory White ‘GrandFeu’ Grand Fire Enamel Dial
18K Yellow Gold Case
Automatic movement
68-hour power reserve
Off-centered hour and minute display panel
43 mm diameter
Limited edition of 28 pieces
Market reference price: 287,500