Citizen Campanola Limited Edition Watch

The long-awaited Citizen Campanola limited edition watch & mdash; & mdash; Qian Zhou appeared in China in July 2008, held a launch event in Beijing Changan club on July 11th, more than 100 social elites Many senior watch experts gathered at the dinner named ‘The Art of Time Fusion, Collecting Collections Forever’. Qian Zhou waited for a show at the 2007 Basel Clock Show. She was surprised by her luxurious presets and unique special temperament. The Qian Zhou is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, and 20 of them are sold in China.

Painted utensil series classic legend & mdash; & mdash; Qian Zhou, is a collection of CAMPANOL, hand-made, using high-end light kinetic energy technology as deemed appropriate, the carved small watch dial draws on the visible light source, and brings it on the wrist The watch works, and it has many complicated functions such as power display, moon phase profit and loss, and chronograph timekeeping. What is even more impressive is its unique lacquerware dial. Qian Qian’s preset inspiration comes from space, showing the sun and the moon and the nebula. The dial of the whole child is dotted with the gas of the gas nebula, because this name is ‘ldquo; Qian Zhou’.
Lacquer utensils are traditional art unique to the East and have a history of seven thousand years. Containing oriental temperament, CAMPANOLA pays attention to delicate details to apply the art of lacquering utensils to the dial. Color presets come from different inspirations, such as the glazes of the seven treasures of the Buddhist family, the emerald with beautiful kingfisher feather colors, and the ancient rumors of astral stars. CAMPANOLA lacquer utensils series are preset with gorgeous colors, and the partial format participates in gold powder manufacturing, which is more glorious. The dial is famous by Toyo ‘Aizu lacquered utensils’ by traditional craftsmen, and the process is complicated, showing the craftsman’s skills in the details.
CAMPANOLA watches are absolutely handmade. The dial is preset with rich three-dimensional and deep sense, and the coordination and combination of various details are extremely elegant. ‘The hollow beauty’ formed by the dial, the case, and the mirror is the place where the CAMPANOL elite exists. The electroplating process of the dial uses 1/1000 millimeters as the unit, and the plating needs to be repeated at the same location for more than ten hours. The engraving of the movement at the same time shows a sense of pleasure and deep technology. The case is smooth and polished like a mirror. The lugs of the straps are generally difficult to sand. In order to successfully achieve the delicate beauty of each small place, the presetter even preset a unique special structure for the combination of individual parts for CAMPAOLA. The strap is carefully calculated by the preset division, and various curvatures and styles are combined to make various watch sections to ensure the fit with the wrist.
The classic Citizen watch can become a treasure that will be passed on to time and time to future generations. Citigroup CAMPOLOLA seems to be thinking deeply about insightful minds, witnessing the beauty of time and age, sculpting luxury classics.