[Video] ‘watch Watch’ Takes The Watch Off-road To Watch The Watch, Big G Who Is More Resistant?

Some watch friends in the Watch House Forum raised related questions: Does the bumps and shakes affect the time of the watch? In order to get an accurate answer, the watch house specially selected two watches for testing. After a cross-country trip, check out their seismic performance.

Take your watch off-road

   In the daily wear of our watches, we will inevitably encounter bump wear or jitters. These will indeed affect the movement of the movement, but they are only small errors. Therefore, as long as you love your watch to avoid falling from high altitude Or extreme shock such as severe shock, the watch will be fine, watch friends can rest assured! Welcome everyone to watch this issue of ‘Watch Talk’, see you next time!

Tough Guy’ Lu Liangwei Holds Hamilton’s Southwest Tour First Landing In Nanning

Lu Liangwei appeared in Nanning to participate in the tour of brand watches Lu Liangwei appeared in Nanning to participate in the tour of brand watches. Hamilton, a watch brand that combines the traditional American spirit with advanced Swiss movement technology, held a 2011 new product launch exhibition tour in Nanning in Nanning. The first stop of the Southwest tour was Nanning. The brand joined hands with Hong Kong’s famous artist Lu Liangwei in the popular landmarks of Nanning in Paris Spring and Parkson to join the hundreds of audiences on the time journey created by Hamilton watches.
  At 2:30 in the afternoon, Mr. Lu Liangwei first arrived at the Paris department store. The fans who waited for a long time saw the star who had been thinking about their hearts for a long time and screamed in horror. Subsequently, Mr. Lu Liangwei came to the atrium square of Wanda business district in Nanning to continue the tour exhibition of Nanning Station of the brand. The shoppers learned that Mr. Lu Liangwei was present at the press conference, and the surrounding area of ​​the press conference was leaking.
  At the press conference, the touring guest Mr. Lu Liangwei and Ms. Song Jianhui, the vice president of the Hamilton brand, unveiled the self-core movement and the 2011 new models. Mr. Lu Liangwei couldn’t hide his love for Hamilton’s new watches, and revealed the family’s inextricable relationship with Hamilton: ‘As early as my grandparents’ generation, Hamilton watches entered China, and there are several pieces in the house. Hamilton’s classic style, and this jazz freedom style series that reshapes the US marine navigation chronograph also expresses my yearning and love for freedom. It can be said that this is a watch brand that has accompanied me throughout my life. In an interview after the meeting, Mr. Lu Liangwei also revealed his origins with Guangxi. It turned out that before liberation, Lu Liangwei’s grandfather had moved to Dongxing to make a living. At that time, the family was selling rice.
  According to reports, the famous watch brand Hamilton was founded in 1892 and was a major manufacturer of US military watches during World War II. The new Hamilton is a continuation of the time-honored retro wave of Hamilton watches in 2011. The theme of the modern era is to combine modern design with innovative craftsmanship, and present a new self-made core H21H31 with 60 hours of storage power, and reproduce WWII classic two series of vintage new models-Jazz Liberty and Pioneer Automatic Chronograph. Lu Liangwei took a group photo with the fans to take a photo of Lu Liangwei for an interview. Lu Liangwei’s dance partner Dong Yiwei showed the new watch on the model show. The model show was surrounded by the audience.