Frédérique Constant And Chinese Film Star Shu Qi Together Call For The Importance Of World Heart Day

In September 29th, in response to World Heart Day, Swiss luxury watch manufacturer Frédérique Constant Constant held an event in Los Angeles, calling on the world to pay more attention to heart disease. On the same day, Ms. Shu Qi, a Chinese film star who has been the brand ambassador for Frédérique Constant Greater China since 2008, also attended the event.
Frederique Constant and California luxury retailer Chong Hing Jewelers, Changxing Jewellery & Watch Group, held a charity event at the Changxing Jewelry San Gabriel Store and donated money to the charity World Heart Federation. This marked Frédérique Constant Deng became the official partner of the World Heart Alliance for the first time.

Above: Chinese movie star Ms. Shu Qi, who has been Frédérique Constant brand ambassador for Greater China since 2008

Ms. Shu Qi, Ralph Simons, President of Frédérique Constant Brands Americas, Dr. Ann Bolger, Board Member of the World Heart Alliance and Chairman of the Alliance Science, Policy, and Advocacy Committee; Dr. Kathryn Taubert, Chief Scientist of the Alliance; and Chong Hing Jewelers Chairman and founder Li Rongjie and Li Yu Miaoling attended the donation ceremony. Ralph Simons, President of Frédérique Constant Constant, USA, presented Dr. Ann Bolger with a $ 50,000 check donated to the new partner. Nearly 1,000 community members and celebrities attended the event.
In fact, Frédérique Constant has a very close connection with the theme of ‘heart’. Since 2008, it has launched the best-selling double-heartbeat series ladies watch and actively participated in related issues. Ralph Simons said, ‘The World Heart Alliance is an important global leader in the fight against heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Frederique Constant is proud to work with this organization to contribute to this issue.’
Frédérique Constant, who is the official partner of the World Heart Alliance, will support many countries, such as Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, to let more people understand the importance of heart health and related knowledge through education. Frédérique Constant also announced that it will launch a new, limited version of the Double Heart watch in early next year, combined with marketing, to continue to increase the world’s attention to heart disease, further highlighting the focus of World Heart Day 2013-Prevention Cardiovascular disease in women and children.
After the donation ceremony during the day, Chinese movie star Ms. Shu Qi attended a private charity dinner hosted at the historic Biltmore Millenium Hotel in the city center and celebrated with more than 100 community talents. At the banquet, Frédérique Constant, together with the World Heart Alliance, Changxing Jewelry and Shu Qi, delivered warm toasts to celebrate World Heart Day.
Source: Frédérique Constant

Citizen Released The First Solar-powered Multi-radio Women’s Watch

On November 8th, Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, held a press conference on ‘Innovative Charm Moments Shining’ in Beijing, and grandly announced the formal signing of a well-known film star and excellent director-Xu Jinglei for their work in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau Taiwan’s latest brand female spokesperson. On the same day, Citizen’s first solar-powered multi-wave radio watch · Xinyue tour, which perfectly combined innovative technology and exquisite design, also made a great debut, adding another wonderful step to the development process of Citizen women’s watch. Many senior citizens of Citizen attended the event and witnessed the grand event of the watch industry together with the guests.
Citizen Eco-Drive Multi-station Radio Controlled Women’s Watch-Xinyue Journey Series EC1014 -65W
In the minimalist and beautiful pure white venue, Xu Jinglei debuted with a skirt, which fully interpreted the fashion beauty and intellectual elegance of modern urban women. Last year, a self-directed ‘Du Lala Promotions’ set off a wave of Du Lala in the country. Not only did Xu Jinglei’s fashion styling in the film be highly sought after, but the du Lala she shaped also became a white-collar worker. An example of hard work; the investment banker who is good at mediating her opponents in the upcoming ‘Intimate Enemy’ has made her once again a benchmark for the success of women in the workplace. From the girl next door to the glamour woman, from the idol star to the talented girl director … Along the way, Xu Jinglei has the ability to switch between multiple roles outside and inside the show.
Xu Jinglei, Citizen’s latest brand female spokesperson
‘It is precisely because of Xu Jinglei’s continuous breakthrough in her life course, her personal characteristics of both wisdom and beauty, and the brand personality of Citizen’s smart, intellectual and enterprising that is very good, which led to the cooperation between Citizen and Xu Jinglei. Mr. Nakai, Chairman of Watch & Clock Co., Ltd. said so. As the brand’s latest female spokesperson, Xu Jinglei also praised Citizen very much: ‘Citizen is a brand that pays great attention to connotation, just like it is a watch that combines technology and beauty, giving a feeling of both internal and external repair. I personally admire the attitude of life. Therefore, I feel very fateful and honored to be a female spokesperson for the latest brand of Citizen this time. ‘
Xu Jinglei attended the press conference
当天 On the day of the press conference, Citizen’s family of multi-wave radio-controlled watches for the mid-to-high-end market also welcomed a new member, the Citizen Xinyue Travel Series female watches. In 2008, the Citizen Super Air Eagle series light kinetic energy multi-wave radio watch was released, and it was sought after by many business elite men. After more than three years of unremitting efforts, after overcoming many technical difficulties, Citizen finally realized the perfect fusion of cutting-edge multi-station radio wave technology and exquisite and beautiful female watch design. The Xinyue Journey Series female watch can not only meet the need for accurate time between Xu Jinglei’s work and life, but also the modern urban women who often shuttle between home and abroad, but also allow them to add femininity to their hands.
Xu Jinglei and General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd.
Subsequently, Xu Jinglei also showed the guests to the audience the Citizen Xinyue trip series of light and energy multi-station radio wave female watches presented by Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, the general manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd. It looks even more glamorous against the background. ‘As a director, I often have to race against time, which requires me to control the precise time; when shooting’ The Close Enemies ‘, we have traveled to London and other places to shoot in addition to Beijing and Hong Kong. If I wear such a model at that time Multi-wave radio watches are just fine, no longer have to worry about adjusting the time difference back and forth. ‘Lao Xu loves the Xinyue Journey Series women’s watch and expresses her wish that this watch, which is both internal and external, can become her time management expert. , Accompanied her through every memorable moment in her life.
Citizen has always been with female consumers and has made unremitting efforts for them to enjoy comfortable and passionate time. The signing of Citizen Xu Jinglei as the spokeswoman for the latest brand not only demonstrates Citizen’s determination to accelerate the layout of the mid-to-high-end women’s watch market; it also hopes that this move will strengthen the emotional interaction with Chinese urban women and continue to be closer to female consumers. Well convey to them the Citizen brand concept. Citizen firmly believes that Citizen watch products that combine ‘technology and beauty’ will be favored by more and more Chinese women.