Paper-cutting Art Method Reveals The Peak Of Peony Flower Realm: Chopard L.U.C Xp Esprit De Fleurier Peony Watch

This is a precious annual treat, and it has almost become a regular ceremony. Every year, Chopard introduces a unique interpretation of the Peony Flower for the L.U.CXP watch series. This colorful, fragrant, symbolic and loved flower since ancient times has found a space to bloom on the L.U.C.XP 35mm watch.

 In addition to the exquisite and delicate decoration of the watch with the fleurisanne carving process, Chopard Watch Factory has added an equally delicate and subtle craftsmanship to this year’s new style: the art of paper cutting. Although they are two different methods of construction, they have the same goal: to express the peony flower with vigor, grace and luxury, and fleeting.

Chopard’s watch factory is located in Fleurier, which is located in a quiet valley. When spring comes, the valley is full of wild flowers, so ‘Fleurier’ is named (Fleurier is transliterated as ‘Fleurier’, but its word Root means ‘flower’). A long time ago, this town gave birth to many traditional watchmaking techniques, and its superb craftsmanship became famous in China in the 19th century. Based on Fleurier’s long-standing relationship with China, L.U.CXPEspritdeFleurierPeony watches are not only on the exterior surface, but also in the heart of the watch, blooming the representative flower of China, the peony.
 The L.U.C.EspritdeFleurierPeony watch continues the craft flower models introduced in the L.U.C.EspritdeFleurier series since 2015, re-applying the characteristic elements of the series, using its light and smooth lines and retaining its eternal spirituality. However, Chopard boldly combines two different skills this year, bringing together two top-end skills.

Since 2015, Chopard has published an L.U.C.Esprit de Fleurier with the theme of peony every year, this is the 2017 version of the watch.
 18K rose case, 35mm diameter, 30m water resistance, anti-glare sapphire crystal, equipped with self-winding movement, two-color movement: white gold and engraved rose gold plating, power reserve 65 hours, using Twin® Patented dual barrel technology, gold hollow dial, hand-painted peony decorative pattern, floral heart inlaid with diamonds, central hour and minute display, matching charcoal gray silk strap, limited edition of 8 models, sold exclusively in stores.
The fleeting beauty of peony
 The peony flower is a kind of rich flower that has a national fragrance but fades away in a blink of an eye. The flowering period of the peony lasts only a short period of two weeks, and as long as it is blown by the wind and rain, the time for people to appreciate its gorgeous flowers is even shorter. Chopard chose to use a paper-cutting technique to show the king of this delicate and noble flower. The art of paper-cutting originated from the East and has developed significantly in all ages and civilizations since ancient times. Chinese paper-cut art—has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, as well as ‘Kirie’ in Japan and ‘Sanjih’ in India, both of which were born in the Alps-Highlands of Vaud, Switzerland (Pays-d’Enhaut) The folk paper-cut art ‘Scherenschnitt’ has the same purpose.

The paper-cutting craftsman cut out the delicate peony pattern with all his heart. Yin and Yang alternately reveal three-dimensional petals.

The finished pattern of peony petals was then pasted onto a large fire enamel enamel plate.
 Swiss paper-cutting technology can be divided into two groups. One of them is the traditional paper-cutting art that expresses the rural scenery, and the other is the abstract paper-cutting art that has a more contemporary style and more pattern design. However, no matter what type of pattern is presented, what artistic intentions are used or what kind of tools are used to cut the engraving, each pattern paper cutting is a pleasing little miracle. Chopard subtly blends the arts of the East and the West, and displays the stylized peony on the new L.U.C.XPEspritdeFleurierPeony watch, showing the art of making good use of the ‘virtual and real’ contrast. Peony flowers carved in black on the black paper stand out gracefully on the white dial crafted from the Great Ming enamel. Bright diamonds are inlaid on the bezel around the dial, on the lugs, and up to the side edge of the middle case, which not only sets off the fine and elegant silhouette on the dial, decorated with precious diamonds, which perfectly complements the peony. However, although both the paper-cut and the peony are full of Chinese elements, the colorless black-and-white peony presents whether it can be favored by the Chinese people who prefer to be happy, and I look forward to further observation.

In addition to the face-cut peony flower of the paper-cut art, Chopard movement sculptor has ingeniously carved peony on 18K rose gold movement splint.
Reveal the symbolic significance of peony with fleurisanne carving crafts
 The elegant peony blooms not only on the dial, but also on the movement of the watch, allowing the peony flower language and its symbolic meaning to be fully exerted. In Asia, peony represents prosperity and wealth, and at the same time symbolizes a happy and happy marriage. Moreover, because of its medicinal value, it also means a blessing of good health. Peony blooms in spring, so it is also used as a metaphor for the beauty of women. The artisans commissioned by Chopard followed these symbolic allegations to ingeniously craft peony on the 18K rose gold movement splint.

Chopard is proud to be able to continue the flleusanne carving process in the Fleurier region.
 The technique used by the master craftsman is the so-called fleurisanne carving process, which has contributed greatly to the reputation of timepieces made in the Fleurier region and was exported to China around the 19th century. Chopard is well aware of this traditional carving process With the imminent danger of being lost, experts dedicated to training the craft internally will allow it to continue and flourish. In order to give the L.U.C.XPEspritdeFleurierPeony watches a lifelike peony pattern and imagery, the engraving movement alone has to take two weeks. The characteristic of this embossing technique is to sculpt the material around the pattern and keep the pattern you want to present. On the surviving surface, the swirling peony petals and leaf patterns are carved. Then carved one by one in the surrounding recesses to create a grainy appearance. After the engraving process is completed, the movement is then plated with rhodium to create an elegant and rare two-color movement.

Chopard LUCXPEspritdeFleurierPeony watch in 18K rose gold case, 35mm diameter, hand-crafted Fleurisannes craft carving-peony flower decoration pattern, gold dial, covered with black flame enamel pattern, using the most characteristic paper cut in Switzerland’s Paysd’Enhaut region Technical production, time display, LUC96.23-L automatic winding movement, power reserve 65 hours, waterproof 30 meters, anti-glare sapphire crystal, with black silk canvas strap, model: 131944-500.
Chopard Watch Factory
 Creating extraordinary, coveted timepieces, and then making the dream come true, no matter how difficult or challenging it may be, even if you face obstacles that seem insurmountable, this is what Chopard Watch Factory gives itself every day. Chopard, which has always been independent and vertically integrated in production, has always understood to give itself the necessary conditions to meet all the challenges. Whether it is to create a unique aesthetic style or to build a movement that meets the standards of fine watchmaking, Chopard is fully committed. The precision of the manufactured movement reflects the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation. In 1996, the visionary Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele established a watch factory in Fleurier, Switzerland, specializing in the production of high-precision certified movements. This major decision allowed Chopard Watch Factory to successfully consolidate its status as an authentic watch factory in the past 20 years, and rank among the few true high-end watch manufacturers. Fleurier is the ideal place to develop the L.U.C. series of Chopard watches (named after Louis-UlysseChopard).

The L.U.CXPEspritdeFleurierPeony watch is equipped with an L.U.C.96.23-L self-winding movement, which uses Twin’s patented technology, that is, it is equipped with a stacked coaxial double barrel, enabling a power reserve function of up to 65 hours.
 Therefore, each manufacturing step of the L.U.C. series of watches is completely completed at the Geneva and Fleurier production sites within the brand. From movement development, finished product design, cast gold, case stamping and fine processing, movement components, metal bracelets, polishing, assembly, diamond setting, adjustment to quality control, Chopard is fully capable of mastering all watchmaking in-house. Procedure.

L.U.CXPEspritdeFleurierPeony watch
 The new LUCXPEspritdeFleurierPeony watch enjoys all such exclusive manufacturing procedures. Among them, the excellent movement LUC96.23-L carried in the watch can prove that the movement uses Twin’s patented technology, which is equipped with stacked coaxial double Clockwork case, power reserve function up to 65 hours. Putting such a self-winding mechanical movement in an ultra-thin case with a thickness of only 7.70 mm is a veritable technological innovation. This is entirely possible thanks to the intelligent construction of the micro-rotor. You can see this miniature oscillating weight through the transparent case back. This charming flower watch is limited to eight 18K rose gold models.

Time Inheritance Iwc Iwc Invites Chinese And Foreign Film Stars To Focus On The Development Of Filmmakers

On November 8, 2018, Capella Hotel, Jianyeli, Shanghai. In a hotel with a Chinese charm, IWC invited famous Chinese actresses Yuan Quan, Li Qin, and brand ambassador Kate Bu Lanchett attended the female filmmaker’s party together, and the brand’s best friend Zhang Ruoji also participated in it, showing the fearless, confident and independent style of Chinese and foreign filmmakers.

IWC Global CMO, Ms. Franziska and well-known movie stars Yuan Quan, Li Qin, Li Manyu, Zhang Ruojin, brand ambassador Cate Blanchett, etc.

  Well-known Chinese and foreign movie stars gathered at this moment, exploring the development of future filmmakers, looking for the true meaning of time, feeling the passionate collision of Chinese and Western film culture, enjoying the charm of fine watchmaking and film art.

  IWC’s ‘Time Passing on Beloved Movies’ Event Site

   IWC’s ‘Time Passing on Beloved Movies’ Event Site

 IWC’s ‘Time Passing on Beloved Movies’ Event Site

 IWC’s ‘Time Passing on Beloved Movies’ Event Site

  At the event, a variety of beautifully designed IWC watches were displayed, fully presenting the unique artistic charm of IWC to the public.

IWC Portofino IW458107 watch, IWC Portofino IW458118 watch
  The left is a mid-size automatic watch launched by IWC, showing the perfect incarnation of elegance and taste. The case diameter is 37 mm, which can be worn by both men and women. It is available with brown, lilac, and brown belts. This watch has a dense bottom design and a water resistance of 3 bar (about 30 meters). The case is equipped with a 35111 self-winding mechanical movement, which can provide a power reserve of up to 42 hours.
  The IWC Portofino IW458118 watch on the right is a special edition of the Peony for the Chinese New Year 2018. It is exclusively sold in China for 100 pieces. The craftsmanship is in the same vein as the oriental craftsman spirit. The case made of 18K gold is delicate and luxurious, and its hour markers are set with 12 delicate diamonds for a more brilliant sparkle.

IWC Portofino Collection Moonphase Automatic
 It is equipped with IWC 35800 automatic mechanical movement. It is available in 18k red gold or stainless steel. It is set with 18 diamonds and has a moon phase display. It is equipped with a crocodile leather strap or 18K red gold Milanese woven mesh bracelet.

IWC Portofino manual winding 8-day power reserve watch
It is equipped with a 59200 manual mechanical movement with 28800 oscillations per hour. It can provide a power reserve of 192 hours with a Breguet hairspring. The watch is made of stainless steel with date, moon phase and power reserve display functions.

IWC Global CMO—Franziska, Brand Ambassador Cate Blanchett
  IWC global CMO, Ms. Franziska introduced the cooperation between IWC and film, and invited brand ambassador Cate Blanchett to speak on stage. Ms. Franziska mentioned: ‘IWC has established cooperation with many famous film festivals, including the Toronto Film Festival and the Zurich Film Festival, and has long-term cooperation with global film talents such as Cate Blanchett, Christopher Waltz and Pei Chunhua , Continue to support and pay attention to the development of the film industry. ‘
  Cate Blanchett, one of the best actresses in Hollywood, has also become the ‘queen’ of the audience because of her cold and noble appearance and extraordinary temperament. She wanders between tenacious and fragile. She is capable of playing various roles such as KGB spy, dancer, ace reporter, cheating art teacher, etc. She can even rewind Bob Dylan and control the queen in the fantasy world. Attendance for women filmmakers is very representative.

Chinese well-known movie star Yuan Quan, brand close friends Zhang Ruojin, Li Qin
  Chinese well-known movie stars Yuan Quan, brand close friends Zhang Ruohuan, and Li Qin successively took the stage to share their understanding of movies and time, which shows that power actors have precise control over the immediacy of time.
  Behind the IWC and film art origins, in recent years, it has been cooperating with the film industry on a global scale. While inheriting the concept of time of its brand, it has long joined hands with global film talents and has always sent photos of outstanding filmmakers. Bright direction, I believe with the support of IWC brand, the focus of this event: the filmmaker career will be more vigorous development, and go forward bravely!