Tbwa Beijing Wins Citizen Watch Creative Business

On May 5, 2011, Beijing-Citizen announced that TBWA Beijing will be responsible for leading the brand’s integrated strategy communication and creative activities in China.
As the world’s largest watch manufacturer and high-tech leader, Citizen hopes that TBWA Beijing will use its unique disruption and media art to achieve new development for their brand in the Chinese market.
“ Citizen Watches is very much looking forward to how we will help their brand to have innovative development in China, ” said Danny Chan, executive creative director of TBWA Beijing. It should become more compelling and establish a new and more attractive positioning. & rdquo;
TBWA Beijing will use disruption and media art to bring new horizons to brand positioning and brand behavior, and this will also be the strategic composition of Citizen’s future development.
Ld & ldquo; We believe that TBWA with original spirit and creative ideas will become our trusted partner, and all this will help Citizen to succeed in the Chinese market. ‘Citizen Watch China spokesman commented.
Citizen is another big customer that TBWA Greater China won in 2011. TBWA Greater China won the business of Hisense TV, China’s largest TV brand, earlier this year.

Athens Table Thanksgiving Father’s Day

Father’s love is a kind of deep love. There is no thoughtful and warm words, no dingling in the ears, no day and night companionship, but it can give you the most solid support. Fatherly love is an obscurity and an invisible emotion. Only a person with a heart can have the experience. Thanksgiving time, pay tribute to eternity; Father’s love is like a road, and we will accompany one’s life …
 Time is for travelers on the Avenue of Eternity. To control time, people have long learned to add time to it and make it a cycle. So the watch was invented to put people in charge of time, but now someone has finally focused on eternity! For eternity, Athens Watch presents its original perpetual calendar watch, equipped with the most advanced and powerful UN-32 perpetual calendar movement in the history of watchmaking. The watch’s calendar can be adjusted back and forth arbitrarily, always in keeping with the changing time. The unique ‘∞’ logo symbol on the dial symbolizes classic eternity.
 The perpetual calendar is a very complicated mechanical device. Not only must we consider that there are 30 or 31 days in the month, we must also distinguish 28 days in February, and automatic leap year adjustment every four years, there will be 29 days in February. The watch has a mechanical memory of 1,461 days. And all this, the original perpetual calendar watch can be automatically adjusted and displayed accurately. The watch does not need to be returned to the factory for adjustment in 2100, only the first manual adjustment is required.
 In addition, simply rotating the crown clockwise or counterclockwise can adjust the four windows of year, month, date and day of the week. The watch is equipped with the UN-32 movement, with a second time display function. Press the (+) (-) keys at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions, and the hour hand can be quickly adjusted back and forth to another time zone. When the hour hand crosses the international date change line, the year, month, double-window calendar, and four windows are automatically adjusted back and forth to reach the highest level of complex mechanical watches; the red GMT arrow pointer can indicate the home Or second time.
 Such exquisite work must be matched with the most gorgeous dragon robes. Adhering to the fine tradition of GMT ± perpetual calendar watch, the dial is like a bottomless white ocean. When hollowed out, the minute hand adds a detail and lightness, which not only ensures perfect readability for the watch, but also highlights its timeless precious value; while the GMT hand is suspended on the inner circle of the 24-hour scale. The case diameter is 43 mm. Each watch is engraved with the factory number at 9 o’clock. It is unique. The 18K rose gold and platinum models are limited to 250 pieces. They are the best choice to pay homage to the eternal father.

Creative Railway Watches Appreciation Of Boer Railway Chief Series Stainless Steel Watches

The Bohr watch originated from the railway. At first, due to the timing error of the watch, two American trains collided, which also promoted the birth of the Bohr watch timing system standard. Today, Bolt is one of the most respected watch brands in the United States. In the twenty-first century, Bolt continues to lead in his field, keeping pace with consumers, but despite changes in product appearance, the brand’s founding spirit and emphasis on practicality have never been discounted. Today, I will bring you a series of steel watches from the Bohr Railway Chiefs, and enjoy them together.
 Bohr Railway Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH

 The Bohr Railway Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH watch is made of stainless steel as a whole. The 41 mm diameter allows the watch to fit the wrist diameter of most people. The strap is a brand-designed chain link strap. The surface is polished and frosted to perfect the color of the metal. The design of the dial is unique, with white as the base color, and the black hour scales are full of classic American Arabic numerals. This font is a classic font of early American clocks.
 In addition, the pointer is the brand’s characteristic design, and the tail of the second hand is designed with a brand logo, which perfectly integrates brand elements into it. The movement of the Bohr Railway Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH watch is the ETA 2897 movement. Functionally, the Bohr Rail Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH watch has a calendar and power reserve display function. The power reserve display function is located at 7 o’clock on the dial. It is also a special function that can indicate the remaining status of the internal power of the watch, so that watch friends can wind up in time and save unnecessary winding.

 Summary: It is Mr. Ball’s standard system that ensures accurate and uniform timing, and also establishes railway time and railway watches as the standard for accurate timing. This network eventually covers 75% of US railways. Mr. Ball’s achievements have been praised by the international community, not only for his contribution as an ordinary citizen, but also for his role in the history of watchmaking.
 Watch details reference: ball / 2407 /