Rolex Acknowledges Fakes In Watches Sold Online

Rolex has sued, a watch-type e-commerce site, because it believes that some parts of the Rolex sold by this e-commerce site are fake.
   The indictment was filed in the Central District of California court on July 26. The lawsuit alleges that earlier this year, Rolex ordered three watches of its own brand from, which claims to be the No. 1 luxury watch online sales website in the United States. They said in the lawsuit: ‘These watches have fake or removed parts from old watches and fake Rolex labels.’
   The world-renowned Swiss luxury watch brand also said that although this site, which has labeled itself as the No. 1 luxury watch online seller in the United States on Google, prominently showed Rolex on the homepage of its website, There are no partnerships of any kind, including Rolex blogs and forums under its site.
   Rolex sued for violating its trademark rights and violating federal anti-cyberframing laws. At the same time, it is required to stop related businesses and compensate Rolex for corresponding economic losses.
   Hours before the news release, Krishan Agarwal, owner of, denied the matter to the media.
   He said: ‘ sells second-hand genuine Rolex watches and 20 other genuine brands. We will fight back strongly and resolutely against the Rolex lawsuit! Rolex’s allegations of fake parts are ridiculous. Are you in Ford Mustang’s tires were replaced with wheels bought from the aftermarket. Isn’t it a Ford Mustang ?! ‘