Louis Vuitton Tambour Évolution Time Rotating Time Watch

In 2010, the Spin Time movement with its patented technology was launched. Its characteristic is to display the time with a rotating cube time scale, creating a refreshing time display mode. Time Scroll is the first complex function movement exclusively developed by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton movement factory. Its time concept is closely linked to the Louis Vuitton tourism culture gene, and its functions fully meet the requirements of travelers who often travel through time zones.

 The Tambour watch series keeps pace with the time. This year’s time flyback function is assembled in a lightweight and wear-resistant black MMC-coated Tambour éVolution case, creating the Tambour éVolution Tambour éVolution Spin Time GMT. Excellent performance in clear and easy to read display and accurate practical performance!

Mastering a new realm of time

 La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton movement watchmaker developed a time-lapse spinning movement, which is a technological leap forward in terms of mechanical function and display clarity. This technology is deployed in the modern Tambour éVolution case. Zhongshi is a smart move: the dial has 12 frosted aluminum cube hour markers to show the GMT time, which perfectly echoes the shape lines of the pink gold and black MMC two-tone case.

Subtle and practical

 The time function of the two places is the most intimate timepiece for travellers. It is very easy to read and operate. The internal watch of the LV 111 automatic movement developed by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton movement factory seems simple, but the internal structure is actually abnormal. Complicated, yet its reliable performance is outstanding under any environmental conditions; the LV 111 automatic movement works like a time-of-day display system, advancing every 60 minutes.

 Tambour eVolution Time Lapse Time Watch, Black MMC (Ceramic Aluminum Coated) Case, 18K Rose Gold Bezel, Lugs, Crown, 45mm Diameter, Automatic LV 111 Movement, La Fabrique Developed by du Temps Louis Vuitton Manufacture movement factory, two places time display (hour hand shows local time, cube time scale shows second time zone time), aluminum cube time scale, 42-hour power reserve, waterproof depth of 100 meters, black calfskin and Alligator leather, red stitching, black calf leather lining.

 The heart of this system is a turntable with a barbed rod, which rotates one-twelfth circle at a time to make the three-dimensional time scale rotate instantly; the barbed rod of the turntable is connected to the axis of the three-dimensional time scale. Maltese cross-shaped component, the cross-shaped component rotates one quarter of a time at the same time, and rotates two time scales at the same time: the first time scale originally has a triangular arrow mark, and it instantly becomes a frosted surface without a number, the second time The specimen was originally matte, and a triangular arrow pointing outward (indicating 01:00 to 12:59) or a triangular arrow pointing inward (indicating 13:00 to 00:59) appeared instantly.

Fashion appearance, technology crystallization

 The Tambour series from the previous 12 years is known for its innovative design. The Tambour series keeps pace with the times, and its latest variations reflect the current fashion trends and aesthetic inspiration. The Tambour éVolution Time Rotating Time Watch is a time-honored new design that combines unique design elements with unique appearance and the right combination of details. The watch is 45 mm in diameter. The rose gold and black MMC-coated case is extremely architectural, with a large V around the crown.

    The large V-shaped decoration on the Steamer Bag by Gaston Vuitton was inspired.

 The Tambour éVolution case consists of seven parts (including a black MMC case, 18K rose gold bezel, crown and lugs), which are extremely complex to make. The setting process is a challenge to the watchmaker’s manual tolerance. The screw-in crown design guarantees a water-resistant depth of 100 meters, and the crown is specially designed for easy rotation. Pull the crown to the second position to adjust the jumping time of the hour hand and three-dimensional time scale. Wrist Strap style with red stitching alligator leather and black calfskin strap with 18K rose gold pin buckle.

History Of Breitling Watch Glory: Independently Developed Movement Automatic Winding Chronograph Time

In the watch industry, any manufacturer with its own movement will be proud. As we all know, the independent research and development and manufacture of a mechanical movement has a huge investment, a difficult and long process. It is even more difficult to independently develop a high-performance self-winding chronograph movement: the connection of power reserve, size, timing and timekeeping system all troubles watchmaking experts. Because of this, the self-winding chronograph movement is known as a precision watchmaking process comparable to the tourbillon, three-question, and perpetual calendar.

先 Pioneer of chronograph
In 1884, when Lyon Breitling founded the brand, it planted the seeds of the spirit of timepieces for Breitling. He was determined to focus on the field of timekeeping, and to manufacture precise and reliable timepieces for professionals in the sports, industrial production, scientific research and other fields Timer.
In the beginning, Breitling selected a group of outstanding suppliers and purchased basic movements and components with good craftsmanship and robustness. However, Lyon Breitling was not satisfied with merely assembling the basic movement components. He and experienced watchmakers continued to improve the basic movement.
In the hands of Breitling watchmakers, landmark models in the history of horology were born: in 1915, Breitling introduced the first chronograph watch and the first independent chronograph button watch; in 1923, Breitling invented the world’s first chronograph The independent chronograph button watch separated from the zero reset function, this major technical innovation made it possible to continuously perform segmented chronograph; in 1934, Breitling launched the world’s first dual independent chronograph button watch, which further separated the zero reset function and established the modern The classic look of a chronograph.

的 Development of Breitling Chronograph
The development of an automatic winding chronograph movement was an ‘impossible task’ for the watch industry. The power reserve, the size, the travel time and the timing system are all in front of the watchmaking experts. As the third generation of the ‘pioneer of chronograph watches’, Willy Breitling knows the great value in it. He constantly strives to lead the chronograph into a new era of automatic winding.
In 1966, under the leadership of Willie Breitling, Breitling and three other companies (watch parts supplier Dépraz & Cie, movement manufacturer Büren, watch manufacturer Heuer-Leonidas) began to jointly develop automatic winding chronograph movement. This is an unprecedented model of cooperation in the watch industry: the two major competing brands, a manufacturer of watch complications and a movement manufacturer work together to realize the dream of precision timekeeping.

Caliber 11 automatic chronograph movement
Two years later, Caliber 11, an epoch-making movement. It abandoned the mainstream structure of the self-winding watch-the winding system of the central automatic disc was placed on the movement, and adopted a unique solution: a miniature eccentric automatic disc (also known as a ‘planetary rotor’) was incorporated into the movement In. Another innovation is its modular structure, which brings great convenience to manufacturing and maintenance.
In 1969, Breitling launched the world’s first Chrono-Matic watch with a self-winding chronograph Caliber 11 watch. From this moment, the regret that the chronograph cannot be wound automatically becomes history.

Breitling 01 movement interprets the spirit of timing
In 1999, after 100% of Breitling’s product movements passed the certification of the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), Breitling’s ambition to independently develop the movement became more and more firm.
The legendary story of Breitling 01 movement started in 2004. The company set up a ‘special force’ composed of top watch designers and construction experts. They did not intend to make only some improvements on the original core, but to take a unique approach. The development of a new movement whose quality and performance must exceed those of all Breitling watches. They repeatedly discussed and summarized experience with front-line production personnel and after-sales personnel, designed the movement structure, formulated specifications and carefully polished the first prototype parts.
春天 In the spring of 2006, Breitling finally produced the first batch of 100% self-made movements. However, this is only halfway through the ‘Long March’. This movement carries the brand’s independence, credibility and future. To ensure that it meets the brand’s stringent standards, Breitling has carried out numerous ‘non-ordinary harshness’ on these movements. ‘(Accuracy, robustness, resistance to temperature differences and resistance to magnetic field changes, ease of use, etc.), and continuous optimization and improvement of many details to ensure that it meets the brand’s stringent standards. At the end of 2006, Breitling submitted a movement sample to the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) for testing. The result was no suspense. The movement successfully passed the ultimate test of accuracy and reliability of the observatory and was highly evaluated.

年初 In early 2007, the tried and tested Breitling 01 movement was finally born. This is a self-winding chronograph movement-a perfect combination of technical features, showing excellent performance:
Consists of 47 jewel bearings with a total of 346 parts;
Diameter 30 mm, thickness is only 7.2 mm;
Vibration frequency is up to 28,800 times per hour;
Using ‘Guide Wheel’ system: This is a traditional feature of advanced mechanical chronograph movement. For a long time, it has been very difficult to produce this part. Breitling has perfected the production process and processed it to the smallest working error to ensure extremely high accuracy and reliability;
采用 The ‘longitudinal clutch’ system is used between the travel time and the timing device: to ensure that the timing function is completely ‘cleanly’ without causing the hands to jump;
强大 Strong power reserve of more than 70 hours: the stronger the power reserve capacity, the lower the energy drop of the spring in the first 24 hours, ensuring more regular movement of the movement, thereby improving the accuracy of travel time;
Has a two-way automatic winding system: the automatic winding disc is mounted on a ball bearing and rotates in a unique ‘hub’ shape, optimizing the power reserve capacity;
No restricted zone speed adjustment calendar function: the date can be adjusted at any time without damaging the movement;
‘Intelligent’ structure: The structure has modular characteristics. You only need to remove a few screws without disassembling the timing device, and you can adjust the barrel. This makes the assembly and maintenance process extremely convenient; more importantly, this is a The open platform offers the possibility to add new features;

Breitling 04 movement
At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show 2011, Breitling made another big attack and launched another 100% self-developed self-winding chronograph movement-Breitling 04 movement. It is one of the very few chronographs that can provide convenient dual time zone display core. The best footnote for Breitling’s exploration of the spirit of innovation, excellence and independence for more than a century.

Montblanc Montblanc Blood Race-news Montblanc

In 2015, Montblanc only released a new series Heritage Chronome ́trie in the watch exhibition, and launched the ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph in the series, which is presented by aventurine stone face plate and white face plate. In 2016’s Pre-S.I.H.H., The brand moved this watch to the Timewalker series, giving it a sporty masculine appearance, re-interpreting the charm of the external tourbillon and the single-press chronograph.

Racing Colors
The new Timewalker ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph case is made of titanium, carbon fiber and DLC diamond carbon. The bezel is made of titanium and coated with black DLC. The middle of the case is made of carbon fiber structure, so you can see Special horizontal stripes. The multi-layer carbon fiber coating passes through vertical stacking and passes through ten tons of high pressure and high temperature environment to fuse with artificial resin to form a dense carbon fiber block. By blending titanium with carbon fiber and DLC diamond carbon, the watch can maintain its excellent characteristics of wear resistance and lightness, keeping the watch as new. In addition, the black carbon fiber material, with black grained dial, spear-shaped hands, hollow lugs, and red decoration, add a sporty style to the watch.

Watchmaking with external tourbillon
In addition, the watch is equipped with the MB R230 movement, which has an external tourbillon and a single-touch chronograph. The external tourbillon can reduce the volume of the rotating frame by the screw balance wheel outside the rotating tourbillon frame. It is not affected by the weight of the balance, and saves about 30% of energy compared to the ordinary tourbillon. By placing the balance wheel outside the rotating frame, the accuracy of the frame can be improved without being affected by the inertia of the frame. And the movement is also equipped with a single push handle, column wheel, vertical coupler, dual barrels and other chronograph structures, showing the brand’s advanced watchmaking technology.

Timewalker ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph
Titanium, carbon fiber mixed material / MB R230 automatic winding movement / hours, minutes, small seconds, date display / external tourbillon device / chronograph function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 30 meters / table diameter 44mm / Limited to 100 pieces

Cartier And Other International Watch Brands Make New Breakthroughs With The Concept Of Heritage

An inevitable prerequisite for discovering the value of history is to respect and respect the historical tradition and take care of this tradition, so that we can truly let our brand continue to be inherited and developed.

Historical heritage can directly reflect commercial value in modern society. It is not difficult to visit European famous cities-Paris, London, and Geneva. In those most luxurious luxury shops and professional boutiques, historical pictures and even antiques are furnished. Indispensable elements of the shop, some shops still sell new and used goods together, which makes people particularly interested. Specific to the watch industry, not only brand stores around the world will reflect a lot of historical and traditional elements, especially in the exhibition halls in Geneva and Basel will see many museum-level antique displays.
The earliest introduction of this ‘historical trend’ for the watch industry was Patek Philippe. Since the 1980s, the brand has been focusing on the concept of ‘legacy’. At the same time, the owner of the company, the Stern family, has begun to collect its own antiques through various channels. The grand collection and materials of the Patek Philippe Museum in the center. It must be pointed out that the Patek Philippe Museum goes far beyond the scope of the brand company museum and has become one of the authorities to showcase the history of watchmaking in Geneva and throughout Europe. Behind museums such as Monte Castle, it is one of the top professional watch museums. The existence of the museum also makes Patek Philippe’s brand stand out from the crowd. In the eyes of many people, it is slightly higher than those of its equally ancient and prominent peers, so it has such a leading position today. However, unlike other Swiss museums, the Patek Philippe Museum sends exhibits to foreign countries or foreign countries for display less, and it does not resell antiques it collects to others.
The Cartier Collection, founded in 1983, started early, similar to Patek Philippe. Its collection is not limited to watches and clocks, and is famous for jewelry. Each collection is carefully selected by Cartier’s specialized agency through private collectors, exchanges and auctions, based on style, inspiration, source, material and techniques and craftsmanship. Currently, there are a total of 1,450 works, and they are still continuing. To expand. What sets it apart is that it often interacts with a series of the world’s most famous museums-the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the British Museum in London, the Carlos Gulbenkian Foundation Museum in Lisbon, the Moscow Kremlin, and the Beijing Palace Museum. Waiting to do Cartier’s special historical display together became a weapon for brand promotion. At the same time, the Cartier Collection Headquarters in Geneva will carefully maintain and repair the Cartier collections they have found, and sell them to consumers who love antiques and traditional products, or collect antique-grade treasures for them at the request of Cartier collectors. In fact, there are not many people directly involved in antique trading in Europe. Large companies are even rarer. It is no wonder that the Cartier Collection Department is particularly secretive in Geneva. Only genuine handed down products will be recommended to large customers.
In fact, whether it is collecting antiques directly for collectors, or just enriching the exhibits of your own museum, or expanding the scope of the company museum to the entire history of watch development, it is definitely a strong support for the brand image. From this, I remembered that some Asian watchmakers who bought a long-established brand in Switzerland in the early years and relied on this brand to grow their business quickly, have always refused to invest more capital in the ancient tradition of the brand. Even if you collect inventory of antiques and ancient movements, you don’t know how to use them to transform and promote these things as a brand. In the long run, those original Swiss brands will also transform into Asian brands, and it is difficult to occupy a place in the high-end watch market. An inescapable prerequisite for discovering the value of history is to respect and respect the historical tradition and take care of this tradition, so that we can truly let our brand continue to be inherited and developed.

Limited Culture Touches Every Corner Of The World

Watchmaking brands must be international, selling products wherever they are interested, and providing customers with the same buying experience. As a result, watch catalogs and new products are often international. But aside from this fact, every market will buy what it considers to be the best-selling model, which to some extent weakens the possibility of uniform window display. This is particularly evident in brands that like to produce special limited edition watches with strong personality for specific markets and even specific storefronts.

Breguet Classique 7337 Harold Special

   Watchmaking brands do this to help retailers, because retailers can attract attention through fashion status, loyal customers, and rich products. As far as watchmaking brands are concerned, retailers are important not only for product sales but also for brand image. French retailer Kronometry is an example. Kronometry is a disruptive brand with loyal fans. Several famous football players are regulars in the store. Kronometry has a deep relationship with the Athenian watch, and the latter naturally created some special timepieces for the former, including a limited edition of 8 Royal Brown sapphire crystal tourbillon watches.

Athens Watch makes 8 pieces of Royal Brown watches for retailer Kronometry

   Harold, another legendary retailer, has a reputation that goes well beyond watch sales. Recently, Harold commissioned eight watchmaking brands to create a special timepiece, which is listed in the fine watch room-Fine Watch Room, including a Breguet Ref. 7337 full calendar watch, beautiful dark blue engraved The dial is amazing. The Marcus boutique is unique in London. Among the unique timepieces commissioned by Marcus, the limited edition of 10 Coperfus black DLC-treated platinum watches deserves special attention. Among them, the Double Tourbillon 30 ° Secret is the blackest watch manufactured by the brand.

Marcus commissioned Cooper Fuss to create a black DLC treated Double Tourbillon 30 ° Secret in platinum, the only one

   Often, creating a special timepiece involves only color changes, as it is relatively easy to implement. The color scheme has a strong identity and can be inferred from the company logo and cultural elements. Green is very important in Islamic culture, and is usually a special version of the color choice for Middle Eastern buyers, such as the Bulgari Lucea ‘Green Plate’ watch. Blue is the symbol of the sea, and Seiko uses this as the dial color for the four watches recently designed in collaboration with PADI for the local market only. ‘Self-sufficient’ scarce supply, Seiko itself is also a beneficiary. This is a long-standing tradition of Seiko. On the one hand, it stuns overseas enthusiasts, and on the other hand, it enhances the brand’s appeal.

Bulgari design and production of the Lucea ‘green plate’ watch for the Middle East market

Seiko and PADI collaborate to design 4 series watches for the local market only

   The choice of market and color can also be completely random, or the actual problem lies in the store. The Richard Mille RM 50-27-01 flying tourbillon red and black watch is a perfect example. This watch is limited to 5 pieces and is only sold in the United States. The color scheme is the result of the fusion of the RM 27-01 movement and the RM 050 case. Unusual naming, allegorical sign integration, limited production (5 pieces), and sale only at Richard Mill’s Aspen, Bar Harbor, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas boutiques, is undoubtedly a reasonable choice.

Richard Mille RM 50-27-01 watch sold exclusively in American boutiques

   In fact, the direct boutiques of watchmaking brands are often the preferred destination for limited timepieces. In this way, customers around the world can benefit from it, because watchmaking brands have considerable direct selling capabilities. But sometimes, in order to celebrate the opening ceremony or anniversary, the watch brand also picks out a limited edition watch. Jaeger-LeCoultre supplied 26 boutique Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin watches to London boutiques. In addition to the British racing green color on the dial, the bottom of the table also engraved the outline of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin

The bottom of the table is engraved with the outline of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

   Collaboration between watchmakers and retailers is common, but retailers rarely provide materials to watchmakers, which makes such cooperation even more significant. Over the years, Panerai’s contact with British gun maker Purdey has never stopped. Purdey’s guns are exceptionally unique and very expensive, mainly due to their elaboration. Occasionally, Purdey will polish and enhance the Sealand Limited Watch (based on the Luminor series). These watches are equipped with hinged, hand-carved arched top covers. In 2016, Purdey artisans inspired five African beasts to create five models with a total of 80 watches, which can only be purchased from the Purdey flagship store in Mayfair, London.

Panerai Luminor 1950 Sealand Purdey watch, all hand-carved in the Purdey workshop, limited to 80 pieces

   Therefore, the birth of a special watch has a strong driving force for dedicated watchmaking, which is designed to meet the unique and exclusive taste needs arising from the reputation of the Envy brand, or to reach every corner of the world with the development of the market and the establishment of stores. In either case, cultural considerations are crucial. This is a good thing because one of the main purposes of travel is to get in touch with and feel about other cultures. So why not record your cultural journey in the form of an exclusive watch?

Longines Watch Couple Pair Table Sweet Sweet Pair Flavor

The aroma of roses and chocolate in the air, romantically announce Valentine’s Day as scheduled! The red flowers like satin are so beautiful that they are exquisite; taking off the elegant gift ribbon, the world’s cutest candy makes the tenderness instantly fill the heart. The most surprising and intimate Valentine’s Day gifts are of course elegant couples that exude an enticing glorious light like roses and have endless honey-like tastes like chocolate. Sentimental, holding hands, and ten-finger clasped hands, wearing the latest masterpiece of Longines on the wrist, the Soymia series stainless steel rose gold pair watch, the token of love, shines in pairs, and confession every time The tenderness of every moment, the accurate recording of love every minute and minute.
    Longines romantically recommends the Longines Sommia series stainless steel rose gold pair watch for Valentine’s Day 2012, and show your love to TA boldly with you! Named after its birthplace and place of origin, this brand new Zhenpin traces the source of elegance of the brand, condensing a long tradition of watchmaking, perfect and pure. It is a gift that expresses true love, is given to the loved, and cherished.
Longines Soymia Series Women’s Style Model: L2. Market Price: RMB18,400
    Case diameter is 26 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, black dial with 10 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, date display window at 3 o’clock, Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment. Equipped with L595 self-winding mechanical movement, transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.
Longines Somia Series Men’s Wear Model: L2.763.5.52.7 Market Price: RMB24,500
    Case diameter is 38.5 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, black dial with 10 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, date display window at 3 o’clock, Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment. Equipped with L619 automatic mechanical movement, transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.
    The Longines Saint-Imier collection is inspired by the birthplace of the brand’s long tradition of pure watchmaking. Fluent lines and lugs independent of the case give these new products a classic and modern design. Wonderful balance. The models in the series are made of rose gold. The rose gold case, the stainless steel rose gold bracelet and the dial rose gold moments perfectly match the hands. The women’s style exudes freshness and purity, and the men’s style is full of gentlemanishness. The warm glowing metal quietly releases a fascinating energy, and as time passes, it always witnesses a true love that will never fade.
Longines Soumia series women’s style model: L2. Market price: RMB18,400
    Case diameter is 26 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, silver dial with 10 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, date display window at 3 o’clock, Rose gold hands, hour and minute hands with long-lasting luminous treatment. Equipped with L595 self-winding mechanical movement, transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.
Longines Soumia series chronograph stopwatch Model: L2.753.5.72.7 Market price: RMB32,000
    Case diameter 39 mm, stainless steel and rose gold case and bracelet, non-reflective sapphire crystal, silver dial with 8 rhodium-plated luminous hour markers, an Arabic numeral, small seconds at 9 o’clock, 4 At 30 o’clock, there is a date display, at 30 o’clock, at 30 o’clock, at 12 o’clock, at 12 o’clock, rose gold hands, and the hour and minute hands are treated with long-lasting luminescence. The chronograph model uses the brand’s exclusive L688 column-wheel movement. With cutting-edge technology, the brand’s excellent watchmaking tradition can be inherited in the 21st century. Transparent sapphire crystal case back. Water-resistant to 30 meters or 3 atmospheric pressures.