Perfect Heritage, Pay Tribute To Classics, Omega Glory Releases 1957 Limited Edition Set Of Three Classic Watches

Salute to 1957

1957 was a year full of opportunities. The memory of war is gradually being forgotten, and the turbulent 1960s have not yet arrived. Since the rise of rock music, high wages and low unemployment have made people’s lives worry-free. Space exploration competitions have begun between major powers. Watching TV shows has become a must-have activity for every family. Although the price of high-end appliances was unaffordable for most families at the time, everyone’s confidence in future technology has soared. A recent survey by a British university revealed that 1957 was the happiest year for humankind in the 20th century. This year is also a year when the famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA has achieved brilliant achievements. In 1957, Omega released three legendary watches in succession, making the brand’s reputation full.

Omega 1957 Three Classic Watches Limited Edition Set Gift Box

Professional Timepieces

In 1957, Omega released three professional timepieces, all of which became extraordinary and timeless classics.

The deep sea option for diving enthusiasts: the Omega Seamaster 300

Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition 39mm Zhizhen Observatory

The Omega Seamaster 300 CK2913 watch uses an extremely solid stainless steel case with an Omega self-winding movement inside, which has excellent water resistance. Tested, this classic timepiece is water-resistant to 660 feet, far more than ordinary divers can dive. The timepiece is equipped with an external rotating bezel, which allows divers to accurately time and ensure its underwater safety. Omega has also revolutionarily designed triple protections, including the original ‘Naiad’ crown. Unlike the locking technology of other waterproof watches, Omega’s crown system is simple and effective. As the diver dives deeper, the ‘Naiad’ buckle tightens. In other words, the higher the external water pressure, the stronger the lock on the crown. This innovative watchmaking process has made the Omega Seamaster 300 watch highly praised by many diving enthusiasts.

Professional choice for technicians: Omega Ironmaster watches

In the early 1950s, both the aviation and railway transportation industries developed rapidly, and the magnetic fields that followed were stronger. At the same time, the British Ministry of Defence began to look for wristwatches capable of flying missions. Omega has released a series of anti-magnetic movements in the late 1940s. These movements are made of innovative alloy materials and are placed in a case based on the ‘Faraday Cage’ design principle. They are equipped with a solid dial made of new metal materials to block the movement from magnetic interference. Due to the watch’s solid construction and extraordinary antimagnetic performance, Omega became a partner of the British Ministry of Defence in 1953 to provide it with a pilot watch with excellent antimagnetic performance. In the same year, Omega designed an anti-magnetic watch for professionals who are troubled by magnetic fields, and named it ‘Iron Ba’. Through a one-year partnership with Canadian Railways, Omega sends each antimagnetic watch to the Canadian Railways for testing and research. In 1957, Omega officially launched the Ironmaster CK2914 watch on the market.

Omega Ironmaster Limited Edition 38mm Astronomical Observatory

Racer’s Timing Choice: Omega Speedmaster

That year, the Omega design team was given the task to create a waterproof chronograph with a solid structure, precise and reliable, easy to read chronograph and simple operation. They successfully completed the task, created the Speedmaster CK2915 watch, and became the favorite choice of explorers and later astronauts. The introduction of this watch changed the history of chronographs. The Speedmaster watch, originally created for racing, became not only the first watch to land on the moon, but also the world’s first chronograph watch with the tachymeter scale moved from the dial to the bezel. One of the watches. Because of its unique pointer design, the original Omega Speedmaster won the title of ‘Broad Arrow’. Innovative design and precise performance make Speedmaster a classic timepiece like never before.

Inheriting the style of the 1950s, creating a new classic of the 21st century

Omega always seeks the beauty of balance. While Omega continues to actively explore innovative watchmaking techniques, it is still committed to inheriting the inner essence of the brand, constantly incorporating modern cutting-edge elements into classic designs, and creating immortal classics.

Omega Speedmaster 38.6 mm Limited Edition

Despite the endless stream of new technologies and materials in the watch manufacturing industry today, the classic design is always enduring. Omega is convinced that the design of the three Omega professional watches in 1957 still led the fashion as usual. In 2017, to pay tribute to these three classics, Omega Glory launched the 60th anniversary edition of the three classic watches in 1957. Omega uses high-definition digital scanning technology to restore the details of these three classic watches to achieve precise reproduction.

Omega Speedmaster 38.6 mm Limited Edition

For the first time, Omega has used a unique tomography imaging technology to obtain highly accurate images of the original watch. Its working principle is similar to the X-ray principle used in medicine. Capture over 3,000 electronic images with 360 ° full-angle scanning (at least 8 photos from each angle), accurately recreating each original Omega watch. Each time a scan is completed, the software will recombine these fragmented scanned images to generate a 3D virtual model of the watch. Through the 3D model, you can observe the internal and external structure of the watch from various angles, and measure the detailed data of the watch. These images accurately show the cross-section and detailed dimensions of the original watch and provide a design template for the new watch.

Perfectly Reproduced

The cases of the three new watches are polished and frosted with a ‘tropical’ dial and vintage indexes with a Super-LumiNova luminous coating. The stainless steel bracelet has been newly upgraded, which is stronger and more durable, but also more beautiful. The buckle is engraved with the retro-style Omega brand logo. The three new watches used three different vintage brand logos because the brand logos on the watches in the 1950s were different.

Omega 3 classic limited edition watches 1957

Each new watch is limited to 3,557 pieces and is glorified in a special gift box. The delicate red gift box with corduroy lining is simple and noble. The gift box is equipped with a leather strap and a NATO military strap, as well as an exclusive strap replacement tool. The wearer can quickly and easily make the watch another style.

Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition 39mm Zhizhen Observatory

In 2017, the new Omega Seamaster 300 Limited Edition 39mm Zhizhen Observatory watch inherited the essence of the original CK2913 model with a black aluminum bezel and the original Naïad logo on the crown. The logo in 1957 represented the watch’s superior water resistance. The hippocampal pattern on the case back is carefully drawn in accordance with the 1957 edition. The new Omega Seamaster 300 watch is equipped with the Omega 8806 to Zhen Observatory movement.

Omega Ironmaster Limited Edition 38mm Astronomical Observatory

The design concept of the Omega Ironmaster has never wavered. It is simple and practical, with a unique appearance, suitable for work wear. In 2017, the new Omega Ironmaster Limited Edition 38mm Zhizhen Observatory continued the simple and elegant design style of the original watch, but its movement has been gloriously upgraded to an Omega 8806 Zhizhen Observatory movement, which can resist up to 15,000 Gauss. The strong magnetic field gives this classic timepiece a new look.

Omega Speedmaster 38.6 mm Limited Edition

The original Omega Speedmaster was the world’s first chronograph to move the tachymeter scale from the dial to the bezel. This unique design is tailored for racers, making it easier to read the timing. In 2017, the new Omega Speedmaster 38.6 mm limited edition watch retains the 57-year original watch’s tachometer ring. It is equipped with the Omega 1861 movement, which is like a beating heart for powering the watch.

Special Set

In order to meet the great passion of watch fans to collect three classic 1957 classic watches, Omega Glory launched three limited edition sets of classic watches in 1957.

All gift sets are crafted from oak grown in Switzerland in 1898. This year is the year Omega moved to Biel, Switzerland. The lid of the gift box is engraved with the 1957 version of the hippocampus. Opening the lid, the exquisite corduroy lining makes the three new Omega Three Classic Limited Edition watches even more distinguished. The special gift box also includes an exclusive leather watch collection bag, which includes three leather straps and three NATO military straps, as well as strap replacement tools.

Appreciation Of The Limited Edition Of The Bucherer Royal Collection

Boullet’s exquisite jewellery inlaid craftsmanship from the Alacria Royal jewellery watch series: three limited-production diamond watch gems are set with sparkling orange gems, sapphires and rubies, respectively. , No negative honorable name.
Bucherer Royal Collection Limited Edition Jewellery Watch
Indian culture regards orange and blue as the complexion of the gods, and also represents courage and sacrifice dedication; since ancient times, diamonds have symbolized eternity and divine solemnity. Inspired by the mysterious qualities of colored gems and diamonds, Bucherer created three breathtaking jewellery watch classics: under the brilliance of beautiful diamonds, orange gems, sapphires or rubies are in full bloom, calmly Capturing everyone’s eyes. Precious and rare gems have been a rare treasure enjoyed by royal aristocrats since ancient times. The ancients even regarded the blue sky as a huge unmatched sapphire, with the earth embedded in it. The value of sapphire is naturally self-evident.
This magnificent Alacria Royal jewellery watch follows the unique curved lines of the Alacria series, elegant and elegant, like a woman’s exquisite body. The three new limited edition works of Alacria Royal are set with 606 top diamonds and gemstones respectively. The gemstone setting of the dial also subtly echoes the curved case lines.
The three Alacria Royal jewellery watches embody Bao Qilai Cham’s watchmaking technology and traditional jewellery craftsmanship. Each of them is limited to 25 pieces, which witnesses the watch factory’s achievements have risen to the next level.