Be Careful! Your Watchband Sold Your Heart

Even people who are good at disguising and concealing their true personality will be betrayed by some subtleties inadvertently. Any clues may be the breakthrough point you are seen through. Do you think that his suit and leather shoes are a gentleman? Do you think he is a tiger-headed tiger and he thinks he does not understand elegance? Do n’t be fooled by superficial phenomena, the true truth is hidden in those Subtleties, such as those straps hidden behind the watch.
Rubber strap
The person who chooses the rubber strap must be a lively and cheerful guy. He should be a man with the same passion as fire. Presumably he advocates sports, because only a rubber strap can withstand the erosion of sweat; or he should also have a personality that likes to show himself and show off. Among all the strap materials, rubber is the easiest to make into various types. The changed colors, the deep blue, and the jumping orange, have become the focus of fashion in this season of popular hits.

Recommended models: Tissot sublime watch ¥ 8,200
Alligator strap
相比 Compared with ordinary leather straps, you can obviously feel the different air fields brought by the crocodile leather material. Even if you do n’t wear it every day, as a man, you should have a watch with a crocodile leather strap. Regardless of your own personality, you will always have a time to show your mature and sexy side. At this time, the leather watch The belt can’t give you extra points. If you want to be more attractive, then brown is definitely the best choice. The calm atmosphere is not so rigid.

Recommended watch: Zenith Commander Dual Time Watch ¥ 88,900 (left)
Plavi Rose Gold Chronograph ¥ 330,000 (right)
Rose gold and steel strap
The metal strap is the opposite of the leather strap. Generally, both models will provide the choice of these two bracelets. The traditional stainless steel material is a bit dull at this time. The gold model is a better idea, and the currently popular rose gold is the most suitable. The most timeless and classic material is the best choice for those elegant gentlemen. The white and gold glitter between hands and feet proves that its owner is a person with a connotation.

Recommended models: Longines elegant series men’s watch ¥ 11,700
Ceramic strap
Ceramic material is the new favorite of the watch industry recently. Of course, the strap of a ceramic watch is also matched with the same material. It doesn’t have many choices in color. White, black or brown-black. The dark models don’t look so eye-catching, and the white ceramic watch reveals that elegant romantic temperament at the first sight. A man must be a very artistic character, and the white ceramics that are warm and pressed are a watch that loves at first sight.

Recommended model: Radar D-Star ceramic watch ¥ 25,700 rado (left)
Chanel J12 GMT Dual Time Watch 42mm ¥ 57,100 Chanel (right)
Carbon Fiber Strap
It’s also a new material. Carbon fiber and ceramic materials have a stronger sense of future technology compared to them. Audemars Piguet and Hublot are lovers of these materials. Unique materials will make people look more stylish, and lightness is also unique to this model, so those who choose this model should be those who pursue personality and love sports.

Recommended models: Audemars piguet Royal Oak Limited Chronograph ¥ 296,000 (left)
Hublot King Power Black Magic ¥ 159,800 (right)

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