Breitling Brings Your Watch Back To Life

Visit Breitling Shanghai Customer Service Center
    Breitling not only adheres to the mission of ‘making the most precise timepieces’, but also pays attention to the after-sales service of each Breitling watch. On July 25, 2011, Breitling’s first mainland China customer service center was officially launched in Shanghai, bringing advanced technology, rigorous attitude, professional and convenient service and the concept of watch maintenance to Chinese consumers. For the past six months, the workload of the service center has maintained steady growth every month, and the good reputation of “Top Brand Quality Service” has also spread to consumers and watch fans.
High quality service equivalent to aviation standards
    As one of the three independent Swiss watchmakers, Breitling has always attached great importance to customer service around the world, and is one of the rare brands that insist on 100% self-service operation. Instead of outsourcing after-sales services, we operate our customer service centers independently in accordance with the unified and strict set of service standards set by the Swiss headquarters, so that global customers can enjoy consistent high-quality services, and also ensure that Breitling can quickly and efficiently provide personalized services service.

    The construction of Breitling Shanghai Customer Service Center spent a lot of time and energy in the preparation of various equipment, tools, parts, professional technical training and assessment of technicians, and the establishment of management systems and quality monitoring programs. Before the official opening of the service center, the president and general manager of global after-sales service of Breitling Switzerland headquarters made a special trip to Shanghai for acceptance. A total of more than 300 inspection items, including the storage and management of parts, the commissioning and correct use of equipment and tools, the normal operation of quality control systems, the establishment of daily work processes, the determination of watch calibration systems, the cleaning fluid and batteries for watches Environmental protection processing, etc., Shanghai Customer Service Center passed the acceptance with a high score.
    At the Breitling Customer Service Center on Nanjing West Road in Shanghai, the flying element is still the most prominent symbol of Breitling’s brand culture. The Breitling Jet Team aerobatic light box, fighter model, and wonderful short videos whistling past the peak of the Swiss snow mountain, all show the courage of ‘the official designated supplier of the world aviation industry’. Entering the neat and spacious studio, all kinds of professional tools and instruments are neatly arranged. The centuries-old technicians concentrate on working at the workbench without being disturbed by the visitors. Many of Breitling’s tools are made exclusively. The more exclusive tools, the more independent the watch production. At present, about 70% of Breitling watches can be serviced in Shanghai, and it is expected to reach 95% in 2012. The rest will need to be sent to Hong Kong, while antique Breitling watches must be returned to Switzerland for maintenance.
    ‘Our goal is to make every Breitling watch delivered for maintenance as accurate and beautiful as possible when customers retrieve it; to make Breitling Shanghai Customer Service Center one of the most successful watch customer service centers in China. 1. ‘Mr. Dai Yongkang, watchmaker of Breitling Shanghai Customer Service Center, said,’ Sophisticated work, precise step by step, and considerate service are the perfect embodiment of the Breitling brand’s insistence on innovation, outstanding quality, and unremitting exploration of independent spirit. ‘
Sophisticated and precise
    Breitling watches are complex and precise chronographs. Therefore, in addition to daily normal use and careful maintenance, the watch must be regularly professionally maintained to maintain its excellent performance and long-term stability. At the Breitling Shanghai Customer Service Center, a full maintenance of a Breitling watch takes about 3 weeks, and even partial maintenance takes 2 weeks. Some customers question that it takes too long, however, the professional processes and value-added services behind the maintenance of a Breitling watch are far beyond their imagination

    When a Breitling watch is delivered to a customer service center, Breitling is not in a hurry to start maintenance. Instead, it first performs a series of tests on the watch: whether the time is accurate, whether it is waterproof, and whether the mechanical friction coefficient is within a reasonable range. Whether the power loss is normal, etc., allows customers to know the true condition of the watch accurately. Even if only a battery is replaced, all of these tests are not missing. At the same time, from the delivery of the watch to the service center, all work steps and data, including all information such as delivery date, testing, evaluation, replacement parts, and test results, will be entered into the internal quality monitoring management system in a timely manner. This data is analyzed in real time to give recommendations and requirements.
    When the watch is fully maintained, Breitling technicians will completely disassemble the movement and replace the parts that are subjected to the greatest pressure and tension, such as the mainspring, step by step, and then carefully check all parts and replace the worn parts. The technician also patiently cleans the parts before reassembling and adding lubricant. A new pointer will be installed on the dial. The case will also be completely disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned several times, and parts with severe wear such as waterproof gaskets replaced. In each link of maintenance, the details often reflect the thoughtful and intimate of the brand service. For example, when cleaning bottom-through watches, Breitling will choose plastic wash baskets instead of stainless steel products, in order to minimize scratches during cleaning; the special wash liquids used are also ordered directly from the United States.
   The fully-maintained Breitling watch can also be refurbished for free. Breitling’s refurbishing and polishing is a paid service like other brands, but Breitling attaches it to the full maintenance for free, and will never deal with it for free. Depending on the wear of the watch, Breitling technicians will polish it to varying degrees. It usually takes about 4 hours to polish a watch. After at least 3 processes and 9 procedures, the case and the metal bracelet are restored to their brilliance while remaining intact. The machine is very noisy during sanding, and the metal powder often makes the technician ashamed, just to make the watch as bright as new. At present, customers are very satisfied with this service. Breitling Shanghai Customer Service Center also plans to recruit special polishing technicians to further improve the polishing level and provide customers with more perfect services.
    The watch that has been completely renewed cannot be retrieved immediately after maintenance. It must also undergo quality control similar to ‘Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC)’ for up to 5 days to check its travel time accuracy, automatic winding device, power reserve, and timing function. , Waterproof performance, etc., also must be strictly evaluated for its aesthetic degree, in order to meet the strict requirements of the factory. Since 1999, Breitling has realized that all watch movements have passed the official Swiss Observatory certification. Not only that, for all watches after full maintenance, Breitling also strictly demanded that they still deserve the title of ‘Observatory Watch’.
    Breitling Customer Service Center also provides customers with many free value-added services: waterproof performance and travel time accuracy testing, cutting and replacement of bracelets, demagnetization of watches after magnetization, free cleaning, refurbishing and polishing of watches during the warranty period, etc. . Customers who have any questions about daily use of the watch can also call the service center at any time to inquire.