Calela Pan American Road Race Celebrates 30 Years Of Glory Return

Hilaire and Laura Damiron, two drivers of TAG Heuer, celebrate the 30th anniversary of the glorious return of the Carlisle Pan American Road Race. Relive the game.

   Along the world’s toughest and most spectacular 3,000 km Mexican highway, it took 7 days for 170 participants to reach the end of Durango. After winning the championship in 2016, TAG Heuer’s brand friends Hilaire and Laura Damiron took the lead in three stages with the ‘El Comander’ and then drove the Stipunk commander made in 1954. Race the car to finish second.

   The legendary Carrera Pan American Road Race is one of the most dangerous races in the world, embodying TAG Heuer’s brand motto “#DontCrackUnderPressure”. The Carrera Pan American Road Race kicked off on the Pan American Highway in Mexico in 1950. After 33 years of silence, it re-launched in 1988. This endurance race is a classic car made before 1955.

   TAG Heuer has worked with Calella Pan American Highway for more than 50 years. Out of love for motorsport, in 1963, Jack Heuer launched the famous Carrera as a symbol of TAG Heuer’s identity.

   This rugged, revolutionary chronograph is designed for road racing. Today, the TAG Heuer Carrera (Carrera series) has undergone 10 generations of development. Swiss watchmakers have maintained a deep cooperative relationship with this legendary Mexican race, attracting many former F1 drivers and celebrities, such as Juan Mann Juan Manuel Fangio.

   To celebrate the brand’s unwavering passion and efforts in the field of racing for 30 years, TAG Heuer launches a limited edition Mexican Angel watch: the TAG Heuer Carrera 45mm automatic watch with a black rubber watch Strap, black opal dial, black PVD-coated frosted steel case, black ceramic bezel with red embellishment and ‘Mexico’ lettering.