Creative Railway Watches Appreciation Of Boer Railway Chief Series Stainless Steel Watches

The Bohr watch originated from the railway. At first, due to the timing error of the watch, two American trains collided, which also promoted the birth of the Bohr watch timing system standard. Today, Bolt is one of the most respected watch brands in the United States. In the twenty-first century, Bolt continues to lead in his field, keeping pace with consumers, but despite changes in product appearance, the brand’s founding spirit and emphasis on practicality have never been discounted. Today, I will bring you a series of steel watches from the Bohr Railway Chiefs, and enjoy them together.
 Bohr Railway Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH

 The Bohr Railway Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH watch is made of stainless steel as a whole. The 41 mm diameter allows the watch to fit the wrist diameter of most people. The strap is a brand-designed chain link strap. The surface is polished and frosted to perfect the color of the metal. The design of the dial is unique, with white as the base color, and the black hour scales are full of classic American Arabic numerals. This font is a classic font of early American clocks.
 In addition, the pointer is the brand’s characteristic design, and the tail of the second hand is designed with a brand logo, which perfectly integrates brand elements into it. The movement of the Bohr Railway Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH watch is the ETA 2897 movement. Functionally, the Bohr Rail Chief Series NM1056D-S1J-WH watch has a calendar and power reserve display function. The power reserve display function is located at 7 o’clock on the dial. It is also a special function that can indicate the remaining status of the internal power of the watch, so that watch friends can wind up in time and save unnecessary winding.

 Summary: It is Mr. Ball’s standard system that ensures accurate and uniform timing, and also establishes railway time and railway watches as the standard for accurate timing. This network eventually covers 75% of US railways. Mr. Ball’s achievements have been praised by the international community, not only for his contribution as an ordinary citizen, but also for his role in the history of watchmaking.
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