Enamel Watches Jaeger-lecoultre Grand Tourbillon Watches Tasting

The owner of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Intercontinental Masterpiece series has very atmospheric dials. They are unique dial watches customized for specific countries. Each dial is a map of this continent, which makes people double Feel kind. The watches in this series use a very refined carving process, especially the hollow-out technology. Today I will take you to appreciate an Asian-themed watch.
  Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Control Q1656452

  Filled with enamel to make a filigree enamel. It first uses engraving, knocking and other processes to conceive some grooves on the surface of the disk (such as individual overall color blocks made separately). After being filled separately, firing is performed. The difficulty of this production method is to first shape the pattern to be produced. Some complex shapes often require several large module combinations, and more small accessories are needed. Although filling enamel takes time and effort, the finished product is delicate and has a strong overall feel. Because the modules are independent of each other, the accidental scrap loss during firing is much lower than that of wire enamel. Just like the engraving process, the enamel painting process is one of the enviable precious craftsmanship of Jaeger-LeCoultre watches.

  The dial of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grand Tourbillon Grand Master Series uses hollow engraving technology to hollow out the areas to be decorated on the gold dial and leave a groove forming a pattern; then the surface of each continent is carefully carved in all directions Expanded radio grid pattern, while the ocean surface is wave-shaped. After that, three different models were carefully drawn with the theme of different geographical areas using infill enamel: Asia and Australia, America and Europe. Under the translucent enamel, the engraving pattern is loosing, which makes the earth plan decorated on the dial of this watch show an incredible depth and rich and bright colors. The bezel is engraved with geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude), and the center point of the coordinates coincides with the axis of the pointer.
  Summary: I really like the color matching of this dial. At first glance, it has a very fresh and environmentally friendly feeling, which symbolizes the meaning of harmony and beauty in the world. There are four models of this Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, which are very rare and very collectible.
  Watch details reference: lecoultre / 3616 /