Glasutti Original And Dresden Music Festival Present The 11th Music Festival Award

Glashütte Original not only inherits the traditional German watchmaking technology, integrates traditional German cultural elements and elegant style in the watch manufacturing process, and shoulders the responsibility of promoting the culture of Germany and its hometown of Saxony, in order to protect historical culture Legacy spares no effort. Since 2004, Glashütte Original and Dresden Music Festival, Germany’s largest classical music event, have jointly presented the Glashütte Original Music Festival Award, which recognizes the great achievements of the winners in popularizing classical music education and encouraging young musicians. For Glashütte Original, the artist’s dedication and enterprising spirit in the field of music is a sincere expression of Glashütte’s original watchmaking attitude.

Glashütte Original Music Festival Awards
 The Dresden Festival is located in Dresden in eastern Germany. It is a mecca for romantic combination of art and culture in Saxony. It is praised as ‘Florence on the Elbe’. This marvelous and beautiful city, in the mist and mist of the Elbe Valley, blends nature, history, and culture, like the classic melody pervading the Semper Opera House, full of artistic romance. With high-quality and diverse events, the Dresden Music Festival has become a gathering place for concert audiences around the world. The small town of Glashütte is adjacent to Dresden. Because of its infection and influence, the original Glashütte also highly values ​​the traditional culture of Germany. Therefore, it cooperates with the Dresden Music Festival to set up the Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. This € 25,000 sponsorship award demonstrates Glashütte’s original support for cultural events, while paying tribute to artists who have made outstanding contributions in the field of music and traditional art and culture.
 Previous grand prize winners include conductor Kurt Masur, choreographer John Newmaier, opera director Joachim Hertz, violinist Kedon Kremer, and soprano Krista Luther Vichy. In 2009, Janne Bogle was appointed director of the Dresden Festival, and the Glashütte Original Festival Award was repositioned. The award by conductor Gustavo Dudame marks the first time the award recognizes an artist who has worked hard to support young rookies. Later grand prize winners also worked in similar ways, including the artistic director and director of the famous Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Ghiyev; Sir Simon Rattle of the Berlin Philharmonic; and Elena G. Limoges and Thomas Kastov. In order to adhere to the concept and original intention of the award, each award-winning artist has invested this prize money in projects that fund the cultivation of young music talents.

 As in previous years, the trophy of the Glashütte Original Music Festival Awards is still produced by two apprentices from the Glashütte Original Alfred Hevig Watchmaking Academy. The school is affiliated with Glashütte Original, and has been cultivating conveyor watchmakers and toolmakers for 12 years. Glashütte Original attaches great importance to the cultivation and excavation of new forces, and the manufacturing process of the trophy perfectly conveys the concept and original intention of the award. Not only that, the shape of the trophy perfectly combines traditional watchmaking technology with modern materials, using transparent media, and inside is an ultra-complex flying tourbillon with 18 tiny balance wheel screws, symbolizing the watchmaker’s superb skills. The flying tourbillon was invented by watchmaker Alfred Hevig in 1920, and has been regarded as an important symbol of watchmaker’s skill reaching the peak. It is also considered to be the highest art form in the watch industry. The flying tourbillon inlaid on the trophy also marks the outstanding contribution of the winners.
2014 honorary winners
 This year, the violinist Hillary Hahn from the United States won the 11th Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. On June 4, the awards ceremony was grandly held at the Semper Opera House. Under Pavojevi, Germany’s most innovative and flexible world-famous Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra presented a perfect musical recital, and Hillary Hahn also soloed John Brahms’ violin live The concerto presents a unique feast of music. After the performance, Glashütte Original Global President Yan Gamma and Dresden Music Festival Director Jan Berger presented the trophy to the outstanding artist.

 Hillary Hahn is a German-American citizen who performed publicly at the age of 6. At the age of 10, she held her first full violin solo performance evening in Baltimore. At the age of 12, he performed for the first time with a small chamber orchestra. Hilary Hahn has participated in 800 concerts, of which more than 500 were completed with the orchestra. She has performed in more than 200 cities in 27 countries. In 1995, under the direction of Lorraine Mazel, she and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra perfectly presented her first performance in Germany. In 2007 in Vatican City, Rome, she collaborated with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra under the command of Gustavo Dudame to participate in the 80th birthday of Pope Benedict XVI.
 Hilary Hahn is able to inspire the younger generation with her strong and clear musical style, and it is for this reason that the Glashütte Original Music Festival has given her this honorary award. Her sincerity and talkative make her attractive outside the concert hall, attracting countless classical music fans. Through meeting with students and using social media, she often communicates vividly and deeply with everyone.
‘The Internet is a good medium for young people who want to enter this field to understand classical music, and at the same time to allow the public to understand the stage and behind the scenes of classical music. Therefore, I consider my online information to be for everyone A channel to gain deeper insights into my professional experience and music production. ‘Hillary Hahn expressed her thoughts in an interview with the Dresden Music Festival Magazine, and she also talked about working with others The new perspectives discovered and shared during the conversation are a very happy thing.
 Glashütte Original respects German traditional culture, inherits history and pays attention to the discovery and cultivation of new forces. This is exactly the same as the idea and original intention of the Dresden Music Festival. The Glashütte Original Music Festival awards established by it are not only for recognition. Artists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of music express the inheritance and development of Glashütte Original to the quality of German culture and art.