How To See Chanel Chanel Watch Model

Chanel (CHANEL) company adhering to the founder Ms. Coco Chanel’s innovative spirit, creating a timeless classic symbol, as Ms. Chanel said: ‘Fashion is fleeting, the style will last forever. Its products include beauty products, fashion boutiques and perfumes, fine jewelry and watches.
  Introduced in 2000, the J12 series has become the representative of high-end watches in the 21st century. In 2003, the J12 white watch was born. White is the color that Ms. Chanel is extremely fond of, and she also likes to wear white camellia to set off her complexion. The J12 white watch, just like the J12 black watch, has been extremely popular since its introduction and has led to another wave of white watches. The ordinary J12 has three series of black, white and titanium ceramics.

  This PREMIERE series is a small square watch, the winding strap MADEMOISELLE PRIVE jewelry watch is a round dial with flowers.

  There are also jewellery watches, which are mainly jewellery. The dials are small and the most expensive are the extraordinary authentic series. This series is mainly tourbillon, advanced diamond, enamel craft and J12 with Audemars Piguet movement.