Hublot Unveiled The Official Countdown Device For The 2016 European Cup Of Europe. The European Cup Enters ‘hublot Time’ And Ignites The Passion Of Football

The summer heat has just dissipated, but the enthusiasm for football is far from fading! On September 15, 2015, the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot officially unveiled the official countdown device of the 2016 UEFA European Championship in the official residence of the French Embassy in Beijing. As the official timekeeper and official watch of the European Cup, Hublot officially announced that it has entered the exciting countdown phase of the European Cup! To celebrate this important moment, Hublot Greater China General Manager Loic Biver, Minister Counsellor Jacques Pellet of the French Embassy in China, UEFA Global Ticket Sales and Marketing Responsible Magdalena Mazany-Krasnodebska, UEFA UEFA European Cup 2016, the official exclusive ticketing agency of the Greater China region, co-founder of Oliver Glauser, French Tourism Development Agency China Office General Manager Catherine Oden attended the unveiling ceremony of the official countdown device and announced that the official countdown device will stand at the French Embassy in China until the end of the competition. Today, there are 269 days before the 2016 European Cup of France 2016 from June 10 to July 10, let us look forward to the success of the 2016 European Cup of France!
Counsellor Bai Liang, Minister Counsellor of the French Embassy in China, Louis Beaver, General Manager of Hublot Greater China, French artist Zhang Jiebai, UEFA UEFA representative Mazzani Krasnodska and Co-founder of Blooming Sports Gao Liwei unveiled the official countdown device of the 2016 European Cup of France

   The official countdown device of the 2016 European Cup of France was designed and designed by the travel artist Zhang Jiebai specially invited by Hublot. The entire rectangular device is supported by a small white base, showing the balanced and beautiful beauty. The device was inspired by the moment of kick-off on the green court, when athletes stepped on the football and were about to do their best to serve. After rigorous mechanical and aesthetic calculations, the designer realized the artistic design of the entire device with a small base, which is very modern and futuristic, and complements Hublot’s concept of ‘connecting tradition with the future’. At the same time, a touch of bright red on the sides of the device and blue on the side of the Hublot wall clock cover the classic blue, white and red colors of the French flag. The front right corner of the device is marked with the European Cup trophy ‘Draunet Cup’, the LED countdown display is embedded on the left, and the Hublot official wall clock is on the upper right. The silver case design of this wall clock uses the shape of Hublot’s proud Big Bang watch. The bezel is decorated with 6 H-shaped titanium screw-in screws. The cool style complements the passionate football.
   ‘The Hublot is honored to unveil the official countdown device for the upcoming 2016 European Cup of France at the French Embassy in China,’ said Louis Beaver, general manager of Hublot Greater China. We have established the alliance with the European Football Association. The long-term and stable partnership is also regarded as the most trusted partner. We have always been committed to the development of global football, and the cooperation has reached all major tournaments, top clubs and football superstars in the world, and I wish again to France and Europe in 2016 The cup was successfully held! ‘
Hublot Greater China General Manager Louis Biver (Loic Biver) speaks at the scene

Counsellor Jacques Pellet, Minister Counsellor of the French Embassy in China

Magdalena Mazany-Krasnodebska, UEFA’s Head of Global Ticket Sales and Marketing

Co-founder of UEFA UEFA 2016 European European Cup Greater China official exclusive ticketing agency, blooming sports (Oliver Glauser)
   Since the first cooperation with the UEFA European Football Association in 2008, Hublot has become the official timekeeper and official watch of the 13th and 14th European Cup. This is the third official cooperation between Hublot and the European Cup. In the 2008 European Cup, Hublot donated the advertising board of the stadium to the anti-racism campaign for its promotional content. What I saw at the European Cup scene was not Hublot’s commercial advertisements, but a public welfare slogan board ‘Reject Racial Discrimination’, which showed the brand’s strong support for public welfare and a unique market strategy. In 2012, the Hublot logo officially appeared On the referee timer of the 14th European Football Championship, football fans all over the world learned more about the passion and unique charm of the luxury watchmaking brand Hublot by watching the game.

Hublot Hublot 2016 official countdown device for the European Cup of France designed by French artist Zhang Jiebai

   As the first luxury brand to cooperate fully with football, Hublot has created a historical precedent for cross-border cooperation between top watches and football. Since then, Hublot has provided continuous and deeper support for the world’s top football partners, and has become one of the top European football clubs Juventus in Italy, Bayern Munich in Germany, Saint Germain in Paris, Ajax in the Netherlands, and Chelsea in the United Kingdom. Official timepieces and official watches.