Top Ten Luxury Brands In China’s Most Potential Seagull Watch ‘gold List Title’

On January 4th, according to the Voice of China ‘News Evening Peak’ report, some institutions recently released the ‘2012 China Luxury Report’, which selected the top ten luxury brands in China, Seagull Watch ‘ Gold List Title ‘.
   Seagull watch, in the early 80’s, was one of the ‘three big things’ for Chinese people to get married. This watch factory produced China’s first watch in 1955. However, like many old state-owned enterprises, the seagull watch, like its name ‘Seagull’, has long been out of sight, especially for luxury goods. So, how far is domestic luxury from real luxury?
   People’s attention to seagull watches comes from a capital storm. Recently, the chairman of Shanghai Jahwa Group, Ge Wenyao’s investment in seagull watches, has made ‘seagulls’ the focus of attention. The insistence on the Seagull investment plan even triggered a conflict between Ge Wenyao and the shareholder Ping An Group. Last week, Ge Wenyao sold 60,000 shares of Shanghai Jahwa to cash out on the secondary market in five strokes, which was interpreted by the outside world as a preparation for personal investment in seagull watches. So, what is the market situation of Seagull Watch as a domestic luxury stock? At present, it can be called a luxury seagull watch, the price can reach about 300,000 yuan, the most expensive one costs 1.68 million yuan. But this 1.68 million yuan watch sold two in three years. Ms. Xue, a long-time consumer of luxury goods, said that watches are indeed one of the most luxury goods consumed by Chinese people, but most people only buy Swiss watches.
   Ms. Xue: There are different age groups, but most of them are some well-known foreign brands, Montblanc, Longines, I think there is still a lack of trust in domestic luxury goods, or because domestic luxury goods are from a certain On the one hand, the sense of plagiarism is stronger.
   Seagull’s luxury watches are limited to professional watch collectors and players. In 2012, China became the world’s second largest luxury market after the United States. However, almost all of the high consumption of luxury goods by Chinese people has contributed to overseas brands, and few domestic luxury goods have attracted much attention. Zhao Ping, deputy director of the Consumer Economics Research Department of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that the tangible value of Seagull watches is indeed very high, but the brand value of Seagull watches cannot be compared with the value of real luxury brands.
Zhao Ping: In its value composition of 1.68 million, the proportion of intangible value is very low, so we think that seagulls are close to luxury in appearance, such as high value and high quality, but they are far apart in terms of resemblance. Because first, it does not serve high-level people and elites. Second, it is not a high ratio, that is, the ratio between intangible value and tangible value is not very large. So when buying seagull products, people get more material satisfaction than psychological satisfaction.
   Seagull Watch independently developed the ‘Tourbillon Technology’ in 2002. Previously, this technology for high-end and complex mechanical watches had been monopolized by Swiss brands, and Seagull bypassed the patent barrier through unique technical processes, which shocked the industry. The reason why the seagull cannot be included in the luxury goods team is obviously not the technical aspect, but the brand value. Why are domestic luxury products far behind the real luxury in terms of brand value? Zhao Ping believes that luxury goods have their own rules in the formation of brand value.
   Zhao Ping: First, it must have a history. Generally, internationally-known luxury goods have a history of hundreds of years, at least three or fifty years. The second problem is cultural. China has a culture of 5,000 years, but what we lack is actually an idol culture. For luxury goods, it is sought after and considered by the elite to be very high-end, mainly because it is an idol. in use.
   Also marketing. In fact, in terms of marketing of many products in China, not only product packaging, including marketing concepts, market positioning, etc., but also more accumulation is needed to establish a close relationship between existing high-end goods and luxury goods. Only with history, culture, and marketing can we build luxury products to be built in the future so that it can form intangible value. On the basis of quality, we can build a higher intangible value to truly form our own luxury brand.

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Long Live Freedom, Support More ‘democracy’ Clock Certification

In 1886, more than a century ago, the Geneva Seal (Poinçon de Genève) was passed down with the creation of the Geneva Law. This ‘eagle and spoon’ shield badge was originally a superb technique and clock Proof of quality later became an effective anti-counterfeiting mark.
Seal of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)

   Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (known as the COSC Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency) was developed in 1973 to issue certificates for watches that meet its accuracy standards. For a long time, the Seal of Geneva and the Swiss Official Observatory’s certification have set strict standards for Swiss watchmaking and have also become a reliable symbol of high-quality timepieces. However, some recent facts show that there is still much room for improvement in quality inspection forms and standards.
COSC Swiss Official Observatory Testing Agency Certification

   Qualité Fleurier was founded 10 years ago and is derived from Chopard’s co-presidents Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and Michel Parmigiani. Parmigiani was named after the highly acclaimed watchmaker), and Pascal Raffy, the boss behind the show, joined them. This is the most stringent and difficult quality certification in the industry. The watch movements involved in this extreme challenge need to be 100% made in Switzerland. Today, only 3,000 watches have passed certification tests.
Headquarters of Fleurier Quality Certification Agency in Fleurier City Hall

   As if this was not enough, Omega brought Master Co-Axial Officially Certified to the team last year. This is a new certification standard launched by Omega in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Institute for Metrology, which contains strict requirements for the magnetic resistance of the movement.
Omega and Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology launch new watch certification

   For outsiders, the plethora of testing and certification standards is deeply confusing. But in fact, it’s not. According to Franco Cologni, who heads the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie Cultural Council, two things can be determined. One is historical. Various initiatives over the past few decades have shown that the certification standards will be further improved, which can be seen in the latest certification rules introduced by the Poinçon de Genève. Of course, different certification systems can take different approaches. No matter which route you choose to climb Everest, the purpose is to ensure the excellent quality of the watch.
   The second is openness. In these certification organizations, independent watchmakers are responsible for testing the certification process to ensure fairness and impartiality, and this is essential, otherwise consumers’ trust will be lost. In view of this, it is inevitable to mention the Patek Philippe Seal again. This is not to say that we are skeptical of the superior quality of the brand’s timepieces, but neutral certifications provided by independent organizations rather than the brand itself are not better. After all, other more open and democratic certification systems are enough to seduce any watchmaking brand. Patek Philippe is keen to self-evaluate with an exclusive attitude, but also closed the door to dialogue with the industry.

Omega Speedmaster ‘ultraman’ Limited Edition Watch Sold Out In 1 Hour, 53 Minutes And 17 Seconds!

Swiss famous watchmaking brand OMEGA released the new ‘Speedy Tuesday’ watch-Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ limited edition on the online platform again on July 10. Once released, this new 2012 Speedmaster watch was enthusiastically sought after by watch lovers from all over the world. It sold out in 1 hour, 53 minutes and 17 seconds.

   ‘Ultraman’ is the main character in the series of Ultraman series produced by Japan’s Mariya Production Co., Ltd. It can be called a model in the series of ‘giant monsters’. To pay tribute to this classic character, Omega presents the new Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ limited edition watch.
   This new Speedmaster watch incorporates elements of the Japanese science fiction film Ultraman in the 1970s. It is extremely innovative, but even more proud of its true origins in space, as it launched in 1967 with Omega. The lunar watch can be described as the same.

   The Speedmaster Moonwatch, born in 1967, attracted the attention of the fourth creative team of the Ultraman series with its unique orange chronograph seconds hand. The watch’s striking orange color matches the color of the heroic and fearless monster special attack team uniforms, making the Omega Speedmaster series moon watch an indispensable combat equipment for fighting monsters.
   The new Speedmaster “Ultraman” limited edition chronograph seconds hand completely retains the design of the 1967 prototype: the same orange tone, the same size and specifications. At the same time, the watch also uses a black and orange aluminum oxide bezel, echoing the orange chronograph seconds hand. The classic small dial design is also surprising. Since Altman can only change into superhero mode for only 3 minutes, the watch is located at 3 o’clock, the first 3 minutes of the minute dial are decorated with orange, and the small second dial at 9 o’clock can see Ultraman’s profile. The strap changing tool is inspired by the Ultraman Transformer Beta Magic Wand, with a UV lamp at one end of the tool. When the ultraviolet light shines on the dial, the Ultraman pattern on the dial will appear more clearly.
    The dial is decorated with a vintage-style Omega logo, giving it a nostalgic look. The caseback is engraved with ‘#SpeedyTuesday’ and ‘QUALIFIED BY NASA FOR ALL MANNED SPACE MISSIONS’ (certified for NASA spacecraft missions for all manned space flights). The watch is paired with a black and orange ‘NATO’ NATO military strap and a spare black leather strap.
    The Omega Speedmaster “Ultraman” watch is limited to 2,012 pieces in the world. It is highly collectible and carried in a special hexagonal watch case. It pays tribute to the monster’s futuristic hexagonal worktable.

Heartbeat, ‘core’ Keeps Moving-hamilton Recommended For Valentine’s Day

‘I said that you are the April day on earth, the laughter lights up the wind; light spirits dance and change in the light of spring. You are the clouds and smoke in the early days of April, dusk The wind is soft, the stars are flashing inadvertently, and the raindrops are sprinkled in front of the flowers. You are a tree-by-tree blossom, and the swallows are whispering between the beams, you are love, warm and poem , You are the April day on earth! ‘-Lin Huiyin’s’ April Sky on Earth ‘

   Love is love at first sight, love is fond of love, love is heart to heart, love is eternal. Throughout the ages, literati and writers have never regretted pen and ink on the eternal topic of love. It is romantic, beautiful, and makes the world go on and on. Another Valentine’s Day, do you want to express the precious love in your heart to your other half? At this sweet moment, Hamilton recommends Valentine’s Day pairing watch-Sir Hamilton’s full skeleton gentleman and ladies watches. The surging precision movement is fully displayed for you, just like an open and candid soul.

   The fully skeletonized movement under the same skeletonized dial reveals the looming mechanical art like hide and seek. The two watches are equipped with the same movement but different designs, interpreting women’s delicateness and men’s toughness from completely different perspectives, and they are constantly awakening the wearer’s pursuit of exquisite shapes and beautiful hearts. The traditional hollow-out technique and high-tech laser engraving complement each other, and the unparalleled sensory enjoyment makes it a coveted contemporary masterpiece.
   Hamilton’s self-developed H-20-S self-winding movement combines subtle craftsmanship with excellence and precision. The entire body of the movement is treated with brushed texture, the rotor is individually hollowed out, and the hardened Hamilton ‘H’ pattern is carved on the substrate and the splint. These modern decorations add a dramatic effect to the traditional precision timer. Through the large-scale hollow, you can watch the operation of fine parts such as escapement, hairspring and barrel, so that the wearer can directly participate in this wonderful performance.
Hamilton Jazzmaster Skeleton Lady

   Hamilton Jazz Hollow Lady’s Watch Blends romantic colors into meticulous mechanical details, proudly revealing emotions. The extremely modern lines outline a number of ring-shaped hollow windows on the silver shiny dial. The slender and elegant scales on the dial are like eternal drops of dew. These design details lead people’s eyes through the flower-like dial, peeking under the subtle H-20-S automatic winding movement. The rubies on the movement make this flower that never fades. mysterious. Moreover, in order to meet the wishes of today’s busy and efficient ladies, this model specially adopts a quick release strap structure, allowing the wearer to easily change different styles of straps to match various occasions and moods.
Hamilton Jazz Hollow Lady Watch 36mm

Size: 36mm
Material: stainless steel, transparent back cover
Dial: Silver with waterdrop scale
Strap: Five-row stainless steel bracelet / ruby-colored white leather strap (quick release structure, easy to replace)
Movement: H-20-S automatic winding movement
Mirror: Anti-glare coated sapphire
Water resistance: 5 bar (50m)
Hamilton Jazz Full Skeleton Gentleman Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic Skeleton Gent

   Hamilton Jazz Full Skeleton Gentleman’s Watch Equipped with the same automatic movement as ladies’ watches, it shows and describes the true nature of men. Through the front and back of the watch, you can watch the modern texture of the H-20-S movement. The mechanical watchmaking aesthetics and the bold and masculine spirit meet here. The zigzag arc on the dial outlines a charcoal gray pattern. Through the large-scale hollowed-out dial and movement, people can vaguely see the wrist under the watch. The silver and charcoal gray three-dimensional ring on the outside of the dial shows the time mark from 0 to 60 and the brand name. The hands and scales are coated with Super-LumiNova® fluorescent coating, which is in sharp contrast to the dark-toned dial surface. The watch comes with a five-row stainless steel bracelet or a black leather strap. Suddenly, the concept of ‘showing emotions’ was vividly interpreted.
Hamilton Hamilton Full Cutout Gentleman Watch 40mm

Size: 40mm
Material: stainless steel, transparent back cover
Dial: Silver and Charcoal
Strap: Five-row stainless steel bracelet / black leather strap
Movement: H-20-S automatic winding movement
Mirror: Anti-glare coated sapphire
Water resistance: 5 bar (50m)

Simple And Practical Style Three Daily Wear Watches Recommended Around 20,000 Yuan

Many people pay great attention to whether they are suitable for formal wear when buying a watch, or can easily cope with changing roles in life, at the same time can show their temperament, and at the same time can reflect Taste. Therefore, most of the accessories watches are not complicated. The three-pin plus calendar window is the most common. Keeping the elegance to the greatest extent under the condition of accurate travel time is the most suitable for matching with formal suits. I recommend three watches around 20,000 yuan that are easy to get started in both formal and daily wear.

NOMOS Orion 380 watch

Watch Series: Orion
Movement type: manual machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: horse leather
Case diameter: 38 mm
Domestic public price: 23600
Watch details: (black dial / belt) watch

Watch Series: Engineer Upgrade
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 18300
Watch details: 20300
Watch details: tudor / 8918 /
Brief review of the watch: Tudor is also known as the little prince in the watch. This 20500N watch is also a basic watch in the Grantour series. It does not have too many fancy and gorgeous functions. The interchangeable strap can also be styled according to the dress, and the 42mm watch strap is also loved by men in the workplace.

Summary: NOMOS uses a classic and concise face to show people, exuding their unique temperament. The combination of manual winding, small elegant three-pin, and calendar window is priced at 23,600 yuan, which is considered fair. Ball has a deeper and more stable temperament in the workplace. The dark color combination makes the wearer look more stable. Tudor added a little sporty style to give the watch some vitality. Regardless of the formal wear or daily wear of the first entry into the workplace, these three watches can be easily controlled at a price of 20,000 yuan.

Peak’ In The Mid-summer, Yibo Road, Guiyang Jinyang International Trade Tanabata Romantic Tour

On August 15, 2015, ‘Xingyao Forest City’ Peak ‘Mansion Summer’ Swiss ERNEST BOREL Tanabata romantic tour was held in the beautiful forest city-Guiyang Grand. Brand With a long history of 159 years, Swiss traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and noble and elegant way of life jointly started the romantic journey of Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng, Asia’s spokesperson for the brand attended This event was unveiled for the couple of watches on the Elysées watch series in Switzerland.

Mr. Su Da (Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific) of Yibolu Watch (second from left) and the leaders of Yibolu Asia, Mr. Lin Feng, and leaders of China World Trade Group and Xinyu Group, unveiled the Yibolu Yali series of couple watch

  Founded in 1856, the Swiss Ebolo watch has a long history, and enjoys a good reputation in the field of watches and clocks with its profound cultural heritage and excellence. Since 159 years, the Swiss watch brand has always been based on the concept of ‘romantic moments, lifelong companion’, adhering to the romantic and elegant mechanical aesthetics, product excellence, technology advances with the times, services throughout the world, dedicated to the pursuit of sophisticated fashion lifestyle Of people provide watches with the same taste. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the Swiss Ebo Road Watch is romantic in Guiyang, and the lovers who are full of veins will not miss the opportunity to show their love. The Swiss Ebo Road Watch Alice series couples are undoubtedly more for this romance. Holiday icing on the cake. As Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Ebolus, Switzerland said, ‘Since Ebolus has entered China for the first time in 1903, it has been associated with China for more than 100 years. During this period Ebolus has witnessed countless couples I hope that with this Guiyang event, I will convey the romantic and elegant attitude of life to Swiss consumers.
  On the day of the event, the appearance of Swiss spokesperson Lin Feng of the Asian watch brand Lin Feng ignited the enthusiasm of the audience and also pushed the event to a climax. As a well-known artist in the Asia-Pacific region, the popular Lin Feng is a popular idol in the hearts of millions of fans, and also a spokesman for elegant and romantic gentlemen. Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Switzerland, and Lin Feng jointly unveiled the pair of watches for the Alice series, and presented this unique ‘Taylor gentleman, pretty lady’ pairing watch with ingenious watchmaking skills. Mr. Feng. It is worth mentioning that the newly announced three sets of couples of the Yali series continue to write the unique and gentle style of the series, and the rich dials of rose gold are appropriately painted on the pure dial. The lines are round and beautiful, and the bright magnificence lingers on the wrist, igniting the spark of love. The stainless steel metal and the rose metal shine brightly together-as extraordinary as a gentleman; elegant and beautiful like a pretty woman, together praising the romantic feelings of marriage. Lin Feng said: ‘Ebolu is a Swiss brand with a long history of 159 years, which is synonymous with romance and elegance. I hope that Ebolu will witness more romantic love of couples.’

Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Ebolus, Switzerland, presented Mr. Lin Feng, an Asian spokesperson for the Alice series of couples.

Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific, Switzerland, and Mr. Lin Feng, Asia’s Spokesperson, demonstrate the style of Ebolus watches

Swiss Emporio Asia spokesperson Lin Feng and models showcase new Eporio watches

  At the end of the event, the lucky fans who were drawn interacted with Lin Feng, and the atmosphere was warm and enthusiastic. Lin Feng wished all friends present a wonderful relationship, and also hoped that the Swiss Ebola watch can lay an irreplaceable exquisite life taste for more people who pursue perfection, advocating fashion and romance, so that romantic memories will be eternal in the flow of time and sincere Love never stops in the passing of seconds. This event enabled people to experience the brand charm of the Swiss Ebolo watch ‘Romantic Moments, Accompanying One’s Life’ for a short distance, and successfully conveyed the excellent quality and unremitting pursuit of Ebolo’s century-old heritage.

Lin Feng, Swiss spokesperson for Asia, interviewed by media

  Swiss Ebola watch Yali series couple pair watch
  Technical Parameters:
  Swiss made (men’s watch) 2824 / SW200 automatic movement
  Swiss-made (women’s watch) 2671 automatic movement
  Exquisitely polished, rhodium-plated, blue steel screws
  3H calendar display
  Stainless steel case and bracelet
  Ion plating rose gold
  Sapphire crystal
  Perspective table bottom
  50 meters waterproof
  Case size: (men’s watch) diameter Ф40.00 mm, thickness 10.00 mm
(Women’s watch) diameter Ф29.00 mm, thickness 9.50 mm

  Daya gentleman, pretty lady
  The simpler the dress, the more it reflects the deep temperament. The elegant collection of Swiss Ebolo watches is well versed in this fashion principle, so it insists on presenting elegant designs with a clean style. The newly announced three pairs of couple pairs continue to write a series of unique and gentle styles, and the rose gold dials are appropriately painted on the pure dial. The outer circle of the dial is neatly and orderly arranged with Roman numerals, which is not only a team of loyal guards keeping their vows, but also refining and eternal like a historical inscription. The same-color gold hour and minute hands have evolved into more delicate needle-shaped tips based on the traditional shape of the diamond-shaped hands. With the luminous coating, the focus can be locked in one fell swoop. In addition, the watch is equipped with a calendar window at 3 o’clock, which reminds the user of every extraordinary day. The new works of the Yali series include three types of white plate steel belt, white plate belt and brown plate belt. Thanks to exquisite details, all three can show extraordinary temperament in refined design.

Glasutti Original And Dresden Music Festival Present The 11th Music Festival Award

Glashütte Original not only inherits the traditional German watchmaking technology, integrates traditional German cultural elements and elegant style in the watch manufacturing process, and shoulders the responsibility of promoting the culture of Germany and its hometown of Saxony, in order to protect historical culture Legacy spares no effort. Since 2004, Glashütte Original and Dresden Music Festival, Germany’s largest classical music event, have jointly presented the Glashütte Original Music Festival Award, which recognizes the great achievements of the winners in popularizing classical music education and encouraging young musicians. For Glashütte Original, the artist’s dedication and enterprising spirit in the field of music is a sincere expression of Glashütte’s original watchmaking attitude.

Glashütte Original Music Festival Awards
 The Dresden Festival is located in Dresden in eastern Germany. It is a mecca for romantic combination of art and culture in Saxony. It is praised as ‘Florence on the Elbe’. This marvelous and beautiful city, in the mist and mist of the Elbe Valley, blends nature, history, and culture, like the classic melody pervading the Semper Opera House, full of artistic romance. With high-quality and diverse events, the Dresden Music Festival has become a gathering place for concert audiences around the world. The small town of Glashütte is adjacent to Dresden. Because of its infection and influence, the original Glashütte also highly values ​​the traditional culture of Germany. Therefore, it cooperates with the Dresden Music Festival to set up the Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. This € 25,000 sponsorship award demonstrates Glashütte’s original support for cultural events, while paying tribute to artists who have made outstanding contributions in the field of music and traditional art and culture.
 Previous grand prize winners include conductor Kurt Masur, choreographer John Newmaier, opera director Joachim Hertz, violinist Kedon Kremer, and soprano Krista Luther Vichy. In 2009, Janne Bogle was appointed director of the Dresden Festival, and the Glashütte Original Festival Award was repositioned. The award by conductor Gustavo Dudame marks the first time the award recognizes an artist who has worked hard to support young rookies. Later grand prize winners also worked in similar ways, including the artistic director and director of the famous Mariinsky Theatre, Valery Ghiyev; Sir Simon Rattle of the Berlin Philharmonic; and Elena G. Limoges and Thomas Kastov. In order to adhere to the concept and original intention of the award, each award-winning artist has invested this prize money in projects that fund the cultivation of young music talents.

 As in previous years, the trophy of the Glashütte Original Music Festival Awards is still produced by two apprentices from the Glashütte Original Alfred Hevig Watchmaking Academy. The school is affiliated with Glashütte Original, and has been cultivating conveyor watchmakers and toolmakers for 12 years. Glashütte Original attaches great importance to the cultivation and excavation of new forces, and the manufacturing process of the trophy perfectly conveys the concept and original intention of the award. Not only that, the shape of the trophy perfectly combines traditional watchmaking technology with modern materials, using transparent media, and inside is an ultra-complex flying tourbillon with 18 tiny balance wheel screws, symbolizing the watchmaker’s superb skills. The flying tourbillon was invented by watchmaker Alfred Hevig in 1920, and has been regarded as an important symbol of watchmaker’s skill reaching the peak. It is also considered to be the highest art form in the watch industry. The flying tourbillon inlaid on the trophy also marks the outstanding contribution of the winners.
2014 honorary winners
 This year, the violinist Hillary Hahn from the United States won the 11th Glashütte Original Music Festival Award. On June 4, the awards ceremony was grandly held at the Semper Opera House. Under Pavojevi, Germany’s most innovative and flexible world-famous Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra presented a perfect musical recital, and Hillary Hahn also soloed John Brahms’ violin live The concerto presents a unique feast of music. After the performance, Glashütte Original Global President Yan Gamma and Dresden Music Festival Director Jan Berger presented the trophy to the outstanding artist.

 Hillary Hahn is a German-American citizen who performed publicly at the age of 6. At the age of 10, she held her first full violin solo performance evening in Baltimore. At the age of 12, he performed for the first time with a small chamber orchestra. Hilary Hahn has participated in 800 concerts, of which more than 500 were completed with the orchestra. She has performed in more than 200 cities in 27 countries. In 1995, under the direction of Lorraine Mazel, she and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra perfectly presented her first performance in Germany. In 2007 in Vatican City, Rome, she collaborated with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra under the command of Gustavo Dudame to participate in the 80th birthday of Pope Benedict XVI.
 Hilary Hahn is able to inspire the younger generation with her strong and clear musical style, and it is for this reason that the Glashütte Original Music Festival has given her this honorary award. Her sincerity and talkative make her attractive outside the concert hall, attracting countless classical music fans. Through meeting with students and using social media, she often communicates vividly and deeply with everyone.
‘The Internet is a good medium for young people who want to enter this field to understand classical music, and at the same time to allow the public to understand the stage and behind the scenes of classical music. Therefore, I consider my online information to be for everyone A channel to gain deeper insights into my professional experience and music production. ‘Hillary Hahn expressed her thoughts in an interview with the Dresden Music Festival Magazine, and she also talked about working with others The new perspectives discovered and shared during the conversation are a very happy thing.
 Glashütte Original respects German traditional culture, inherits history and pays attention to the discovery and cultivation of new forces. This is exactly the same as the idea and original intention of the Dresden Music Festival. The Glashütte Original Music Festival awards established by it are not only for recognition. Artists who have made outstanding contributions to the field of music express the inheritance and development of Glashütte Original to the quality of German culture and art.

Avant-garde Technology Creates A New Elegant Ya Radar Series Watch

In 1986, Rado model first introduced high-tech ceramic watch industry, polished black high-tech ceramic that is a perfect endorsement Rado style. Smooth, smooth, shining wrist, combined with his best simple case, make it the best interpretation of the Rado style masterpiece of ingenuity. The polishing of the five-row high-tech ceramic bracelet and the matte links complement each other, making it more texture and highlighting the charming temperament of complex craftsmanship. Over the years, Rado always adhere to the spirit of innovation, we continue to create surprises. Today’s Watch House brings to you a Radar Diamond High-Performance Ceramic Automatic Mechanical Hollow Limited Edition watch, the official model: 629.0074.3.013.

The Radar Diamond series of high-tech ceramic watches is known for its simplicity. The simple and delicate dial layout with high-tech ceramic materials shining with metallic luster presents a new era of elegant style created by avant-garde technology.

The case is made of plasma high-tech ceramic, 41 mm in diameter.

The case of this watch is made of plasma high-tech ceramics with a diameter of 41 mm. The case is specially treated to show a unique warm gray metallic luster.

with a sapphire crystal

The watch uses a sapphire crystal glass, which is perfectly curved by the watchmaker, and then double-sided anti-glare treatment, with clear light transmission and embedded in the round and elegant bezel.

Gear crown feels comfortable

This watch uses a simple gear-type crown with a rounded contour and comfortable feel. The crown is carved with a delicate anchor logo on the top.

High-tech ceramic bracelet with outstanding appearance

The high-tech ceramic bracelet also uses a special treatment, showing a unique warm gray metallic luster. Polishing and matte chain links complement each other, making its texture multiplied and highlighting the charming temperament of complex craftsmanship.

Case thickness is about 7.8mm

The thickness of this watch is about 7.8 mm. The case is made of white high-tech in a plasma furnace filled with activated gas and reaching 20,000ºC. When the temperature of high-tech ceramics reaches 900ºC, its color will change and present a unique Warm grey metallic luster. This material does not fade over time and always maintains its elegant color.

Butterfly double clasp made of titanium

The watch is equipped with a butterfly butterfly clasp made of titanium, which is easy to wear without affecting the overall beauty of the strap. The delicate polishing shows the brand’s intentions in details.

Lugs are ergonomic

The vertical lugs are light and round in shape, showing a subtle classic temperament. The naturally curved back of the lugs is ergonomically designed to ensure the comfort of the watch when worn.

The inner dial of the dial is decorated with silver-white Paris studs, and the silver-gray outer ring is decorated with sun-stripes. The overall mix is ​​neither tedious nor obtrusive, showing a refined and elegant style.

Elegant willow-shaped blue steel hands

Two beautifully fired willow-shaped blue-steel hands outline the charm of time in an elegant manner, combined with a simple and elegant dial design, showing a timeless classic combination.

12 slender three-dimensional mosaic scales

On the outer ring of the dial are 12 slender, intricate, three-dimensional inlaid scales and slender metal scales. They are simple yet elegant, allowing you to grasp the time easily.

Equipped with an automatic mechanical movement

The water-resistant depth of this watch is about 100 meters. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement. Through the sapphire crystal glass embedded in the case back, the exquisite Swiss mechanical movement can be seen at a glance. The charm of advanced mechanical watches That’s all. Containing 21 jewel bearings, it can provide a watch with a power reserve of about 42 hours.

Summary: Precise, simple, and chic are the key words of the Radar Diamond Series watch that is not complicated. Radar has always been a pioneer in the development and use of direct new materials for watches. Combining with Swiss traditional watchmaking technology, it can reflect its brand everywhere in the use of materials and details, or the integration of classical elements. Superb craftsmanship. This watch also uphold its brand has always been stringent requirements of modern science and technology and the penetration of refined elegance extraordinary temperament. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Calela Pan American Road Race Celebrates 30 Years Of Glory Return

Hilaire and Laura Damiron, two drivers of TAG Heuer, celebrate the 30th anniversary of the glorious return of the Carlisle Pan American Road Race. Relive the game.

   Along the world’s toughest and most spectacular 3,000 km Mexican highway, it took 7 days for 170 participants to reach the end of Durango. After winning the championship in 2016, TAG Heuer’s brand friends Hilaire and Laura Damiron took the lead in three stages with the ‘El Comander’ and then drove the Stipunk commander made in 1954. Race the car to finish second.

   The legendary Carrera Pan American Road Race is one of the most dangerous races in the world, embodying TAG Heuer’s brand motto “#DontCrackUnderPressure”. The Carrera Pan American Road Race kicked off on the Pan American Highway in Mexico in 1950. After 33 years of silence, it re-launched in 1988. This endurance race is a classic car made before 1955.

   TAG Heuer has worked with Calella Pan American Highway for more than 50 years. Out of love for motorsport, in 1963, Jack Heuer launched the famous Carrera as a symbol of TAG Heuer’s identity.

   This rugged, revolutionary chronograph is designed for road racing. Today, the TAG Heuer Carrera (Carrera series) has undergone 10 generations of development. Swiss watchmakers have maintained a deep cooperative relationship with this legendary Mexican race, attracting many former F1 drivers and celebrities, such as Juan Mann Juan Manuel Fangio.

   To celebrate the brand’s unwavering passion and efforts in the field of racing for 30 years, TAG Heuer launches a limited edition Mexican Angel watch: the TAG Heuer Carrera 45mm automatic watch with a black rubber watch Strap, black opal dial, black PVD-coated frosted steel case, black ceramic bezel with red embellishment and ‘Mexico’ lettering.

Under The Lion Rock – Grand Seiko Seiko 4

Starting from Baselworld 2017, Seiko has separated the flagship Grand Seiko series from the original, aiming to establish a high-end brand positioning away from the original Seiko image. It can be seen that the new GS will no longer print a separate Seiko logo, and will be unified to the design of GS + Grand Seiko. In addition to the logo changes, gs has always maintained the tradition of Japanese production of all parts assembled in Japan, while Seiko has reduced production costs, with the exception of core parts, which are mostly distributed to factories throughout Asia (formerly mainly China, and now also began to shift to Southeast Asia). Therefore, in order to maintain the high-end image of GS, separation has become an inevitable thing. The use of artisan-style workshops has also ensured that the production standards and craftsmanship of gs products are the benchmarks of Japanese watches. Today I want to say that the four GSs are all new after 17 years (three of them are limited editions). You can see that the surface of the disc is obviously different from the previous logos, two cyan and two plain white, and two manual. Two automatic, different models have their own characteristics, but at a glance you can see that it is gs. This is the charm of Seiko Style. Let’s analyze them one by one: In order to easily distinguish the four watches, the poisoner gave them a small name: big blue-SBGK005, the plate uses the traditional large lacquer process (urushi). The secretion resin is obtained by cutting its trunk. Mr. Isshu Tamura, a Japanese master of lacquer art, filled the resin surface with a special process, looking at the deep navy blue waves and the dark swells from afar, looking at the fine fibers like velvet hair and the patterns like jade scales. Each gs has its own different scale design, but the balance of light and shade has been throughout the series. I have to say that Seiko has its own unique beauty. Look at the scale of the big blue. The side is obliquely polished. Up to 10 diamond pillars on the front face are arranged in a straight line. The diamond pillars are divided into two groups and a concave V-shaped surface is added. If the refractive surface is calculated, there are 15 visible surfaces. Shooting at a good angle requires constant experimentation, because if you accidentally miss it, it is like an arrow in time and cannot be touched. 9S63A manual movement, compared with 9S64 with a slight change: at the three o’clock position on the dial, a practical moving display device, the second hand moved to the nine o’clock position, 33 diamonds, 28800 vibration frequency, 72 hours of power. The table warp is 39MM, thickness is 11.6MM, the size is of course comfortable to wear, the shell is like fat abalone, fat buttocks with thin arms. Small blue-SBGH267, the surface of the disk can be said to be kaleidoscope, the small grid on the surface is engraved with the GS logo and the H lightning logo made by the representative of the Shishi Advanced Timepiece Workshop, hovering to the center like a flower cluster, the K gold flat top second hand is also the top Well, dancing with Waltz, forgetting time. Unlike the large blue scale, the small blue is more rigid. The edges are directly cut purely. The front side uses 18 straight rhombus columns to make the scale show stronger direct-view brightness, which brings visually stunning blade cutting and bright light. Interestingly, the limited edition oscillating weight uses titanium metal and tungsten metal as the counterweight, and the surface is anodized, and the purple and blue patch texture does not really think it is a platinum meteorite surface. 9S85 automatic movement, high-frequency version 9S made a lot of changes: the hairspring uses a special Spron 610, the escapement wheel and the escapement fork are etched with MEMS laser to achieve the hollow, at the same time, the end of the escapement gear has an oil storage groove to To ensure more durability under high frequency friction, 37 diamonds, 36,000 vibration frequency, 55 hours dynamic storage. The table warp is 39.5MM, the thickness is 13MM, and the thickness is slightly larger, but a lot of work has been done from the shell type to be discussed later. GS is famous for its knife and grinding skills. Big white-SBGW253, as a limited copy of the original GS-3180, changed from the original 36 watch classics to 38 watch classics, which is more suitable for current aesthetic needs. Others have basically remained unchanged. It is conceivable that the design of Seiko at that time has reached a very high level. The sight of the goldfish sapphire sapphire was broader, and the simple and creamy disk surface was equipped with a stud scale with a blade-finished toffee pointer. It continues to this day. The scale is perfectly restored to the design of the time. The four square nails are cut at 30 ° on the four sides and polished with a V-shaped depression in the middle, so that there are two more reflective surfaces. One of the six scales is not created by Seiko, but it will have a multi-mirror effect. No one can play to the extreme. 9S64 manual junior hand, 28800 vibration frequency, 72 hours of power. The 18K gold lion caseback is the essence. As the pinnacle of seiko, the Lion represents a very high status and majesty to express Seiko’s strong confidence in it. Facts have proved that Seiko’s gs really kills the world. I hope everyone can experience this, even if it is a try-on, I believe that it will have a new understanding of Seiko, a high sense of ordinaryness. Xiaobai-SBGR287 is also the one loved by poison masters. The 37MM dress style is more suitable for me with a small wrist. The white disc surface uses a ribbon transfer pattern, and the generous and decent design will not look too plain. If you can use the goldfish tank sapphire like the Yuanzu gs, it is a really perfect style. The baked blue second hand + ribbon white plate + mirror scale = perfect. The scale design of this non-limited edition is also the most used. The front side of the mirror noodle nail is not made with the details of the diamond grooves (so if the gs is high or not, you can see the number of scale mirrors and the design). But the common point is that The surface must have a mirror effect, and light and shade are the eternal theme of gs. 9S65 automatic movement, 35 diamonds, 28800 vibration frequency, 72-hour power hours, standard automatic junior needle movement, the introduction of the movement is not the focus of this time. If you like it, you can read the previous article. I won’t do a long introduction here. Can you recognize which model by the side? The four gs have different shell designs, and the ingenuity of GS is perfectly reflected. If you look at one, you don’t feel much. If you put them together, you will see the difference. It is not a simple thickness change. Each lug has its own characteristics. Dabai · Dagger Blade——Short and Flexible Big Blue · Broad Axe Blade——Breakthrough White Xiao · Blade Blade——Hidden Flowers in Blue Little Blue · Palm Sword——Playable GS Sex can be seen and felt. The lugs use Seiko’s Zaratsu (grinding method). Zaratsu was originally the name of a German grinding machine manufacturer. After fifty years of purchasing the machine, the name was used. The ten-time-trained case has a high degree of steel purity, and after polishing, the surface brightness and gloss can show a high-quality mirror effect. In fact, Seiko has always been a brand loved by poisonists, and its GS has many praises: no matter its history or craftsmanship, it can also be seen that it is full of sincerity through four new models, which is even more valuable in today’s watch brands. The four generals will be put on armor and will fight down the Lion Rock. The smoke will spread and the drums will thunder. Please vote for the one you want to win?