[Video] ‘watch Watch’ Takes The Watch Off-road To Watch The Watch, Big G Who Is More Resistant?

Some watch friends in the Watch House Forum raised related questions: Does the bumps and shakes affect the time of the watch? In order to get an accurate answer, the watch house specially selected two watches for testing. After a cross-country trip, check out their seismic performance.

Take your watch off-road

   In the daily wear of our watches, we will inevitably encounter bump wear or jitters. These will indeed affect the movement of the movement, but they are only small errors. Therefore, as long as you love your watch to avoid falling from high altitude Or extreme shock such as severe shock, the watch will be fine, watch friends can rest assured! Welcome everyone to watch this issue of ‘Watch Talk’, see you next time!

Tough Guy’ Lu Liangwei Holds Hamilton’s Southwest Tour First Landing In Nanning

Lu Liangwei appeared in Nanning to participate in the tour of brand watches Lu Liangwei appeared in Nanning to participate in the tour of brand watches. Hamilton, a watch brand that combines the traditional American spirit with advanced Swiss movement technology, held a 2011 new product launch exhibition tour in Nanning in Nanning. The first stop of the Southwest tour was Nanning. The brand joined hands with Hong Kong’s famous artist Lu Liangwei in the popular landmarks of Nanning in Paris Spring and Parkson to join the hundreds of audiences on the time journey created by Hamilton watches.
  At 2:30 in the afternoon, Mr. Lu Liangwei first arrived at the Paris department store. The fans who waited for a long time saw the star who had been thinking about their hearts for a long time and screamed in horror. Subsequently, Mr. Lu Liangwei came to the atrium square of Wanda business district in Nanning to continue the tour exhibition of Nanning Station of the brand. The shoppers learned that Mr. Lu Liangwei was present at the press conference, and the surrounding area of ​​the press conference was leaking.
  At the press conference, the touring guest Mr. Lu Liangwei and Ms. Song Jianhui, the vice president of the Hamilton brand, unveiled the self-core movement and the 2011 new models. Mr. Lu Liangwei couldn’t hide his love for Hamilton’s new watches, and revealed the family’s inextricable relationship with Hamilton: ‘As early as my grandparents’ generation, Hamilton watches entered China, and there are several pieces in the house. Hamilton’s classic style, and this jazz freedom style series that reshapes the US marine navigation chronograph also expresses my yearning and love for freedom. It can be said that this is a watch brand that has accompanied me throughout my life. In an interview after the meeting, Mr. Lu Liangwei also revealed his origins with Guangxi. It turned out that before liberation, Lu Liangwei’s grandfather had moved to Dongxing to make a living. At that time, the family was selling rice.
  According to reports, the famous watch brand Hamilton was founded in 1892 and was a major manufacturer of US military watches during World War II. The new Hamilton is a continuation of the time-honored retro wave of Hamilton watches in 2011. The theme of the modern era is to combine modern design with innovative craftsmanship, and present a new self-made core H21H31 with 60 hours of storage power, and reproduce WWII classic two series of vintage new models-Jazz Liberty and Pioneer Automatic Chronograph. Lu Liangwei took a group photo with the fans to take a photo of Lu Liangwei for an interview. Lu Liangwei’s dance partner Dong Yiwei showed the new watch on the model show. The model show was surrounded by the audience.

Custom Rolex Watches Are Absolutely Unique

Successful people like to wear a Rolex watch, a status symbol! However, Rolex watches are still in mass production, if you still feel that they are not noble enough not to be special. Then make a unique Rolex watch yourself. Bamford customise your Rolex watch
Bamford, a foreign company, provides this service to help you customize your Rolex watch. You can modify the hands, dial color, any accessories on the dial, the indicated scale, calendar, strap, and the inscription on the body. The service starts from £ 7,000. The exact price depends on the style and modification of your watch. Of course, the craftsmanship is absolutely guaranteed.
If you have more money, you can contact Rolex directly to help you customize your watch. This service is believed to be more expensive than Banford.
Customize your Rolex watch in Bamford

Citizen Campanola Limited Edition Watch

The long-awaited Citizen Campanola limited edition watch & mdash; & mdash; Qian Zhou appeared in China in July 2008, held a launch event in Beijing Changan club on July 11th, more than 100 social elites Many senior watch experts gathered at the dinner named ‘The Art of Time Fusion, Collecting Collections Forever’. Qian Zhou waited for a show at the 2007 Basel Clock Show. She was surprised by her luxurious presets and unique special temperament. The Qian Zhou is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, and 20 of them are sold in China.

Painted utensil series classic legend & mdash; & mdash; Qian Zhou, is a collection of CAMPANOL, hand-made, using high-end light kinetic energy technology as deemed appropriate, the carved small watch dial draws on the visible light source, and brings it on the wrist The watch works, and it has many complicated functions such as power display, moon phase profit and loss, and chronograph timekeeping. What is even more impressive is its unique lacquerware dial. Qian Qian’s preset inspiration comes from space, showing the sun and the moon and the nebula. The dial of the whole child is dotted with the gas of the gas nebula, because this name is ‘ldquo; Qian Zhou’.
Lacquer utensils are traditional art unique to the East and have a history of seven thousand years. Containing oriental temperament, CAMPANOLA pays attention to delicate details to apply the art of lacquering utensils to the dial. Color presets come from different inspirations, such as the glazes of the seven treasures of the Buddhist family, the emerald with beautiful kingfisher feather colors, and the ancient rumors of astral stars. CAMPANOLA lacquer utensils series are preset with gorgeous colors, and the partial format participates in gold powder manufacturing, which is more glorious. The dial is famous by Toyo ‘Aizu lacquered utensils’ by traditional craftsmen, and the process is complicated, showing the craftsman’s skills in the details.
CAMPANOLA watches are absolutely handmade. The dial is preset with rich three-dimensional and deep sense, and the coordination and combination of various details are extremely elegant. ‘The hollow beauty’ formed by the dial, the case, and the mirror is the place where the CAMPANOL elite exists. The electroplating process of the dial uses 1/1000 millimeters as the unit, and the plating needs to be repeated at the same location for more than ten hours. The engraving of the movement at the same time shows a sense of pleasure and deep technology. The case is smooth and polished like a mirror. The lugs of the straps are generally difficult to sand. In order to successfully achieve the delicate beauty of each small place, the presetter even preset a unique special structure for the combination of individual parts for CAMPAOLA. The strap is carefully calculated by the preset division, and various curvatures and styles are combined to make various watch sections to ensure the fit with the wrist.
The classic Citizen watch can become a treasure that will be passed on to time and time to future generations. Citigroup CAMPOLOLA seems to be thinking deeply about insightful minds, witnessing the beauty of time and age, sculpting luxury classics.

Hublot Launches Free Polishing Service For A Limited Time

Snowflake interprets the beauty of the starry night, and when countless smiles bloom with happiness, in this beautiful Christmas moment, gifts full of passion and desire come one after another. HUBLOT warmly recommends personalized Christmas watches, which combines luxurious materials, dazzling diamonds and Big Bang UNICO diamonds with outstanding technology, to record the most splendid Christmas time on the wrist.

  The design of the Big Bang UNICO series is in the same vein as the famous Hublot Big Bang series and has been significantly optimized. Big Bang UNICO diamonds have an impressive 45.5 mm diameter. The king gold case is paved with beautiful diamonds to highlight the stylish mechanical appearance; the bezel surrounding several pavé diamonds is iconic 6 H-shaped screw locks. Tight, trendy design, clever and more luxurious charm; the hollow dial makes the precision UNICO column wheel chronograph movement visible and clear at a glance, the scale and Arabic numerals have been redesigned, the larger display is hollow and covered with luminous coating. The black natural rubber strap makes skin feel extremely comfortable and durable.

   From November 1st to December 15th, 2014, Hublot China’s 11 stores and 3 counters will provide a free polishing service of ‘Shining Christmas, polishing for love watches’. Hublot customers can visit the Hublot Service Center located in the Hang Lung Plaza store in Shanghai, or send their watches to the Hublot store or counter in their city to enjoy the privileges. The ‘Christmas Benefits’ service launched for a limited time will meticulously polish all aspects of the customer’s Hublot watches, including metal parts such as bezels, cases, tabs, buckles and straps. A professional repairman who knows Swiss watchmaking methods will first disassemble each part of the watch, polish it with advanced instruments imported from Switzerland, and assemble the watch in a professional environment. The assembled Hublot The watch must be guaranteed to pass the last step of the waterproof test before it will be returned to the customer in a completely new state.

   The entire polishing service takes 4 to 6 weeks from the early communication to the later inspection. Customers need to call the after-sales service center 1 to 2 days in advance to make a service appointment. At the same time, considering that the polishing of the watch will cause a certain loss of the original material, the Hublot repairman will fully communicate with you the most professional polishing suggestions according to the wear status of the watch you are wearing, and provide a home after-sales experience.

  The best token to perfectly carry and express love is the precious timepiece worn on the wrist. Hublot is willing to give every watch an unparalleled care on Christmas Eve, regain its shiny luster, and become more and more timeless.
After-sale consultation telephone: 4008 215 896

Piaget Shenyang City Hall Hang Lung Plaza Boutique Grand Opening

On December 6, 2012, Piaget, a prestigious Swiss jewellery and watch brand, opened a grand new landmark in Shenyang, the city’s Hang Lung Plaza, perfectly presenting Piaget’s classic fine jewelry and watches. The essence of creation.
 On December 6, 2012, Piaget, the prestigious Swiss jewellery and watch brand, opened in Shenyang’s new luxury landmark, Hang Lung Plaza, perfectly presenting the essence of Piaget’s classic fine jewelry and watch creation. Earl China Chief Executive Officer Mr. Murong Tao, well-known movie star Mr. Qin Hao, Ms. Qin Lan and media friends gathered in Shenyang to witness this important moment and to see the moving artistic charm of Earl.

 As the core economic city in Northeast China, Shenyang has not been underestimated in recent years and has become an important consumer market in China. Through this newly-built boutique, Piaget also hopes to extend its cordial greetings to the modern and beautiful city of Shenyang and show Shenyang the unique charm of the brand for nearly 140 years.
 Following the Piaget flagship store of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, the Hang Lung Boutique in Shenyang is the first boutique on the mainland to adopt a new architectural concept. Its superior location highlights the noble and luxurious spirit that the brand has been committed to. Henglong Plaza of Shenyang Municipal Government is located in the center of Shenyang City, with a construction area of ​​855,100 square meters. The decoration style in the mall is simple and magnificent, which coincides with the noble elegance of luxury brands. The opening of the city’s Hang Lung boutique not only inherits Piaget’s traditional elegance and honor, but also shows that Piaget is committed to providing customers with exceptional service and the ultimate luxury shopping experience.

 The newly completed Piaget City Hall Henglong boutique has a total area of ​​160 square meters. The spacious and comfortable shopping environment perfectly presents Piaget’s extraordinary design boutiques. The interior design of Piaget’s new concept is still led by architect Christine Querlioz from Atelier Sasha Architects in Paris, France. The furnishings in the store are well-built and elegant, and the atmosphere in it is far beyond the appearance, which reflects the brand’s elegant origins from Switzerland. Whether it is the contrast of bright and matte building materials, or the selection of unique projection theater lamps, it outlines the unique and elegant side of Piaget. The store is decorated with elegant black and gold as the main tone, and the bright and matte colors on the decorative material surface complement each other. The natural decoration materials are used to highlight the brand’s low-key luxury temperament. Surrounded by a magnificent and charming brand style atmosphere, the store displays Piaget’s jewellery and clocks made with 100 years of craftsmanship, like a corridor that spans time, and feels the integration of the brand’s more than 100 years of history and innovation.

 The design of the display window is like a large treasure chest decorated with gold leaf strips. Visitors are invited to experience the exquisite creations of Piaget, and to pay tribute to the traditional craftsmanship that has almost disappeared today. Inside the store, a three-legged stand with a dome glass cover showcases Piaget’s magnificent and timeless jewelry. Against the backdrop of unique lighting installations, haute jewellery and watch pieces become even more glamorous.
 Committed to allowing customers to enjoy a comprehensive personal shopping experience, Piaget set up an independent luxury VIP lounge in the store. The wall of the reception room is hung with pictures of the Earl’s family and many items of great memorable value. It is like an art museum, vividly describing the splendid moment of the Earl and its iconic creations, so that visitors receive the brand’s invitation as noble luxury The magnificent and charming shopping environment deeply penetrates the Piaget brand. Tables made of leather and oak, large curtains of gold and smoky gray, and carpets of black lacquer, green rust, and slightly shimmering pearls create a pleasant and luxurious environment, so that every visitor can indulge in the honor and art of the count The beauty of each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

From the left, movie star Qin Hao, Earl China CEO Thomas Bouillonnec, movie star Qin Lan, and deputy general manager Zhou Shenwei of Shenyang Fuheng Real Estate toast to celebrate the grand opening of Piaget Shenyang Fuheng

 Famous movie stars Mr. Qin Hao and Ms. Qin Lan, as guests of the opening ceremony of the Earl City Hall Hang Lung Boutique, came to the scene to congratulate the earl. As Liaoning natives, Mr. Qin Hao and Ms. Qin Lan expressed their kindness to Shenyang, a modern city. Qin Hao and Qin Lan believe that Piaget’s presence in Henglong stores in the city hall will also bring the spirit of distinguished luxury brands to more people in Shenyang. When talking about the feeling of Piaget, Qin Hao and Qin Lan both expressed their appreciation of Piaget’s brand culture and their love for jewelry watch design concepts.
 Leaping from the nineteenth century to the present, Piaget has kept pace with the times with a century-old tradition and superb craftsmanship. With the expansion of the global boutique network, the display concept of Piaget boutiques has always been unbiased to echo the core value of the Piaget family. It not only reflects the foresight and long-term craftsmanship of the Earl’s family, the brand-based creative culture and extraordinary uniqueness, but also shines brightly in the details painted by the new concept.

Earl China CEO Thomas Bouillonnec is the Deputy General Manager of Shenyang City Henglong Real Estate Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou Shaowei, and the movie stars Qin Hao and Qin Lan introduce the earl’s first Earl’s boutique and jewelry watches with a new architectural concept

 Each piece of exquisite and magnificent masterpieces will bloom the beauty of Piaget’s distinguished elegance in the fashionable and bright city of Shenyang. In the future, Earl will also adhere to the brand spirit of adhering to the traditional craftsmanship and innovation spirit, and look forward to continuing this classic and elegant legend with you.

Piaget’s Shenyang City Hall Henglong boutique model embodies the unique charm of Piaget watch jewelry and elegance

The model in Piaget Shenyang City’s Hang Lung boutique interprets the unique charm of Piaget’s watch jewelry and elegance

The Age Of Luxury Consumers In China And The United States Is 25 Or Younger Than China

With China gradually becoming the world’s second largest consumer of luxury goods, people can’t help but sigh. Luxury goods that were once out of reach of ordinary people are now being embraced by young Chinese. Luxury goods have become a symbol of young people in China. According to the World Luxury Association report, China’s luxury consumers are now 15 years younger than European consumers and 25 years younger than American consumers. What kind of ratio is this, and why are there so many luxury goods in China? Young consumers go after it. According to records, China’s luxury goods group is mainly concentrated in young white-collar workers earning more than 10,000 yuan per month, or the wealthy second-generation generations with strong families, of which the post-80s accounted for the majority. Compared with a few wealthy classes in Europe and the United States, where luxury consumption is stably concentrated in the 40s and above, China’s young group of luxury consumption is growing. Because luxury itself is an important attribute of class distinction, and young people’s general mentality is becoming increasingly serious. It has long become the concept of “purchasing luxury goods even if they spend their parents’ money ”.
    In fact, the essence of luxury goods is very positive. It promotes social and economic development. Luxury goods have created a high-end market, which is beneficial to the development of the entire industry in China. It can promote the progress of local business flow, logistics, information flow and other related industries, while creating employment and fiscal revenue for the country. At this time, the most important thing to do is to advocate young people to understand luxury goods correctly, and establish a rational consumption concept is the key to solving the problem.

Panarai Opens Fourth Store In China

Shanghai, May 2012 ─ Italian luxury watch brand Panerai opens its third store in Shanghai. This is Panerai’s fourth specialty store in China, following Hang Lung Plaza, the Shanghai IFC Center, and Beijing in 2008. The new store is located on Nanjing West Road, which gathers the world’s top brands. The latest design concept displayed in the store is based on the new Panerai store opened in Via Montenapoleone, Milan a year ago.
    The new Shanghai store covers an area of ​​66 square meters, providing a unique experience for Panerai collectors and customers. The interior design of the store is full of simple and classic Italian style, highlighting the brightness and transparency of the store. The materials used are carefully selected, and the design inspiration is inspired by the history and traditions of this Florence brand: the golden silk Caracata white marble flooring from Tuscany, and the unique brushed stucco The walls reflect the roots of Panerai’s deep roots in Italy. The teak wall is modeled on the curvilinear shape of the waves, with beautiful radians, highlighting the brand’s close relationship with the ocean, and tells her deep roots with the Italian Navy.
    Just like some Panerai specialty stores, this store has a large wall clock on the wall, showing the unique feature of Panerai watches: the ‘sandwich’ dial structure. This structure sandwiches Super-LumiNova® with two identical dial sheets to display the hands and digital scale. This ‘sandwich’ dial structure was invented in the late 1930s and was designed to improve the clarity of the watch. Even in the extremely dark environment at the bottom of the water, the dial scale can be clearly read.

Upgrades Mido’s Latest Commander Three-eye Chronometer Real Shot

[Special Report from Watch House Basel] On April 25, 2013, the annual watch industry event Basel International Watch Fair kicked off. The watch house team went to Switzerland. In front of you, we will bring the exhibition report in the first time, and send the new watch pictures of major brands as soon as possible. Here are some of Basel’s new products. Mido watches are in real shooting. Friends who like Mido can see them first.

 Mido’s new Commander Gent
The Chronograph Commander Series Three-Eye Chronograph Men’s Watch is inspired by the then avant-garde landmark of Paris, the Paris Tower, with the addition of the three-eye chronograph performance, retaining a round body that is reminiscent of one.
The retro style of the French in the 1950s, but the high-rigidity acrylic glass was replaced with a sapphire crystal mirror, and the radial silver hairline surface plate was used as the base. The rose gold bezel, lugs, crown and geometric columnar moments stood out.
The black three-eye chronograph dial and details present an intriguing dial texture.

 The rose gold, black, and silver colors are used to stack the Paris silhouette through line changes. The three-eye chronograph performance dial also continues the above-mentioned rich layer stack. The large and small dials reflect the elegant and luxurious lifestyle with contrasting radial luster. The overall dial is in rose gold. Under the embellishment, it is like the night scene of France shining brightly when the night of the Paris Tower sags, which outlines the magnificent feast of the French 70s.

The pictures and information collected by the reporting team in front of the Watch House will be uploaded to the special topics in Basel, so stay tuned.

Watch home 2013 Basel international watch exhibition special website:

Model Of A Sophisticated And Elegant Watch

Tourbillon is one of the most noble and sophisticated techniques of watchmaking art. CORUM Co., Ltd. combines this highly respected watchmaking technology with a legendary watch series with more than 50 years of history to create the Admiral’s CupLegend42Tourbillon Micro-Rotor ) Watch. Equipped with a tourbillon, the Admiralty Cup Mileage 42 Tourbillon Mini-Auto Dial watch always exudes elegant, passionate and precise charm, which is another representative work of the series. Admiralty Cup Mileage 42 Tourbillon Mini Dial
    This new and complex watch is symbolic-its tourbillon setting not only enriches the collection of watch collections, but also demonstrates Kunlun’s determination to create more classic watches. The Admiral’s Cup 42 Tourbillon Micro-Auto Dial watch has a clean design and soft lines. The Admiral’s Cup series has a unique 12-sided outer ring and scale positions painted with 12 nautical flags. The concepts and representations that the series has shouldered and upheld since half a century have fully expressed respect for the history of the series.
    The Admiral’s Cup Tourbillon 42 Tourbillon Micro-Auto Dial watch combines rigidity, softness, and balance-elegant and beautiful, subtle and lightweight appearance, which contains extraordinary watchmaking technology and unparalleled precision watchmaking technology. The watch case has a diameter of 42mm and is available in three styles-18K red gold, 18K red gold outer ring with steel case, and steel style.
    The silver-gray surface design is designed to clearly show the watch’s functions; the twelve-sided outer ring is painted with the twelve nautical flags unique to the Admiral’s Cup series; the 11-hour scale is set in snail-plated gold or rhodium On a round surface (red gold model is gold-plated, the other two models are made of rhodium); barleycorn stripes are engraved in the center of the surface, and the Kunlun logo and ‘Admiral’s Cup’ are set; hollow faceted hour and minute hands Harmonious integration on the surface design, forming an elegant picture. Red gold models feature brown leather straps with pin buckles, while the other two models feature folding buckles.
    The Admiralty Cup Mile 42 Tourbillon Mini Dial is equipped with a CO503 Tourbillon self-winding movement that vibrates 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 60 hours. The tourbillon frame with a diameter of 12mm is set at 6 o’clock, which reveals the internal structure of the watch and allows the wearer to watch the beauty of the tourbillon. The skeleton tourbillon bridge fastened to the movement, the red gold model is polished gold-plated, and the steel model is rhodium, both elegant and eye-catching. The Admiral’s Cup Mile 42 Tourbillon Mini Dial is definitely an example of a sophisticated and elegant watch.
    The sapphire crystal on the bottom of the watch also sees through the ‘Cotes de Geneve’ Geneva wave-shaped decoration, 17mm diameter, gold plated micro-automatic dial with the Kunlun key logo. Admiral Cup Mileage 42 Tourbillon Mini-Auto Dial watch limited to 15 red gold models, 18K red gold outer ring with steel case model limited to 30 pieces, and steel watch limited to 75 Pieces.