Piaget Shenyang City Hall Hang Lung Plaza Boutique Grand Opening

On December 6, 2012, Piaget, a prestigious Swiss jewellery and watch brand, opened a grand new landmark in Shenyang, the city’s Hang Lung Plaza, perfectly presenting Piaget’s classic fine jewelry and watches. The essence of creation.
 On December 6, 2012, Piaget, the prestigious Swiss jewellery and watch brand, opened in Shenyang’s new luxury landmark, Hang Lung Plaza, perfectly presenting the essence of Piaget’s classic fine jewelry and watch creation. Earl China Chief Executive Officer Mr. Murong Tao, well-known movie star Mr. Qin Hao, Ms. Qin Lan and media friends gathered in Shenyang to witness this important moment and to see the moving artistic charm of Earl.

 As the core economic city in Northeast China, Shenyang has not been underestimated in recent years and has become an important consumer market in China. Through this newly-built boutique, Piaget also hopes to extend its cordial greetings to the modern and beautiful city of Shenyang and show Shenyang the unique charm of the brand for nearly 140 years.
 Following the Piaget flagship store of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, the Hang Lung Boutique in Shenyang is the first boutique on the mainland to adopt a new architectural concept. Its superior location highlights the noble and luxurious spirit that the brand has been committed to. Henglong Plaza of Shenyang Municipal Government is located in the center of Shenyang City, with a construction area of ​​855,100 square meters. The decoration style in the mall is simple and magnificent, which coincides with the noble elegance of luxury brands. The opening of the city’s Hang Lung boutique not only inherits Piaget’s traditional elegance and honor, but also shows that Piaget is committed to providing customers with exceptional service and the ultimate luxury shopping experience.

 The newly completed Piaget City Hall Henglong boutique has a total area of ​​160 square meters. The spacious and comfortable shopping environment perfectly presents Piaget’s extraordinary design boutiques. The interior design of Piaget’s new concept is still led by architect Christine Querlioz from Atelier Sasha Architects in Paris, France. The furnishings in the store are well-built and elegant, and the atmosphere in it is far beyond the appearance, which reflects the brand’s elegant origins from Switzerland. Whether it is the contrast of bright and matte building materials, or the selection of unique projection theater lamps, it outlines the unique and elegant side of Piaget. The store is decorated with elegant black and gold as the main tone, and the bright and matte colors on the decorative material surface complement each other. The natural decoration materials are used to highlight the brand’s low-key luxury temperament. Surrounded by a magnificent and charming brand style atmosphere, the store displays Piaget’s jewellery and clocks made with 100 years of craftsmanship, like a corridor that spans time, and feels the integration of the brand’s more than 100 years of history and innovation.

 The design of the display window is like a large treasure chest decorated with gold leaf strips. Visitors are invited to experience the exquisite creations of Piaget, and to pay tribute to the traditional craftsmanship that has almost disappeared today. Inside the store, a three-legged stand with a dome glass cover showcases Piaget’s magnificent and timeless jewelry. Against the backdrop of unique lighting installations, haute jewellery and watch pieces become even more glamorous.
 Committed to allowing customers to enjoy a comprehensive personal shopping experience, Piaget set up an independent luxury VIP lounge in the store. The wall of the reception room is hung with pictures of the Earl’s family and many items of great memorable value. It is like an art museum, vividly describing the splendid moment of the Earl and its iconic creations, so that visitors receive the brand’s invitation as noble luxury The magnificent and charming shopping environment deeply penetrates the Piaget brand. Tables made of leather and oak, large curtains of gold and smoky gray, and carpets of black lacquer, green rust, and slightly shimmering pearls create a pleasant and luxurious environment, so that every visitor can indulge in the honor and art of the count The beauty of each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

From the left, movie star Qin Hao, Earl China CEO Thomas Bouillonnec, movie star Qin Lan, and deputy general manager Zhou Shenwei of Shenyang Fuheng Real Estate toast to celebrate the grand opening of Piaget Shenyang Fuheng

 Famous movie stars Mr. Qin Hao and Ms. Qin Lan, as guests of the opening ceremony of the Earl City Hall Hang Lung Boutique, came to the scene to congratulate the earl. As Liaoning natives, Mr. Qin Hao and Ms. Qin Lan expressed their kindness to Shenyang, a modern city. Qin Hao and Qin Lan believe that Piaget’s presence in Henglong stores in the city hall will also bring the spirit of distinguished luxury brands to more people in Shenyang. When talking about the feeling of Piaget, Qin Hao and Qin Lan both expressed their appreciation of Piaget’s brand culture and their love for jewelry watch design concepts.
 Leaping from the nineteenth century to the present, Piaget has kept pace with the times with a century-old tradition and superb craftsmanship. With the expansion of the global boutique network, the display concept of Piaget boutiques has always been unbiased to echo the core value of the Piaget family. It not only reflects the foresight and long-term craftsmanship of the Earl’s family, the brand-based creative culture and extraordinary uniqueness, but also shines brightly in the details painted by the new concept.

Earl China CEO Thomas Bouillonnec is the Deputy General Manager of Shenyang City Henglong Real Estate Co., Ltd. Mr. Zhou Shaowei, and the movie stars Qin Hao and Qin Lan introduce the earl’s first Earl’s boutique and jewelry watches with a new architectural concept

 Each piece of exquisite and magnificent masterpieces will bloom the beauty of Piaget’s distinguished elegance in the fashionable and bright city of Shenyang. In the future, Earl will also adhere to the brand spirit of adhering to the traditional craftsmanship and innovation spirit, and look forward to continuing this classic and elegant legend with you.

Piaget’s Shenyang City Hall Henglong boutique model embodies the unique charm of Piaget watch jewelry and elegance

The model in Piaget Shenyang City’s Hang Lung boutique interprets the unique charm of Piaget’s watch jewelry and elegance