Swacth Christmas Limited Edition Is On Sale A Small Amount Of Spot For Only 740 Yuan

Entering December means that Christmas, New Year’s Day and other festivals can be held not far away. Various brands also introduced holiday funds into the market in advance. These timepieces have been widely praised by watch friends for their unique codes and exquisite styles. Because they are limited edition models, the watches themselves are also rare. If you buy them after this season, It will be difficult. Do your friends have accurate watches? If so, hurry up. According to feedback from forum table friends, recently found at the Swatch Beijing Wangfujing store, there are brand-name 2016 Christmas limited edition exquisite watches on sale, small snowflakes full of winter flavor and exquisite packaging gift boxes, each limited watch has a full The world’s only number. I believe you will like it with a girly heart. Since this watch has been on the shelves for some time, there are not many left, so pre-orders are coming soon! (8888 watches worldwide, 1100 watches in mainland China)

Swatch SUOZ222S Christmas Limited Watch

Packaging inside display

Watch ‘Christmas Little House’ Packaging Display

   The light blue tones and white snowflake design playfully show the characteristics of winter. The dial of the rainbow gold leaf element is inspired by the Northern Lights that represent fantasy and charm. The dials of different colors can be seen from different angles. The beautiful white printing pattern on the light blue strap is like a romantic scene with snowflakes falling on the surface glass and the strap. For women who are looking for romance and winter warmth, this watch will definitely be your favorite.

Summary: Whether it is a small gift to reward yourself as a lady or a little girlfriend to yourself. They are all unique gifts for Christmas 2016. In this way, it is also a classic by Swatch watch designers. If you like this watch, you may wish to visit the store for details. Watch House wishes everyone a Merry Christmas in advance!
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