The Age Of Luxury Consumers In China And The United States Is 25 Or Younger Than China

With China gradually becoming the world’s second largest consumer of luxury goods, people can’t help but sigh. Luxury goods that were once out of reach of ordinary people are now being embraced by young Chinese. Luxury goods have become a symbol of young people in China. According to the World Luxury Association report, China’s luxury consumers are now 15 years younger than European consumers and 25 years younger than American consumers. What kind of ratio is this, and why are there so many luxury goods in China? Young consumers go after it. According to records, China’s luxury goods group is mainly concentrated in young white-collar workers earning more than 10,000 yuan per month, or the wealthy second-generation generations with strong families, of which the post-80s accounted for the majority. Compared with a few wealthy classes in Europe and the United States, where luxury consumption is stably concentrated in the 40s and above, China’s young group of luxury consumption is growing. Because luxury itself is an important attribute of class distinction, and young people’s general mentality is becoming increasingly serious. It has long become the concept of “purchasing luxury goods even if they spend their parents’ money ”.
    In fact, the essence of luxury goods is very positive. It promotes social and economic development. Luxury goods have created a high-end market, which is beneficial to the development of the entire industry in China. It can promote the progress of local business flow, logistics, information flow and other related industries, while creating employment and fiscal revenue for the country. At this time, the most important thing to do is to advocate young people to understand luxury goods correctly, and establish a rational consumption concept is the key to solving the problem.