Top Ten Luxury Brands In China’s Most Potential Seagull Watch ‘gold List Title’

On January 4th, according to the Voice of China ‘News Evening Peak’ report, some institutions recently released the ‘2012 China Luxury Report’, which selected the top ten luxury brands in China, Seagull Watch ‘ Gold List Title ‘.
   Seagull watch, in the early 80’s, was one of the ‘three big things’ for Chinese people to get married. This watch factory produced China’s first watch in 1955. However, like many old state-owned enterprises, the seagull watch, like its name ‘Seagull’, has long been out of sight, especially for luxury goods. So, how far is domestic luxury from real luxury?
   People’s attention to seagull watches comes from a capital storm. Recently, the chairman of Shanghai Jahwa Group, Ge Wenyao’s investment in seagull watches, has made ‘seagulls’ the focus of attention. The insistence on the Seagull investment plan even triggered a conflict between Ge Wenyao and the shareholder Ping An Group. Last week, Ge Wenyao sold 60,000 shares of Shanghai Jahwa to cash out on the secondary market in five strokes, which was interpreted by the outside world as a preparation for personal investment in seagull watches. So, what is the market situation of Seagull Watch as a domestic luxury stock? At present, it can be called a luxury seagull watch, the price can reach about 300,000 yuan, the most expensive one costs 1.68 million yuan. But this 1.68 million yuan watch sold two in three years. Ms. Xue, a long-time consumer of luxury goods, said that watches are indeed one of the most luxury goods consumed by Chinese people, but most people only buy Swiss watches.
   Ms. Xue: There are different age groups, but most of them are some well-known foreign brands, Montblanc, Longines, I think there is still a lack of trust in domestic luxury goods, or because domestic luxury goods are from a certain On the one hand, the sense of plagiarism is stronger.
   Seagull’s luxury watches are limited to professional watch collectors and players. In 2012, China became the world’s second largest luxury market after the United States. However, almost all of the high consumption of luxury goods by Chinese people has contributed to overseas brands, and few domestic luxury goods have attracted much attention. Zhao Ping, deputy director of the Consumer Economics Research Department of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that the tangible value of Seagull watches is indeed very high, but the brand value of Seagull watches cannot be compared with the value of real luxury brands.
Zhao Ping: In its value composition of 1.68 million, the proportion of intangible value is very low, so we think that seagulls are close to luxury in appearance, such as high value and high quality, but they are far apart in terms of resemblance. Because first, it does not serve high-level people and elites. Second, it is not a high ratio, that is, the ratio between intangible value and tangible value is not very large. So when buying seagull products, people get more material satisfaction than psychological satisfaction.
   Seagull Watch independently developed the ‘Tourbillon Technology’ in 2002. Previously, this technology for high-end and complex mechanical watches had been monopolized by Swiss brands, and Seagull bypassed the patent barrier through unique technical processes, which shocked the industry. The reason why the seagull cannot be included in the luxury goods team is obviously not the technical aspect, but the brand value. Why are domestic luxury products far behind the real luxury in terms of brand value? Zhao Ping believes that luxury goods have their own rules in the formation of brand value.
   Zhao Ping: First, it must have a history. Generally, internationally-known luxury goods have a history of hundreds of years, at least three or fifty years. The second problem is cultural. China has a culture of 5,000 years, but what we lack is actually an idol culture. For luxury goods, it is sought after and considered by the elite to be very high-end, mainly because it is an idol. in use.
   Also marketing. In fact, in terms of marketing of many products in China, not only product packaging, including marketing concepts, market positioning, etc., but also more accumulation is needed to establish a close relationship between existing high-end goods and luxury goods. Only with history, culture, and marketing can we build luxury products to be built in the future so that it can form intangible value. On the basis of quality, we can build a higher intangible value to truly form our own luxury brand.

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