Under The Lion Rock – Grand Seiko Seiko 4

Starting from Baselworld 2017, Seiko has separated the flagship Grand Seiko series from the original, aiming to establish a high-end brand positioning away from the original Seiko image. It can be seen that the new GS will no longer print a separate Seiko logo, and will be unified to the design of GS + Grand Seiko. In addition to the logo changes, gs has always maintained the tradition of Japanese production of all parts assembled in Japan, while Seiko has reduced production costs, with the exception of core parts, which are mostly distributed to factories throughout Asia (formerly mainly China, and now also began to shift to Southeast Asia). Therefore, in order to maintain the high-end image of GS, separation has become an inevitable thing. The use of artisan-style workshops has also ensured that the production standards and craftsmanship of gs products are the benchmarks of Japanese watches. Today I want to say that the four GSs are all new after 17 years (three of them are limited editions). You can see that the surface of the disc is obviously different from the previous logos, two cyan and two plain white, and two manual. Two automatic, different models have their own characteristics, but at a glance you can see that it is gs. This is the charm of Seiko Style. Let’s analyze them one by one: In order to easily distinguish the four watches, the poisoner gave them a small name: big blue-SBGK005, the plate uses the traditional large lacquer process (urushi). The secretion resin is obtained by cutting its trunk. Mr. Isshu Tamura, a Japanese master of lacquer art, filled the resin surface with a special process, looking at the deep navy blue waves and the dark swells from afar, looking at the fine fibers like velvet hair and the patterns like jade scales. Each gs has its own different scale design, but the balance of light and shade has been throughout the series. I have to say that Seiko has its own unique beauty. Look at the scale of the big blue. The side is obliquely polished. Up to 10 diamond pillars on the front face are arranged in a straight line. The diamond pillars are divided into two groups and a concave V-shaped surface is added. If the refractive surface is calculated, there are 15 visible surfaces. Shooting at a good angle requires constant experimentation, because if you accidentally miss it, it is like an arrow in time and cannot be touched. 9S63A manual movement, compared with 9S64 with a slight change: at the three o’clock position on the dial, a practical moving display device, the second hand moved to the nine o’clock position, 33 diamonds, 28800 vibration frequency, 72 hours of power. The table warp is 39MM, thickness is 11.6MM, the size is of course comfortable to wear, the shell is like fat abalone, fat buttocks with thin arms. Small blue-SBGH267, the surface of the disk can be said to be kaleidoscope, the small grid on the surface is engraved with the GS logo and the H lightning logo made by the representative of the Shishi Advanced Timepiece Workshop, hovering to the center like a flower cluster, the K gold flat top second hand is also the top Well, dancing with Waltz, forgetting time. Unlike the large blue scale, the small blue is more rigid. The edges are directly cut purely. The front side uses 18 straight rhombus columns to make the scale show stronger direct-view brightness, which brings visually stunning blade cutting and bright light. Interestingly, the limited edition oscillating weight uses titanium metal and tungsten metal as the counterweight, and the surface is anodized, and the purple and blue patch texture does not really think it is a platinum meteorite surface. 9S85 automatic movement, high-frequency version 9S made a lot of changes: the hairspring uses a special Spron 610, the escapement wheel and the escapement fork are etched with MEMS laser to achieve the hollow, at the same time, the end of the escapement gear has an oil storage groove to To ensure more durability under high frequency friction, 37 diamonds, 36,000 vibration frequency, 55 hours dynamic storage. The table warp is 39.5MM, the thickness is 13MM, and the thickness is slightly larger, but a lot of work has been done from the shell type to be discussed later. GS is famous for its knife and grinding skills. Big white-SBGW253, as a limited copy of the original GS-3180, changed from the original 36 watch classics to 38 watch classics, which is more suitable for current aesthetic needs. Others have basically remained unchanged. It is conceivable that the design of Seiko at that time has reached a very high level. The sight of the goldfish sapphire sapphire was broader, and the simple and creamy disk surface was equipped with a stud scale with a blade-finished toffee pointer. It continues to this day. The scale is perfectly restored to the design of the time. The four square nails are cut at 30 ° on the four sides and polished with a V-shaped depression in the middle, so that there are two more reflective surfaces. One of the six scales is not created by Seiko, but it will have a multi-mirror effect. No one can play to the extreme. 9S64 manual junior hand, 28800 vibration frequency, 72 hours of power. The 18K gold lion caseback is the essence. As the pinnacle of seiko, the Lion represents a very high status and majesty to express Seiko’s strong confidence in it. Facts have proved that Seiko’s gs really kills the world. I hope everyone can experience this, even if it is a try-on, I believe that it will have a new understanding of Seiko, a high sense of ordinaryness. Xiaobai-SBGR287 is also the one loved by poison masters. The 37MM dress style is more suitable for me with a small wrist. The white disc surface uses a ribbon transfer pattern, and the generous and decent design will not look too plain. If you can use the goldfish tank sapphire like the Yuanzu gs, it is a really perfect style. The baked blue second hand + ribbon white plate + mirror scale = perfect. The scale design of this non-limited edition is also the most used. The front side of the mirror noodle nail is not made with the details of the diamond grooves (so if the gs is high or not, you can see the number of scale mirrors and the design). But the common point is that The surface must have a mirror effect, and light and shade are the eternal theme of gs. 9S65 automatic movement, 35 diamonds, 28800 vibration frequency, 72-hour power hours, standard automatic junior needle movement, the introduction of the movement is not the focus of this time. If you like it, you can read the previous article. I won’t do a long introduction here. Can you recognize which model by the side? The four gs have different shell designs, and the ingenuity of GS is perfectly reflected. If you look at one, you don’t feel much. If you put them together, you will see the difference. It is not a simple thickness change. Each lug has its own characteristics. Dabai · Dagger Blade——Short and Flexible Big Blue · Broad Axe Blade——Breakthrough White Xiao · Blade Blade——Hidden Flowers in Blue Little Blue · Palm Sword——Playable GS Sex can be seen and felt. The lugs use Seiko’s Zaratsu (grinding method). Zaratsu was originally the name of a German grinding machine manufacturer. After fifty years of purchasing the machine, the name was used. The ten-time-trained case has a high degree of steel purity, and after polishing, the surface brightness and gloss can show a high-quality mirror effect. In fact, Seiko has always been a brand loved by poisonists, and its GS has many praises: no matter its history or craftsmanship, it can also be seen that it is full of sincerity through four new models, which is even more valuable in today’s watch brands. The four generals will be put on armor and will fight down the Lion Rock. The smoke will spread and the drums will thunder. Please vote for the one you want to win?