Unique Hollow Charm Roger Dubuis Astral Skeleton

Dubuis is the only brand in the world that bears the Geneva Seal on all timepieces, symbolizing the ultimate quality and variety of watchmaking: extraordinary creativity, genuine origin, superb technology, perfect performance and durability. All the outstanding qualities of this certification mark are in Roger
Dubuis is exquisitely displayed in the superb hollow-out technique. Roger
Dubuis Roger Dubuis also launched new timepieces with infinite pioneering spirit in other representative fields-miniature rotor and flying tourbillon, presenting Astral in a dazzling variety of styles
Skeleton openwork concept.

   Astral Skeleton interstellar cutout presents Roger
The unique star-shaped design of Dubuis’ contemporary hollow-out movement creates a subtle three-dimensional visual effect with a multi-level construction, and perfectly combines sophisticated machinery, practical functions and sophisticated aesthetics. This superb achievement is due to the redesign and development of these skeletonized movements, rather than just hollowing out the existing movements.

   In the category of superb craftsmanship, Roger
Dubuis Roger Dubuis made the most of the professional skills gained through the production of avant-garde movements for many years, reflecting the brand’s unique vision of hollow creation. Today, the brand has extended these hollowed-out processes full of innovation and extraordinary creativity beyond the movement, creating hollowed-out cases, bezels and hands.

   The unique multi-level modeling process of the watch factory has obtained a new interpretation here, and it displays the unique three-dimensional visual effect. The hollow-out process applied to the appearance of the watch reinforces the architectural beauty of the movement. In addition, the comprehensive hollowed out interpretation (including the use of sophisticated and innovative case structure and the choice of modern materials such as titanium alloy) ensures that the wrist is light and comfortable when wearing the watch.

   Excalibur Spider Skeleton Flying Tourbillon is Roger
One of Dubuis’s new timepieces launched in 2015, the use of hollow-out technology to the fullest, it is like opening up a new direction of driving for a sports car equipped with an advanced engine and charming body. This model full of technology, outdoor spirit and car style presents a multi-layered three-dimensional visual effect, and has a variety of styling features that can highlight the sports style. World premiere Excalibur with jewellery-set rubber bezel
SpiderSkeleton Flying
The Tourbillon skeleton flying tourbillon watch successfully combines the rubber material that symbolizes technology and movement with the precious diamond that means ‘eternity’, harmonizing the originally polarized elements in harmony. Roger
Dubuis has devoted two years of research and development to this groundbreaking technology, which was created by the well-known Geneva gem setting expert Pascal Vincent Vaucher.

   This watch achieves the feat of combining cutting-edge technology and gem setting to create dazzling visual effects with incredible complexity. This Excalibur Spider launched in January 2015
Skeleton Flying
The Tourbillon skeleton flying tourbillon watch, its titanium alloy case and bezel also become a powerful carrier of skeleton technology, with a light and solid feeling. The white rubber strap on this model vividly sets off the representative titanium alloy tri-claw lugs and produces a strong contrast effect.
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