Vacheron Constantin Launches Only Watch Peace Pig Watch

This model is another perfect masterpiece of watchmaker Vacheron Constantin’s famous Metiers d ‘Art: gold carving, enamel crafts, gem setting and serial carving. This is specially made for Only Watch Perfectly displayed on the unique and gorgeous watch.
Inspired by the inlay paving design technology, this M & eacute; tiers d’Art & ndash; Perspectives d’Art watch is admired from different angles, the watch will show different picture effects, giving people a great visual enjoyment.

This watch combines several artisanal craftsmanship of the watchmaker, with outstanding levels and vividly expressing the theme. This watch uses a dial made of gold, enamel and diamonds, fine decoration and geometric figures, the use of space, giving different definitions of time.
The design of the watch was inspired by a painting by Maurits Cornelis Escher & ndash; a well-known Dutch ceramic and painting artist in structure, perspective and space (1898-1972). The red and white flying peace pigeon depicted on the dial of this watch was created by Vacheron Constantin (Machete Constant d’Art) with the representative colors Red and White of the Only Watch charity auction. Manufacture.

These peace pigeons are symbols of hope and love. They are inlaid and interlocked like insert toys or small square tiles. The use of this technology has produced wonderful works of decorative art. Inside the case is a high-precision Vacheron Constantin CAL2460 self-winding movement with the Geneva mark. The movement is completely independently developed and manufactured, and its functional quality is very reliable and stable, and all are hand-polished and polished in accordance with the traditional craftsmanship of the high-end Swiss watchmaking industry.