The Sweet Meet Of Qixi Night Montblanc Praises The Traditional Festival

On the long night of Qixi Festival, the stars and rivers are intertwined, and the sweetness of each period is met; the affectionate styles, no matter how time passes, still show the sincerity in the years. In this day of witnessing eternal love, Montblanc, an internationally renowned luxury brand, has carefully selected the perfect series of products, so that romantic gifts and gifts become the most memorable memories of the Qixi Festival.

Wrist minutes, let love last forever

  The 365-day long-distance view only meets on the Qixi Festival, and each time I write, I write a memorable and touching memory. As time goes by, Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Watches and Montblanc Bohème Perpetual Calendar Jewellery Watches witness the true love of each couple. Unlike the ‘full calendar’ function, the perpetual calendar can correctly display all date information including leap years without the need for manual adjustment by the wearer. Under the premise of ensuring power, no adjustment is required until 2100, becoming an eternal one in the years. It exudes timeless elegance and charm.

 Montblanc Heritage Collection Perpetual Calendar Watch and Montblanc Bohème Perpetual Calendar Jewellery Wrist

  The bright and bright moon is not only the light of hope in the quiet night, but also a messenger expressing love between lovers, transfiguring a chapter of touching poems. The ‘Moon Phase Display’ has always been one of the most popular complication features, giving the watch an aesthetically poetic color. The Montblanc Star Series Dual Moon Phase Display Watch and the Montblanc Baoxi Moon Court Series watch are like the incarnation of the moonlight, setting up a bridge of happiness for lovers. The month display function is presented above the dial through a crescent-shaped window, like a new moon hanging in the air, refracting a soft natural halo, and telling the affection of love with the love of cricket.

 Montblanc Star Series Dual Moon Phase Display Watch and Montblanc Bao Xiyueyuan Series Watch

  One is a gentleman who is gentle and gentle as a jade; the other is a lady who is elegant and generous, so different but so fit, just like the Montblanc heritage precision chronograph series full-calendar watch and the Montblanc Bohème day and night display watch. . As the sun and the moon change, the four seasons change, and what is constant is the sincere vows and day and night misses concluded under the stars. Even if the two places are separated, the beating pointer can span time and space and record love for two loving hearts Perseverance and Perseverance.

Montblanc Heritage Chronograph Full Calendar and Montblanc Bohème Day and Night Display

The nib flows, describing the unwavering love

  Love can convey thoughts through a space thousands of miles apart, and it can also guard each other through infinite time. Love can be turned into a strong and hot word, and it can also be an eternal word. Turn your affection for your lover into a nibble sentence at the tip of the pen, every word is true, every sentence is true, telling the most sincere love.
  As the Chinese New Year is approaching, Montblanc Heritage Series ‘Red and Black’ special edition writing instruments flow with the nib to record the vows of love. The two pens are inspired by Montblanc’s first ink pen ‘Red and Black’. While retaining the retro look and temperament, they will also show a slender modern silhouette and modern piston ink absorption technology. Tradition and modernity complement each other. The Qixi Festival of the year is endless. The vivid coral red resin is warm and lively, and collides with the deep black color, but they complement each other, just like lovers and hibiscus, love each other. The eye-catching spirit snake shape has a charming curve, and the snake body that is coiled on the tip of the hat extends all the way down to form a pen clip, which is smooth and moving, soft and firm. The cap’s classic Montblanc hexagonal white star, which symbolizes the crown of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe, inherits eternal love.

Dynamic and modern, sweet and jumping to match

  The traditional festival filled with love, the mutual tacit understanding and strong love turn into a surging emotional flow. Montblanc’s ingenuity, caring about details, and carefully presenting the elegance and practicality of the leather goods series, let each other’s love in the perfect interweaving of tradition and modernity.
  The sweet collision in color matching evokes a spark of passionate love, which rises and rises among the people in love, light and fermented. Montblanc Meisterstück’s classic series of small leather goods is exquisite and simple in design with exquisite love, dark dark brown, rich navy blue, and exquisite wine red. The mellow, rich and bright colors match the love. Elegant and practical small leather goods are made of top-grade leather, soft and delicate to touch, compact in structure, satisfying aesthetic and practical demands, and intimately accompany every occasion of work, life, and leisure, like the meticulous care of a lover, becoming the most desirable life sincere companion.

  Sincere love, willing to accompany each other to walk around every corner of the world, whether it is the beach connected by the sea and the sky, or the top of the mountain spitting at sunrise, telling the world aloud that the love belongs to each other. Montblanc’s new Urban Spirit series limited edition backpack is inspired by the world’s major urban transportation maps. It is full of personality and bears the love of traveling around the world. These colorful, latitude and longitude maps symbolize the vitality of the city’s flourishing flow. They are also equipped with individual windbreakers, carefully decorated with traffic maps of the four major cities in the world, including New York, Seoul, Paris and London. The limited edition backpack is made of soft black Italian leather. It has a smooth and delicate texture and has multiple functions. It is equipped with a side pocket for laptops, a mobile phone bag with a headphone jack, and a hidden fixing device. And reflective strips, just need a little debugging, and can be turned into a briefcase, freely switch between fashionable leisure and professional business. The playful aura blends perfectly with the dynamic modernity of the city, making each other the most dazzling pioneers in the city.

They are interlocking, linking ten fingers with each other

  Chinese Valentine’s Day is approaching, and the lovers present each other under the starry night sky and promise. The Milky Way crosses the north and the south, and Altair and the weaver star face each other across the river, facing each other far away. The lovers have a vein of love, hands clasped tightly, linked by bracelets, and love.

 Every day and every night, every minute and every second of guarding, Montblanc’s new leather bracelet expresses pure love in the simplest style. The red glow is the feminine femininity, the gray calmness is the resilience emanating from men. The combination of red and gray, the woven leather wristband and the lacquered steel buckle wrap around the wrist, embrace in the heart, low-key and real commitment, the moment of love and affection, the continuity of waiting and companionship, as time changes, Henggu remains unchanged, telling an eternal vow, a constant follower.

Watch House Invites Table Friends To Visit The Jack Heuer Time Museum

‘Jack Heuer Time Museum’ is a mobile version of TAG Heuer’s famous TAG Heuer 360 museum in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The TAG Heuer 360 Museum was unveiled in 2008 and finally arrived in China in April 2014. However, this museum is not open to the public. It only accepts brand ambassadors, news media, customers and special guests. The registration has entered the last day, everyone hurry up and come and participate!

Jack Heuer Time Museum-China Station

Shanghai Ganghui Hanglong Plaza April 16-April 21 (Internet users can go by themselves)
Oriental Xintiandi, Beijing April 29-May 4

 In order to provide watch friends with a chance to experience the art of horology from zero distance, Watch House joins hands with TAG Heuer Watches to invite watch friends to visit the Jack Heuer Time Museum.

 The specific registration method and participation form can be seen at the bottom of the text. The event has four specific links as follows. I believe that through such an event, everyone will definitely have an unprecedented new understanding of TAG Heuer watches.

Part I: Take everyone to visit the Jack Heuer Time Museum.

Part 2: Everyone can have the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with TAG Heuer’s watchmakers. I believe this is definitely the first time for most watch friends.

Part III: We will arrange prizes and quizzes for the knowledge of watches and clocks. The table friends who answer the questions will receive a Jack Heuer Museum commemorative gift prepared by the brand for you.

Part 4: Take everyone to the TAG Heuer flagship store in Xintiandi, Dongfang to try on various new products.

   The ‘Jack Heuer Time Museum’ designed by LUM Studio in Paris is to celebrate the most typical values ​​of the brand: creativity and avant-garde; energy and intensity; luxury and emotion. This assembleable 100-square-meter building has a 2.4-meter-high rack and displays nearly 60 outstanding historical collections. These are selected from the permanent collection of the TAG Heuer 360 Museum and the TAG Heuer Family Collection. Boutique.

 As Jack Heuer puts it, ‘Every part of the show is like a member of my family. From the earliest chronograph to the latest chronograph, they tell what is the most important spirit of TAG Heuer. The people of the world finally have the opportunity to see all of this for themselves, to know us through our most proud achievements, our most amazing creations, and our most enthusiastic moments, and to share with us.

Event Name: Watch House invites table friends to visit Jack Heuer Time Museum
Event Date: May 3, 2014 (Saturday)
Activity time: 15: 00-17: 00 in the afternoon
Venue: Beijing Oriental Xintiandi Shopping Center (the specific location will be notified by phone or SMS)

ways of registration:
1. Write down your real name and mobile number by leaving a message on this article
2. Your real name and mobile phone number through the official Weibo private message of the Watch House
 Watch House official Weibo:
(After you register, we will have a special person to contact you as soon as possible)