Welcome To Autumn Rewarding Preview And Events At Christie’s Hong Kong Autumn Auctions

Christie’s Hong Kong presented the first Christie’s Art Forum this fall, including a guided tour of Asian contemporary art, a lecture by the Barnes Foundation, and a seminar on ‘East-West Communication and Interaction’. Christie’s will hold pre-shows in nine major cities in Asia before the autumn auction. The focus of this season includes the collection of Chinese classical furniture and contemporary Chinese ink painting exhibitions that have appeared in Asian auctions for the first time. Christie’s Art Forum
5From October 5th to 7th, Christie’s will provide a guided tour of Asian 20th century and contemporary art in the exhibition hall of Central Office in Hong Kong. At the same time, Christie’s launched a series of activities in cooperation with the Barnes Foundation. Judith F. Dolkart, deputy director of the Foundation’s artwork and collection series and director of the Ghent family art museum, will be visiting Hong Kong to discuss Pakistan through the lecture ‘A Artist’s Eye: Albert Barnes and Educational Experiments’. Dr. Ens’s unique collection and display methods; In addition, Judith F. Dolkart will also participate in a seminar entitled ‘The Language of Art Without Borders’ hosted by Mr. Zhang Dingyuan, International Director of Christie’s Asia 20th Century and Contemporary Art Department, to explore different styles How do western and eastern cultures inspire each other and share insights on the interaction and integration of eastern and western contemporary art.
5October 5 to 7 (Friday to Sunday): 11 am and 3 pm Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art Guided Tour
October 6 (Saturday): 2 to 3 pm ‘Looking at from the Artist’s Perspective: Albert Barnes and Educational Experiments’ Lecture
6October 6 (Saturday): 3.45 to 4.45 pm ‘The Language of Art Without Borders’ Symposium
重点 Highlights of Autumn Auctions
一系列 From October 13th to November 16th, a series of autumn auction treasures will be on tour in nine major Asian cities. The 2012 Autumn Auction will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from November 23 to 28.
Christie’s this fall brings again the works of modern and contemporary masters such as Zao Wou-ki, Zhang Xiaogang and Gunawan; the focus of ancient and modern Chinese painting and calligraphy is the works of Zhang Daqian and Wang Liben; and the notable works in the category of Chinese porcelain and crafts include Private lacquer wares from private collectors, such as the rhinoceros and cloud pattern sunflower petals, as well as the blue and white dragon cloud cover jars of the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty, and the Chinese classical furniture collection debuting in Asian auctions; other rare items include Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe Famous watches, a pair of 23-carat or more pear-shaped Colombian emerald earrings and Myanmar natural violet emerald bead necklaces; famous wines include the Hermitage “La Chapelle” from the Rhone Valley in 1961, and the Burgundy Parker Village 2000 Fine wine. Christie’s Hong Kong will host up to 50 rare and classic pieces of furniture at the first Chinese furniture auction this year, all from several prominent American private collectors. Among them are a pair of Huanghuali Wanli cabinets at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty and a pair of rosewood torch palace lantern stands, both of which appeared for the first time in Asia. These classic pieces of furniture are becoming harder to find and rare.
In addition, Christie’s will also launch Hong Kong’s first contemporary Chinese ink painting exhibition during the autumn auction. All exhibits are not for sale. Through a series of artists’ works, the audience is invited to explore the contemporary face and diverse display of Chinese ink painting, and re-examine this traditional art from a modern perspective.