Zenith World’s ‘legend Of Cohiba’ Cigar Theme Watch

On December 16, 2016, the well-known Swiss watch brand Zenith held its annual retro gentleman’s night for the first time in Shanghai. Zenith joined the legendary Cuban cigar brand Gosba ( COHIBA), the world’s first new Zenith El Primero flagship series ‘Legend of COHIBA’ watch, to pay tribute to this legendary Cuban cigar brand.

Event site

Event site

In order to reproduce the legendary watchmaking style that passed through the times in Zenith, the layout of the event site is also very attentive, such as the gentleman bowler from the 1950s film, Trofit’s retro look and classic black eight billiards. These elements cooperate with Gosba. The decoration of cigars and heavy locomotives puts people in the golden age of style and taste.

When the retro gentleman meets Cuban style, all the guests feel like they are in a never-ending banquet in the Havana night in the 1960s. This sincere, enthusiastic and natural party-friendly country, stars gather, music, dance, Prado Avenue in Havana, take us to shuttle between old and new Blended modern world.

Event site

Aldo Magada, Zenith Global President


Zenith Global President Aldo Magada said at the scene: ‘Zenith is very honored to work with Gosba. Gosba is not only the best cigar brand under the Habanos brand. , Also represents the unremitting pursuit of product excellence-in line with Zenith’s more than 150 years of hard work to achieve a high degree of consistency. ‘

 Group photo of Zenith Global President Aldo Magada

  As a loyal fan of Zenith’s retro gentleman style, Hu Jun, who has a tough character, came to the party scene. Whether it is a retro bow tie, exquisite cufflinks, or the lines that show the style on a suit, he interpreted his understanding of the spirit of retro gentlemen .

    Of course, the new Zenith El Primero “LEGNED OF COHIBA” cigar theme watch is the most prominent protagonist at the party scene. The watch is made of 18K rose gold and is decorated on the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock. With the original head of the Taino patriarch, this is also the symbol of the Gosba cigar factory.

The watch dial can not only see the delicate golden veins on the tobacco leaves, but also incorporate the Gospel cigar’s iconic ring design. The distinctive role of this colorful ring diameter on the cigar was to mark the diameter of the cigar. Today, the unique color has become the symbol of Gosba. When the legendary circle line runs straight through the dial, it makes people’s eyes shine, and it also highlights the wide atmosphere of the watch.

Cigar making and watch making

 Group photo of guests at the event

Summary: The ‘LEGEND OF COHIBA’ cigar theme watch is a tribute to the Cuban cigar brand Gosba. The small second dial at 9 o’clock is decorated with the original head of the Taino patriarch. This is also Gosba Cigar factory logo. This 18K rose gold watch is priced at around RMB 140,000, which is not bad as a Zenith 18K gold watch.